Chapter 2

The rest of the week went by fast. Ezekiel sent me a text saying if he could take me out on Saturday night. Of coarse I said yes and tomorrow hes coming to pick me up at 8. Naomi is still acting weird. I tried calling her and talking to her but she doesn't return my calls. I hope she isn't mad that im going on a date with her cousin. And if she is, she shouldn't be. I mean shes the one that begged me to go to the Cafe because she had a surprise and the surprise was him. So she shouldn't be mad, right?

School today was boring. And strange. Neither Naomi nor Ezekiel were at school. Wile I was getting in my car I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. A text message. I took it out and the sender was. . . . Naomi. I stopped what I was doing and opened the text. ' hey, as you knw we weren't in school today. I'm sorry I didn't txt u earlier, I was busy. I'm sorry I have been acting strange. . . but trust me, your safety depends on you not knowing' and then another one came in from her ' I knw you and E like each other and that u 2 are going out on a date, but that has been canceled. Something happened and don't worry nothing bad. . . just don't call us or txt us. . . were have things to do and ur safety depends on you not knowing . . sorry Lizz.'

Well, there went my plans for tomorrow night. What did she mean that my safety depended on me not knowing? Knowing what? Oh no. if she thinks that she is going to just send me a little text saying that I couldn't see her not her cousin she was very wrong. I'm going to go over right now.

My eyes, despite my objection, started watering as I started my car and exited the parking lot. How could she do this to me? We have been friends since elementary school, and not she comes out and says she has ' things' to do and that I cant see her nor Ezekiel. She is very wrong my friend, very wrong.

She is saying that she has things to do and it depends on my safety of me not knowing. For gods sake we have been friends for years and now she cant tell me one little problem? How could she. The whole drive to her house I fought tears, my tears always betrayed how I felt. I parked in front of her house and stopped the car. I noticed that hers and Ezekiel's cars were there.

She answered the door with a smile on her face but as soon as she saw who it was all trace of happiness was gone. “Can I come in?” I asked not trying to hide the anger in my voice.

“ Oh, umm yes sure Lizz.” she answered as she stepped aside to let me in.

“So I just got the text a minute ago. What is going on?” I just stood there, looking straight at her. “Oh, hey Lizz, I hope that tomorrow at 8 is ok” I heard him say behind me. I turned and faced an expectant and happy face. Outraged I turned back to Naomi. “I thought you said you two were busy and that the date was canceled?” I said now far more than angry.

What was her problem, first shes all happy and cant wait for me to meet him and now she doesn't want me to even see him. “Um. . . no I still want to go out” I hear Ezekiel say in a very very confused voice. I turned and looked at him making my face soft and said, “Yea, tomorrow at 8 is fine heres my address you can come and pick me up.” I handed him a piece of paper with my address and turned and left. Not even looking at her.

§ § § § § § § § § § § §

Saturday went by fast. In a blink of an eye it was already 7 and I was taking a shower. I did my homework and cleaned around the house a bit. All the wile trying not to think of the possible reasons why my best friend would be acting all secretive.

After the shower I spent what seemed like an eternity trying to decide what to wear. After all I didn't know were he was taking me and couldn't wear anything too casual or too dressy. I decided for a pair of cute jeans and a tight top. Did my make up and hair and as soon as I finished I heard the bell ring. I had already told my mom about the date and she was happy. After all she had to work today, as all Saturdays and she said she would feel bad if I was left alone at home.

I opened the door and he was there. Wearing a pair of jeans and a button up shirt. He ended up taking me to the movies. Witch was just fine with me. When we got there he bought us a big bucket of popcorn and two medium drinks.

“So, what was that with my cousin yesterday, it seemed like you were really mad at her?” he asked during the minutes extra we had before the movie.

“Oh it was nothing, we just had a misunderstanding thats all.” I said not able to look into his face.

“Oh, ok” and that was all that was said about the topic. The movie started, and I think it was good the problem was that nether of us were able to concentrate on it. We were too aware of each other. Every second we glanced at each other and smiled and every time he did my heart skipped beats. I don't even remember the name of the movie. It completely vanished from my mind as he put his had around me and pulled me closer to him. He was the only thing that was on my mind the whole time.

After we went to get some dinner at an Italian restaurant. We ate and chatted about the movie. Both not able to supply much considering we didn't even know the name of it.

After dinner he opened the door to his car or truck and he had to help me up. Like he had done earlier he put his hand at my waist and hesitated in helping me up. Like he wanted to do something. But sadly he didn't and closed my door and got in himself. The soft purr of the car was the only thing that disrupted the quiet. Then I feel a hand on mine. I looked down it was his. “ Sorry, I couldn't help myself” he said with an apologetic smile.

