My name is Emma im 17 year old, I'm 5ft 4in tall, I have black hair with pink, and blue highlights, I have green eyes with blue in them, today is my first day at a new school. I live with my grandma because my mom and dad died in a car crush over the summer. I'm a senior in high school.

I use to live in Iowa but now I live in Maine. My grandma lives in the woods, she loves to go outside and walk in the woods. I'm scary for today my grandma tells me "you will do just fine."
I been going to the same school for 13 years, I'm going to miss all my friends at my old school.

My grandma tells me "that this school is very bigger then your old school the senior class have 80 stundents."

I drive to the school in a brand new 2008 yellow sports car that my mom and dad gave me for my early 18th birthday, I parked in the school parking lot. People already coming up to me to talk to me but I'm to shy to talk, but there was this one senior stundent that caught my eyes, he look like my friend that move alway when I was 6 years old I got to know his name. I started to walk up to the stundent.

"Hi my name is Emma im new here and you look like my friend I knew when I was 6 years old" i told the guy

"Hi Emma my name is Josh and I'm the person that you knew when you was 6 years old" said Josh

"I can't believe it is you Josh I been trying to look for you on facebook how are you doing?" I said

"Me too im doing great "Why are you in Maine did your mom and dad move you here?" said Josh

"No I live with my Grandma, my mom and dad died in a car crush over the summer I was in the car with them but I survival the car crush with broken bones but they didn't make it" I said

"Im sorry to hear about we should go in the school now do you like it here so far?" said Josh

"I like it here I love the weather here it is nice here Josh your eyes are a differenet color now" I said

"There something I want to tell you but I can't tell you right now when I tell you just please dont be afaid of me" said Josh

"Why would I be afaid of you?" I ask

"Because im not the same person when I was 6 years old Im not a human, I'm a vampire Emma I got turned at the age 10" said Josh

"You can't be a vampire you dont look like a vampire at all. Oh this is not good at all I have to sit down now" I said

"What is not good at all you dont look so good Emma are you ok?" said Josh

"No I'm now do you remember when I always had to go to the hospital Josh?" I said

"Yes what did the doctors found out what was matter with you?" said Josh

"They found out that I have grand mals and I'm really dizzes I need to sit down Josh before I...." I said

"Emma can you hear me?" ask Josh

Josh pick up Emma and ran back to Emma's car and took her to his house because his dad knows what to do because he is a doctor.

"Dad are you here?" ask Josh

"Yes I'm what is the matter son?" ask Adam Josh's dad

"It is Emma she pass out and hit her head on the school parking lot and she is not answering me." said Josh

"Emma but I thought she live in Iowa why is she doing here in Maine? I think I know matter what happen to her take her upstair and put her on your bed on her left side and being her chin down to her chest, I well be right up." said Adam

"Her parnets died in a car crush over the summer. what do you think happened dad?" said Josh

"I think she went into a grand mal but I have the stuff to being her out of it. If it last long then 1 min. How long has it been since she fell down and hit her head son?" said Adam

"It been a 1 min and 5 sec." said Josh

"That is not good move over son I have to give her the shot to being her out of the grand mal." said Adam

Josh dad gave Emma the shot now in the arm now they have to wait Josh dad went down stairs and to wait. But josh stay up stairs with Emma. After a bit Emma started to move around in the bed Josh yelled for his dad.

"She is waking up son she is going to be fine but she should get a cat scan to see if she did damged to the when she hit her head on the school parking lot but first we should let her wake up." said Adam

Emma woke up sat up on the bed but got dizzies again so she lay down again.

"How are you feel Emma?" ask Adam

"My head hurts alot and I'm really tired where are we at? What happened to me" I said

"You are at my dad house you fell and hit your head, and you when into a grand mal." said Josh

"Emma do you think you can walk to the car?" ask Adam

"I think I can walk to the car, Why? Where are we going?" I said

"You need to go to the emergency room to get a cat scan to see if you did anying damage to your head when you fell and hit your head." said Adam

"Ok" I said

I sat up on the bed and move to the side of the bed to stand up but. I got dizzies Josh helped me out by putting his arm around my wrist so I don't fall down again. We headed to mine car Josh's dad drive the car while Josh and I was in the back seat I fell asleep on Josh shoulder. Josh look at the back of my head and saw that I have a open cut back of my head.

"Dad there is a open cut on the back of Emma's head and it is bleeding too" said Josh

"That is not good at all I got to get there faster wake her up and keep her wake don't let her fall back to sleep" said Adam

"Emma wake up We're almost there" said Josh

"Ok" I said

Adam park the car we was at the emergency room in the parking lot Josh open the door and side out of the car. I side out of the car I got out of the car and started to get lightheaded.

"I have to set down Josh" I said

"You set down back in the car I well get a wheelchair for you Emma" said Josh

"Ok" I said

I sat back down in the car Adam got out of the car and to check how bad the back of my head was bleeding.

"How are you doing Emma?" ask Adam

"My head hurts really bad and I'm really dizzies." I said

"Let me check the back of your head Emma" said Adam

"Ok" I said

I turn around so Adam Josh's Dad could see the back of my head.

"How bad does it look?" I asked

"It is not that bad but you need stitchs. What happened to your shoulder Emma?" said Adam Josh's dad

"That is from the car crush i had to get over 30rd stitchs in my shoulder and I have a long scar on my arm wear they had to put two mental plates in my arm because i broken my arm in three places" I said

"Wow that is a lot of stitchs I'm sorry to hear what happened to your mom and dad. I knew your mom and dad We went to school together. When I heard about it I though about there daughter." said Adam

Josh came back with the wheelchair and Emma was crying on his dad shoulder.

"Why is she crying dad?" ask Josh

"She miss her mom and dad. She told me what happened that night that is why she is crying son." said Adam

"Are you ready Emma?" ask Adam

"Yes I'm ready Josh help me in the wheelchair, I don't want to take my jacket off, I don't like people seeing my scars at all." I said

"What scars Emma?" ask Josh

"This one on my arm, and on my shoulder Josh" I said

"You still look amazing Emma. I have scars on my leg, and on my arm, I don't hide them at all scars are just scars they tell storys and i think a girl this scars says that they like to have fun." said Josh

"Can I see your scars Josh?" I ask

"Sure you can i don't mind it." said Josh

Josh pulled his jacket up and showed it to her, his scar and pulled his pant leg up to showed it to her.

"Wow, what happened to you Josh?" I ask

"Car crash I was in the car with my mom and she rolled the car three times she passes-away when I was nine years old Emma" said Josh

"Wow I'm sorry Josh to hear that. Tomorrow I well take my jacket off at school but if people keep asking me what happened I'm going to put it back on I don't like to tell people about it at all it is to sad for me to tell." I said

We went into the emergency room Adam Josh's dad told the doctors that I needed to get a cat scan. The doctor said "Ok the doctor told me to take my jacket off I did but. Adam push me back to the cat scan room this was my first time being a wake doing a cat scan and i was scared this time and I didn't know why, the cat scan didn't take that long then i thought.

After getting off the bed from getting my cat scan Adam help me back in the wheelchair because i didn't want to try to walk back to the room in the back of the waiting room. Josh was waiting in the room for me to come back i headed to the back room so. Adam could stitch up the open cut, I hold Josh hand very tight it took 12 stitch. Adam look at the cat scan pictures of my head and I didn't do no damage at all.

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Comment by October Grace Pattinson on July 10, 2010 at 2:34am
Wow love it!!! Check out some off my blogs!
i love the way you write!


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