The Byrne Street Series:Myths

Book 1

By, Aldana M.


Life can make a sudden change in a matter of seconds. For some the change can mean pain, for others it can mean happiness. The change can come in death or it can present itself in the birth of a new life. But it doesn't matter what form it presents itself, remember it is always welcome, change is for the better, change is the human way. Change came to me in the form of great, dark green eyes, it occurred the first time I looked into them.

He changed me, not only emotionally but physically. And this change I welcomed, because it meant I could spend the rest of eternity with him.

The problems we will face are only the beginning of a long relationship, and each will bring its changes in our life.

Chapter 1

The bright sun of Augusta,Maine woke me up early in the morning. Another day I had to put a happy face for my mother and fake the happiness I don't have in living here with her. I miss my father, I miss how annoyingly nosy he was and how erratic he got when I told him I had yet another date. Even though he lives less than 4 hours away I cant go see him. You see he got married again, her name is Molly, shes an OK woman but lets just say that me and her don't get along that well so to prevent any conflicts I decided to come and live with my mother. .

So here I am, living with my crazy, careless, and extremely loving mother who is now sleeping and I am supposed to wake her. “Hey, mom time for you to go to the law firm and for me to go to school,” yes, I was waking my mother up. Opposite to all the other mothers out there mine hated the morning. She twisted and turned in her queen size bed. In her room there is a desk on the far corner with a laptop and too many papers cluttered around it. Probably from her new case, I think its a murder trial I'm not sure she talked about all types of different cases hopping I'm sure that I will become a lawyer. But my dreams are far from that bland lifestyle.

“Mom, wake up you have to go to court today,” quickly she jumps out of bed and runs for the shower. I hear a faint “thanks” but I'm not sure. Content on getting her up I go to my room and start getting ready for school. My room, unlike hers, is a light green color. My bed is a queen size just like hers, but mine is covered with pillows of different colors. I opened my dresser and chose my clothes for the day.

Its Monday, with my hair done, clothes on I run swiftly downstairs to the kitchen were my mother is already making a batch of coffee. She surprises me how quickly she gets ready, or is it that I just take a long time?

I grab a bowl, the milk, and the cereal and eat my breakfast fast because a quick look at the clock tells me I'm a bit late. “Bye Mom, see you later” much later as I know you will be at work for hours on end I thought to myself. “Bye honey, have fun at school” she replies without a glance at me as I grab my keys and run out the door. Yea, fun.

I drive a silver '07 VW bug my fathers birthday gift to me. I park my car by a black convertible, its my best friends, Naomi, car. Shes and average height, brown hair, green eyes girl that has been my best friend for years. We have been in the same class for years and though out our high school years we have had at least 1 class together. Well almost always, when I moved with my father 3 years ago we had to work hard to keep our friendship together. We would spend at least 2 weeks together every summer and also talk on the phone every night.

I get out of the car and shes already by my side ratting on about her weekend. Don t get me wrong, I love hearing what guy she meet this weekend and how crazy the party was. How I should have been there but sometimes it gets old. “HELLO!!!!! Elizabeth Lewinston are you even listening to me?” Oops, she sounds annoyed. “Yeah, sorry Naomi” I respond. “So, like I was saying the party was AMAZING.....”

She talked about the same party through out the walk to class and our first period. Finally I got a break as the bell rang releasing us to second period. P.E. I wasn't very good in any sport other than Volley, and this next 3 weeks we were focusing on Basketball, witch was my own personal hell. How could I know that you couldn't have the ball still in your hands wile running? Ugh!!!!!!!!!

The period went by with me getting my whole team mad. And so came lunch and the rest of the day. It all passed like a rush, next thing I know I'm by my car with Naomi talking. The student parking lot was completely full, students trying to get out and others just chatting away like me and Naomi.

“Hey, Lizz I'm going to the Cafe today do you want to come?”

“Yeah, sure ill come”

“Good, I'll see you later then.” And with that she just got in her car and drove away. I should have asked her what her problem was, I will at the Cafe.

So I got in my car and drove home. On my way, theres a road that always creeps me out. Its as if someone is just staring at you but as soon as you turn the corner the feeling goes away. Once, a week after I moved in with my mom, I was on the same street and I swear I saw something in the woods that surrounded the street. I just glanced to the side and saw a figure running and when I looked completely there was nothing there. sI told my mother and she told me it was just my imagination and I believed so too until I remembered the story Naomi told me so many years ago.

See, a hundred years ago this town was an Indian reservation.

Here a small tribe lived surrounded by the woods and

they were the happiest. According to legend they had guardians.