“Its okay” I sad returning his smile. I couldn't keep my eyes off him, his beautiful green eyes and face. His deep voice and that smile!!! My eyes lingered on his lips. How cold I like him so much. I barely meet him and after all this was our first date. The ride home was quiet. He just held my hand for the whole time. I keep throwing quick glances at his face every few seconds. And each time seeing that he was looking at me too.

And all too soon the car stopped. I looked out to see that the lights were off and my mother's car wasn't there. She wasn't home yet. I looked at him again and said “Would you like to come in?” shame over came me almost instantly. What he must think about me. Inviting him in like this. But to my surprise he just got out of the car and came to my side to open my door.

With out a word we walked to my door and almost inconspicuously he took my hand again. Acting like I didn't notice we kept walking towards my door. I had to let go to open the lock, and every second it took me I could feel his heat radiating off of him behind me.

I lead him to the living room and he took a seat on the far corner of the dark colored sofa.

I looked at the time and saw it was 10, not late but not early either. “Do you want anything to drink?” I asked just now noticing now nervous I was at having him at my house. That sofa would never be the same with out him sitting on it.

“No, I am okay thanks.” he replied with a smile. So instead of standing there like a complete idiot I went and sat by him. And we just sat for a minute in complete silence for a few minutes. “So, do you like living here?” I asked just trying to fill the awkward silence.

“Yes I do.” he said still looking at me. Clearly he found my discomfort amusing. I looked down but still felt his gaze on me. A few minutes passed by and he said “Tell me, why are you so nervous?”

This question took me off guard. Surely he knew the effect he had on all the girls in this little town. “Well, to be honest I don't know. I'm sure you have noticed that you do that to most of the girls you even look at.” I said looking up and it was like his eyes took over my brain I couldn't keep my mouth shut and I said “Well I do know. It's just that I like you, and I like you a lot. But when we are completely alone its like my mind goes blank and my insides do all these kinds of flips.” I looked down instantly. Turning read on the spot. How could I have been so stupid.

Surely he must think of me as an utter idiot. And to top it off I was as read as a tomato. I looked up and he was smiling. Well no he was suppressing a laugh. “Don't laugh, its SO not funny” I said instantly.

“Sorry, its just that I feel the same.” towards the end of the sentence he got serious and grabbed my hand as he said “I like you a lot, too. And I hope this isn't to early but. . .” He looked deeply into my eyes and next thing I know I feel his lips on mine. It was a soft kiss but warm and it showed all the emotions we both had at that instant.

“Well, there goes my plan to keep this slow.” he said as he chuckled. I was frozen in place. In those seconds that we kissed it was like shock went through me. Every nerve in my body tingled with warmth of the kiss. I really liked this guy. I mean it was passed a simple crush.

“Yeah, its okay” I heard my self say as my mind worked though the jumbled mess of emotions that were all lodged in me.

He must of took it as if I were mad at him because he let go of my hands instantly. “I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that. I think I should go, your mother wouldn't like me in your house wile shes not home”

“No, stay. My mother wont be home till 1 or 2 in the morning. She loves her job. And don't worry about me im okay, I was actually hoping that you would do that. . .” damn those green eyes of his.

He laughed at that, but sat down again.

“So, since I like you and you like me, will you be my girlfriend? If im moving too quick im sorry I just cant risk another guy asking you out and having to see you with him.”

“Um” was all I could manage. I was stuck staring at his eyes. Its as if every time I looked at them I went into a trance. I looked down quickly noting that if I stayed staring at him that was all that he would get from me.

“Yes, I would like that” I said and glanced at him. He was wearing an expression couldn't be described with words. “Good” was all he said. Then his cellphone rang, his face disfigured when he saw the called id. All he said when he answered was okay and then hung up.

“I'm sorry Lizz, but I have to go. Theres an. . . emergency I have to tend to. But can I pick you up to go to school on Monday?”

“Yeah sure.” I walked him to the door and he turned and said “I'm sorry” and bent down to give me a kiss. And he was gone. He got into his Hummer and just left.

I looked at the clock over the mantle and only 45 minutes had passed by. But to me it seemed like 10 seconds. How time with him just seemed to vanish.

I wonder how Naomi will take it, will she be mad or happy? And I still had that one question that had long been unanswered: why was she acting all secretive with me when she has told me everything from her life as I have to her?

