chapter 6 here i promise if anyone is confused I will be adding an explination on this soon!!!

Chapter 6: The Unexpected Visitors

The first thing that went through Hermione's head was, she's dead, but then how could she be? Death didn't sway.
She opened her eyes to find herself being carried.

“Jasper?” She croaked.

“Carlisle, she's awake.” The swaying stopped and Hermione felt solid ground under her back.
She gasped as the memories of the last few seconds came back to her.

“It's okay, Hermione, you're alright, there is nothing to worry about. You've just got a couple of broken ribs, but they'll heal.” Carlisle's voice was calm and soothing, Hermione felt herself falling back into unconsciousness.

When she woke up again she was in a bed. She moved a little to see where exactly she was, and saw it was her room. And sat in the corner were Alice and Jasper, both grinned when they saw her awake.
Alice got up and left, Jasper moved towards Hermione, slowly.

“Ah! There she is the little trooper!” Carlisle came through the door with Alice in tow.

“Now, just keep still, how's that feel?” he ran his hands over her ribcage she flinched a little but it didn't feel very bad, so it was just bruised.

“Slightly tender, but I'll be okay by tomorrow.” Carlisle seemed to want to protest but nodded anyway.

“So Emmett told us you attacked Dr. Mallory's daughter today, care to tell me what happened?” he stared at her for a minute before she answered.

“She insulted my mother.”

“Was that all?” Hermione blinked.

“I take it Alice and the others never told you that my mother is dead?” Carlisle's face fell.

“Oh, I'm sorry, okay I understand, but be well rest assured that her father will give you nothing but grief for what you've done, I saw her at the hospital after your little outburst, and her neck was all bruised, she was also struggling to breathe.” Hermione scoffed.

“I can't have had my hand on her that tight, for crying out loud, Carlisle, Emmett pulled me off her before I could do her any serious damage!”

“You also said that when you lost your temper that you didn't know your own strength.” Beaten, Hermione jut nodded and decided to lie back down on the pillows.

“Okay so I'm in trouble when I get back to work, but what about school? Am I going to be in trouble there too? Am I going to have to flee for my life?” There was a hint of a smile on Carlisle's face, but Hermione noticed that there also seemed to be concern on it too.

“You shouldn't joke about that sort of thing in this town. Knowing Lauren's father the way I do, I wouldn't be surprised if you do have to flee for your life.” Hermione smiled, feeling suddenly tired as she drifted off into a deep sleep.

She was running through the woods by the Cullens home, she was still chasing her, but all the games that Alice and Jasper had played with her were paying off as she was somewhere behind her. She paused for a second to try and see into Bella’s mind, and saw the outside of a building so she focused on that, and went to apparate… Something grabbed her arm and Hermione screamed…

Hermione awoke to the sound of screaming, her screaming. Rosalie was at her side before she could stop; the older girl cradled her as Hermione’s screams subsided into sobs, considering Rosalie felt like she had been carved out of stone, she was strangely comforting.

“Easy there, it was only a dream. Do you want to talk about it?” Rosalie held Hermione at arm’s length and looked her dead in the eyes.
Just behind Rosalie, Hermione could see Emmett, he looked concerned, and Hermione shook her head.

“It was just a flashback of some sort, I think.” Rosalie and Emmett exchanged a glance.

“Tell us.” Was Emmett’s reply, Hermione took a deep, shaky, breath and told them.
She told them about running from something that was really fast but some sort of game Alice and Jasper had played with her paid off as she was able to outrun it, until she stopped and tried to get somewhere, and as she was contemplating going there the thing latched onto her arm.

“Then I woke up screaming. It's probably nothing.... What?” Emmett was shaking his head behind Rosalie; he stopped when Hermione looked at him.

“Looks like Alice was right after all. I'll go and tell them.” He disappeared without another word; Rosalie looked out the window, momentarily lost in thought.

“Penny for your thought?” Rose smiled a little as she turned her beautiful face back to Hermione.

“Alice has been seeing things about you, things that she has never seen before, I mean she....”