A group of men, about 6, would live here and were free to do as

they wanted. They protected the tribe from people.... or creatures

that could harm their tribe. Well, I'm a descendant from that tribe.

My great-grandfather was the leader of the tribe, and also the leader

of the group of Guardians.

I haven't told you but I am part of the tribe. It still exists, we all hide

from non-tribe members like you.”

Here my face just went blank, how could she keep that from me. I mean its not like it matters that shes native American but I would of liked to know. I didn't interrupt as she kept going with her story.

Now, those 6 or 7 men that were called the Guardians,

weren't completely. . . human they were something else.

They had the power to . . . change. They could turn into wolfs.

No, no, no, not the full moon, crazy, savage kind of wolfs.

They are still there, its just that they cant talk. The

human is still in them and tells the wolf what to do.

Its like they have 2 bodies.

And they weren't or aren't the evil creatures you see on

Hollywood movies. As I said they were or are called Guardians.

They protect the tribe from . . .the blood-drinkers.”

Just as I thought then I think now, vampires and werewolf's were just myth. They were in the books and movies that I loved to watch. They were just creations to explain high death rates and infidelity. Did she really believe the myth from her ancestors?

As legend goes, my great-great-grandfather and the other

guardians had to go up against a blood-drinker.

It was the first time they had seen anything like him.

He was tall and muscular. With eyes that were

completely black and fangs dripping with blood. He was wearing torn

black pants, shirtless, and barefoot. He had long

black hair tied back in a messy knot with

leaves and twigs poking out.

He came into the reservation with one of the Guardians

wife in his hands. She was dead and her throat was

completely savaged. They had been having problems

with people disapiring for the past

month or so but they never though that it was

something of this caliber. So, Michael, seeing his

wife in the creatures arms burst into his wolf. And

went for the kill. As they did when they went hunting

he went for the neck. But the creature was too fast

in a blur he had Michael laid on the floor, he

bit down and killed him. Then threw him and his wife

to the side.”

The chief had never seen anything like him.

Never witnessed anything as strong and fast

as the creature in front of him. He firmly put the order

that his pack would not go against him. For he could feel the

anger and hatred rising in his pack at the sight of

one of their own being murdered in front of them. The creature stepped

slowly forward, his eyes looking darker and darker to

the chief with every step he took. The pack, of coarse, was just waiting for

the order of staying put to be taken up. And then, the chief

himself changed and went for the creature. Since the order hadn't been

lifted the pack could do nothing as their leader was being

murdered in front of them. You see, for the pack, if the

alpha says no, they cant do anything.”

They had to be

submissive to his alpha no mater what. The creature took the

chiefs life and the eldest son was now chief. Shawn, being only 19, had to take

control of not only the pack but of the whole tribe. With

his mother and siblings by his side he took up

his fathers place and lifted

the order he had given. And then all of the men took

on their wolf self.”

Instantly, the creatures face went pail. Well, paler than what it

had been. All 5 wolfs jumped onto him, a deafening scream

came about the reservation as the tribe watched with

horror how this creature was killing off their Guardians. With

only 3 wolfs left the tribe was in great danger, until the

new leader changed for the first time and took

all the power of the pack he could, ran to the

creature and with one slick bite he took his head off. “

To make sure the creature was completely dead the tribe

burned the body and threw its ashes into the ocean.

Then the new alpha and the remainder of the pack took care

of the tribe. At least until the new alpha became

very sick. One of the pack members took the spot after the

leader died. My father told me that the new Alpha is my own

cousin. Many other blood-suckers or

vampires have been through this town, and some have

been burned and thrown to the ocean

wile others have excepted the law and left for good.”

What if the crazy story Naomi had told me was true? I had seen a shadow running through the trees, maybe it was a member of the pack . . . What was I saying. I promise that as soon as I turn 18 I will leave the town and never come back. Maybe to visit my mother but nothing else. This town has me going crazy, I mean look at me, turning into the drive of my house thinking that there are werewolf's that live in this town and protects us from vampires. I needed some serious help. Next thing you know I will turn into another girl in love with a mythical creature named Edward. Pathetic.

The time went by fast, I called my mother at the law firm and told her I was going to go to the the Cafe with Naomi. She said it was fine but not to be there a long time because of school the next day. So six thirty came by and my cell-phone rang. The caller id said it was Naomi.

“Hello” I said

“Hey I'm here at the Cafe, and I have a surprise for you. Are you coming or not?” she responded in a hushed but hurried tone.

“Um.. . Yeah, ill be there in a few” I said and hung up.