§ § § § § § § § § § § §

Sunday droned on and on. For once in my life I couldn't wait for school. Don't get me wrong I liked school to a point. Well I liked a class, English. I love writing and reading. I read so much as a 300 page book every 3 to 4 days. But I liked reading horror stories with a love story in it. I liked all things mythical. From vampired to ghosts to werewolf's. I liked and knew almost all there was to know about them. I don't really like to flaunt it in school, I enjoy them in books and movies but thats it.

But I knew that English class wasn't what had me all exited about going to school. I knew perfectly well that I couldn't wait for was to see him. To feel once more his lips against mine. So Sunday I spent the day reading and doing laundry. I had done all my homework the day before so I had completely nothing to do. My mother was home but in her home office working im sure on another case.

I reached the end of the book later that day but could remember nothing of it. I knew why but couldn't say it out loud. How could it be that he could have me so wound up after only one date. Sure he had asked me to be his girlfriend and I had accepted, but could I have fallen for him so easily and quickly? What had it been, a week since I meet him and now all I think about is him.

I pushed time as much as I could so I would fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. But at 12 I simply had to go to bed. There was nothing to do and nothing to watch on television. So I went up to my room, changed in my bathroom and laid down on my queen sized bed. And slowly but surely drifted off to sleep thinking of Ezekiel.

§ § § § § § § § § § § §

I got up early, and told my mother that I was getting a ride from a friend. She barely paid attention to me and simply nodded her head, she had barely any time except for her job. It was like I was living alone. Like I had my own place. I got ready and rinsed my bowl after I ate my breakfast. As I closed the door behind me I heard he soft roar of his truck coming up our drive way. Right on time, I thought to myself.

I turned around and he was standing there with the passenger side door open for me. “Hey, how was your night?” he asked in an interested tone. “It was okay, I guess. How was yours?” I asked as he buckled his seatbelt. He smiled, and it looked like he mean something else as he said, “The same as yours.” I was wondering what he was hiding but the thought completely left my mind as he smiled that beautiful smile that I love so much.

I was bombarded with questions as we rode to school. This time he asked questions that I had to ponder upon. Like why I didn't like my fathers new wife and what about my mother did I like the least. . . and every time I tried to ask him something he would change the subject completely.

We arrived at school about 15 minutes later. And with just about 5 minutes to class we separated under the cafeteria roof and went to our classes.

First and second period droned on like it always did after I met him. Third and fourth were just as the morning, the questions just kept coming and I thought it was never going to end. Lunch I sat with the normal gang. And noticing that Naomi hasn't come to school today. Hadn't answered my text or calls, there was something very wrong with her and she wouldn't even tell me. Symone, Amita, Rosa, and Alexis talked about the coming up dance before the spring break. Talking about the dresses and shoes. I joined the conversation knowing that with Symone and Rosa in the conversation I wouldn't need to add any more comments than the necessary.

Alexis and Amita were a whole nother story. They were perceptive and would know something was bothering me instantly. As Rosa went on and on about some cute dress and that Curtice had asked her to go to the dance with him. The conversation changed course to what they were going to do during the up coming week it being Spring Break.

Hey, do you all want to go to the movies this week, I want to watch that new movie Sherlock Holmes with that cutie, Robert Downey Jr.” Rosa added a minute later.

Yeah, I want to go” said Amita, Alexis, and Symone at the same time.

And out of no wear I look up and they are all staring at me waiting for and answer. “Yeah sure, I'll go. What about Saturday at 6?” I asked quickly and they seemed satisfied that I pinched in to the plans. They made plans to watch the movie and then go to a Chinese restaurant after. I went with what ever they wanted. After all, what was on my mind was 5th period not Saturday.

I looked up at the boring looking clock hanging over the entrance door and decided it was time for me to start going to my next class. “Yeah, I'll go with you to the movies on Saturday, I'll see you all Wensday at lunch.” I said as I stood up. “Hold on, tomorrow is Tuesday aren't you sitting with us tomorrow?” Symone asked in a puzzled voice. Crap. She caught me, sometimes I wished she wasn't so dang smart.

Well, tomorrow im going to sit with someone else, sorry guys.” I responded, seeing their wondering and on some, understanding expressions.

Oh. . .okay Lizz, well see ya on Wensday.” Rosa responded with a expression that clearly stated that she wanted to know every detail. I will wait for her call later on.

I walked out of the cafeteria an he was there. Talking in hushed tones to . . . Naomi, his cousin. Both their faces were worried. Knowing that neither of them would tell me I hid behind the wall and listened in.