A surprise for me? What has she done now? Quickly got ready, checked myself in the mirror making sure my hair wasn't a total mess. But it was as always so I put it in a messy knot and was on my way. Again I had to go through that one street. As I turned left to it I re-read the name, Byrne ST. A few meters into the street I can swear I saw the same exact figure running. That of a dog, well more of a giant 15 feet tall dog. As I said earlier I seriously need help.

I pulled up onto the parking lot of the Cafe parking lot and saw Naomi's car a few parking spaces to my right. As I entered I saw that she was already sitting, facing me, and facing her there was a guy. He had long dark brown hair, which was tied at the neck. His back was to me and for what I could see is that he was like Naomi, he had her same dark skin color if not a bit darker. Not knowing what to do I went and ordered myself a coffee.

She saw that I had come in and signaled me to come and sit with them. I did so and as soon as I saw his face my heart stopped. I had had my fare share of dates, witch to tell you the truth I had no idea why, I am more than average looking. But this man sitting in front of my friend was.. .. WOW! He had a perfectly angular face. Dark green eyes that when I looked into them I felt I fell into an ibis. I think we just stared at each other because next thing I know Naomi is poking my arm asking if I was alright.

“Well, I see you two wont have a problem in getting along. Lizz this is Ezekiel Nahuel, my cousin that came to live here this weekend.”

He stretched out his hand and said, “Its nice to meet you Lizz.”

And right then and there my heart skipped a beat. He had the most beautiful voice ever. “Um. . Hey. . . I mean hello. . . its um nice to meet you” I quickly blushed for my stammering. This had never happened. I never studerd when I talked to guys or to anyone for that matter. A slight smile crossed his face and again my heart stopped, there was only one name for people like him, angels.

Then, Naomi jumped up and said, “Well I have to go to my house. Lizz you wouldn't mind keeping my cousin company for a wile. He doesn't know anyone and I think you two will get along very good. So bye see ya later Ezekiel.” Then she turned her back to him and winked at me.

With that she left, and I was all alone with the son of a Greek god sitting right in front of me.

“Um. . Do you go to the same high school as Naomi?” he asked in almost a whisper. I couldn't believe it, he was nervous too.

“Yeah, are you going to attend there too?”

“I start tomorrow.”

“So, what grade are you in?” I asked after a few seconds of silence.

“Same as you, I'm a junior” so he and Naomi had been talking about me.
“I'm sorry but I have to go, I have. . . things to attend to. It was nice meeting you and I hope we have at least one class together.” he said this in a weird way, he hesitated when he said he had to do something? Wonder why? At least he sounded genuinely hopeful that we get classes together.

“Oh yeah sure, I'm sorry if I wasted some of your time,” I said looking down.

“Hey,” he said and I looked up, “you weren't a waste of time. I'm happy ill know someone tomorrow and I loved talking to you.” he said in the most truthful and . . . loving way. He got up (He hadn't looked that tall sitting down but he was more then a few inches taller than me.) and before he opened the door to leave he looked back and said “I hope we can do this another time” and with that he was gone.

I stood up and walked out the door and straight to my car. I risked a glance in his direction and he was getting into a Hummer H3. So he had looks and money. He passed by me and waved goodbye. I did the same and got in my car. On the windshield on the outside was a small piece of paper. I got out and unfolded it. Inside was his name and his phone number. And under that it said call me. I got in my car and quickly put the number in my phone, but instead of throwing out the little paper I put it in my pocket. He wanted me to call him.

The drive home wasn't all that scary. What when I turned into Byrne St. my thoughts were any wear but on the figure that was running along side my car just inside the boundary of the trees. All my mind was centered on the perfect . . . was it a date. . . time and person I had just meet. I got home and it was seven fifteen. I had very little homework so I called my mother and told her I was home and after she told me that she was sorry but she had to work late (what a surprise) and for me not to wait up, I went upstairs and finished my homework. I fell asleep reading Romeo & Juliet and thinking of Ezekiel.

I woke up a bit too early, so I went and made a fresh batch of coffee. And started getting ready. Fifteen minutes later I went and woke her up and finished getting ready. When I was done I went downstairs and ate my breakfast, washed the bowl, and left. I could feel that this was what I was going to do every morning of my stay in this house.

Sure enough, when I got to school Naomi was there with Ezekiel by her side and she was looking at his schedule. As I got out she said, “Lizz, you have 4 classes with Ezekiel,” I looked up and he was just looking at me. With a warm smile on his face. “Well, I guess I go to class, Lizz see ya in a few.” and again she left us alone, but this time I didn't mind that much.

“Did you get the note I left for you?” he asked in a small voice.

“Yes, I did. I saved your number to my phone.” I answered. And started walking to my first period with him by my side.

“Well . . Um . . . I'll see you in 3rd period then, bye Lizz” he said and left.

Yup, I ruined it. I just blew him off. Ugh. I got out my phone and sent him a text that said ' hey sorry, I was such a jerk a min ago, idk y I was being like that sorry' and I hit send. And entered my class. As my teacher droned on and on on some topic that we had studied for months on end last year I felt my phone vibrate. I took it out inconspicuously and he had sent a reply text. It said ' its ok, im not mad. This teacher has a good eye and it has taken me lik 20 min to txt this. Ill txt wen I have a teacher who isn't paying much attention. . . kant wait to see you. . .' My heart just started beating much much faster and im sure I turned bright red as I read the last part. He couldn't wait to see me. Was it so wrong that I just meet a guy and I already like him? Better yet, is it wrong that hes my best friends family?

First and second period droned on and on and on. I think it was just that I couldn't wait to see him. I didn't text him back after that. I didn't want him to get in trouble for me. Finally the bell rang releasing us to 3rd period. As I entered my Biology class, he was there already. And boy, were the girls in the class talking about him or what. He was the center of attention and it seemed it didn't bother him. He looked up as I entered the room and signaled for me to go and sit with him. Suddenly the whole class got very quiet. Every girls hateful gaze was on me as I went and sat by him.
“I think that all the girls in this class officially hate you” he said trying to hide a laugh. “Well, we have the next 3 classes together and I am sorry but I am sitting by you on all 3, I hope you wont get mad. Its quite funny how possessive girls are here. You see the girl in the front. She already called dibs on me. As if I was a piece of meat.” he whispered this in my ear and every girls face got redder with anger. And to tell the truth, I didn't mind the angry stares as long as he sat by me. I could feel his warm breath in my ear. Wow.

Right at that second the teacher came in and started the class. We had a lab today. Rather easy. “I hope I didn't get you mad with the text I sent you. I didn't mean to disrespect you, but I couldn't wait till this and the next 3 periods to be with you. I hope im not being too out there, but, Lizz, im starting to rely like you. And I know I just meet you.” as he said this my face got passed red. Now it was probably green. He liked me. How could someone like him like me, an average looking girl??

“No, you aren't disrespecting me. I . . . like you too. I really do.” I responded almost inaudible, but oddly he heard me and said, “Good, so, will you go out with me on a date?” HE JUST ASKED ME OUT!!!!

“Sure, ill go out with you. But what will Naomi think?”

“Oh, im pretty sure she has been just waiting for me to ask you.” he chuckled

The rest of the period we spent talking about how Naomi will react. In lunch, we sat together and talked about me. Of coarse with stares from every female in the cafeteria. Thank god I didn't have lunch with my friends on A days. He asked every thing from what was my favorite color to what was the reason I missed my father. An this went on through out the rest of the periods. And in seventh period, the third of the periods we don't have together, we spent texting each other. But mostly it was him asking me questions about every insignificant thing in my life.

When I got out of class, Naomi was waiting for me by my car. She was barely able to stay in her own skin at the happiness she had. Ezekiel had already told her he was taking me out on a date. He came up behind her and they gave each other a greeting hug. And then something surprising happened. He came up to me and gave me a hug as he said hello.

I was surprised at how friendly he was. Lost in my thought I almost missed the face that Naomi made to him. A minute ago she had been extremely happy and now shes. . . mad. . . no disappointed that he had shown affection to me. Theres something going on here. Since Ezekiel had gotten here she had been acting very mad and. . . just different. We used to hang out all the time and she would call or text me. She didn't even answer my phone call last night. Its as if something has come up and she barely been able to go to school. What is going on???

I said goodbye, because clearly, she needed to speak to him. So with that I got in my car, and started driving home. Again I had to cross Byrne St., but this time I was completely focused on the street. Again, I felt the unmistakable feeling that someone is just staring at you. That its completely focused on you and nothing else. And as always, as soon as I turned the corner, it was gone. The creepy feeling, just vanishes there.

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Comment by Sarai on February 25, 2010 at 8:57am
that was very good! you should write more..let me know when you do plz
Comment by Bellalove on March 1, 2010 at 12:42pm
This is a very interesting story- I like that it grips you right from the beginning. You have a good story line so far it seems. I know this is part of a larger book and you don't want to post it all, but if you did I wouldn't complain:) I'd like to read more!!!
Comment by Elena Cullen on March 6, 2010 at 6:34pm
yea it is awsome I NEED TO KNOW WAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!! plz put more on plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by BlueMoon on March 9, 2010 at 11:40am
That was Amazing!!!! Plz write more... and let me know when you do :] hehehe
Comment by Jazmin Santiago on March 17, 2010 at 5:26pm


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