You cant do this to the pack, Ezekiel!” Naomi was saying in a harsh hushed voice. “You know the law, no mortal can know what we are.”

You sensed it yourself, Naomi. She is my mate and you know I cant do anything about it. She will find out what we are when I tell her,” he said, his voice harsh and full of dominance. Instantly her eyes went down and I could of sworn she made herself smaller. “Just because you are my family doesn't mean you get to disrespect me, Naomi. I wont except it from you or any of the members of my pack.” he said again in the same voice.

By now I knew that they were talking about me, but what did he mean mate. I wasn't his 'mate'. I am not an animal. And why is Naomi acting submissive to him, she rarely did that to anyone. What pack? Was this why she wasn't in school and why she barely even talked to me even though she claims im her best friend?

I left my hiding place and went straight towards them. As soon as they saw me all the talking stopped and Naomi just looked at me and left. I turned my gaze to Ezekiel and he had a smile across his face.

Hey, how was lunch?”he asked, easygoing like the encounter hadn't happened. In my head a debate was going on. Could I ask him what was going on or should I just let it go? “Oh. . . fine,” I responded quickly noting the weird look he had given me.

He took my hand and we walked to our 5th period class together. The whole wile I was trying to make up my mind. Should I confront him?

We walked passed one of the cafeteria doors and it opened. Alexis, Amita, Symone, & Rosa were just coming out laughing and talking. When they saw me they stopped and just starred. All their eyes looked at our hands intertwined.

All of them had understanding outlining their faces. Then Rosa suddenly started the conversation again and lead them off, all the wile each of them trowing me knowing glances. I blushed and walked to class with my boyfriend.

In class, which was my easiest, English 3 we sat at the back of the class so we could talk.

So. . . what happened with Naomi back there. I saw you two arguing?” I said like if it were of no importance. His face hardened and his body tensed.

Oh. . . um. . . we had a disagreement. Thats all, it doesn't matter.” he answered but didn't even look at me. But that wasn't the answer I was looking for.

Um. . . what was that about a pack and about a mate?” I asked noting that his body went from rigid to rock hard. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes in clear frustration. His beautiful features were now in a grimace.

It was nothing, Liz. It's of no importance. It was a problem, and I resolved it you don't have to worry.” he responded still not unclenched his teeth and his beautiful eyes were still closed. And I, being as stubborn as my mother in court, kept pushing.

Okay, so now what do I know. I know that you are hiding something important from me, and Naomi is in on it. I also know that you have some kind of. . .um. . . pack I think is what you called it, and you are the leader of it. I also know that Naomi called me a mortal. Which means I can die, opposite of immortal of coarse. And I know that you were going to tell me 'what you are'” I said in a rush, emphasizing on the 'what you are' part.

His hand tightened into a fist, but other than that nothing changed. “I can't. I. . I can't tell you. Not now. And if I did, you wouldn't believe me.”

With every word his hand tightened, his jaw was just clenched together the whole time. Slowly my mind wrapped around the idea that he had a secret, a secret so awful that he couldn't even look at me wile we talked about it.

Try me, im super on weird stuff.” my laugh sounded fake even to my own ears. He turned then, looking helpless. “I can't, not now. I can't lose you.” His green eyes showed me the truth behind his words. I reached up and put my hand on his cheek, he closed his eyes. And I put my whole force into making that small gesture seem like it was talking the pain away, helping soothe his pain.

Then, he opened his eyes and took my hand in his. We sat there, barely paying attention to the lesson. Just looking at each other, our expressions showing how much we felt for each other. And then it hit me, he was someone or something that was dangerous. I felt the slight need to get away. My subconscious telling me that this was dangerous, that he was dangerous. But I couldn't bring myself to let go of him. To take my eyes away from the green forest that his eyes portrayed. I couldn't stop looking at his beautiful features. His lips, his jaw line, his cheek bones. And the feel of his hand intertwined with mine, the strength yet softness of them. Some how I knew that no matter what happened he would be there. And, worst of all, what ever his horrible secret was, I would never even think about leaving him.

Nothing could separate us now. We were together. We were one.

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Comment by Bellalove on March 9, 2010 at 8:00pm
I like chapter 2 a lot...the starting take off here. You made me remember the little butterflies in my stomach I used to get around crushes! I agree you have a good attention to detail. Keep it up!
Comment by Elena Cullen on March 10, 2010 at 2:14am
that was awsome yea you do have a good attention to detial!!!!
Comment by Jazmin Santiago on March 17, 2010 at 5:55pm


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