“Whoa, hold up there, she's been seeing things about me? How?” This time Rosalie actually laughed.

“Alice can see the future, remember? Anyway, everyone's here now, so I'll take you down. C'mon!” Hermione braced herself as Rosalie picked her up and took her down to the living room where she gently placed her on the sofa and wrapped her in the over throw.

“Well it would appear that Alice is not the only one who has visions of the possible future...” Hermione cut Carlisle up mid-sentence.

“Not the possible future, if it includes me in the picture then it’s going to happen, I’ve known it to happen a hell of a lot, especially recently.” Alice cocked her head in an almost confused expression.

“Like now I know someone will be at my house after school on Monday, whether I go or not.” She grinned up at the Cullens; they seemed to think she was joking, so she let them.

“Right I think I promised someone a shopping trip, unless of course, you have something else you need me for Dr. Cullen?” Hermione stood up and looked at Carlisle, who smiled and shook his head.

“No, you go and have some fun!” Grinning Hermione raced upstairs and had a quick shower before getting changed and rushing back down to Alice and Rosalie. The others must have slipped out while she had been upstairs.

“Okay I’m ready!” A horn beeped outside, Rose smiled.

“I Told you Esme’s changed her mind, she’s coming.” Alice squealed in delight, as Hermione watched her rush out to Esme and envelope her in a hug. Rosalie waited as Hermione locked the door and walked with her to a black Mercedes.

“It’s Carlisle’s but as he’s not in work today, he said we could take it.” Hermione felt her jaw drop. Alice got into the front passenger seat while she and Rosalie got in the back.

“What type is it?” Esme thought for a minute before answering.

“It’s a Mercedes S55 AMG. You like it?” Hermione nodded as she got into the back seat.

“What other cars have you got? I know what they are but not the type.”

“Well you and Edward have the same car a Volvo S60 R,” Rosalie explained, ticking them off her finger. “I’ve got the BMW M3 Convertible, and Emmett has the Jeep as he likes to go off-roading with Edward and Jasper, Edward also has an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish for special occasions. What?” Rosalie giggled at the expression on Hermione's face.

“Five cars? Wow.”

“Well you’ve got three,” Alice pointed out, Hermione stared at her.

“No, actually, my Volvo and the SUV are just a work cars; my boss would kill me if I got so much as a scratch on the Volvo!”

“ESME!” Alice screamed.

“Whoa!” Rosalie’s arm flew out to pin Hermione against the seat as Esme slammed the brakes on the Mercedes.

“Is everyone okay? Alice? Rosalie? Hermione?” Esme turned to each of them in turn; they all nodded, although Hermione was a little stunned at Rose’s speed.

“Like you could’ve gone anywhere anyway!” Alice giggled as Rosalie lowered her arm and they all giggled.

“What was with the emergency stop?” Rosalie asked, Alice hissed before Esme could answer, Hermione looked over Esme’s shoulder and froze.

“What the hell….?” She unbuckled her seat belt and went to get out of the car, but a hissing Alice grabbed her wrist before she reached for the door handle.

“Alice it’s fine! It’s only Jack, my boss, with Gwen Williams and Ianto Jones along with my guardian, the Doctor, now let me go!” Though not entirely convinced, Alice let Hermione go, but unbuckled her seat belt, followed by Esme and Rosalie.

Indeed it was Jack, Gwen, Ianto and the Doctor, Jack and the Doctor were stood only an inch away from the car, but Gwen and Ianto had walked out to meet the other two after the car stopped. Hermione took a deep breath before walking out to them, Alice and Rosalie flanking her and Esme covering her back.

“You know if she hadn't been looking where she was going, Esme could've killed the two of you.” Greeted Hermione as she came to a stop in front of Gwen, the three women all stopped a step behind her, almost daring Gwen and the three men to move.
Jack shrugged at the statement glaring at Rosalie who, Hermione was certain, was hissing under her breath, returning Jack's glare.

“You haven't called in days, we were getting worried. So Jack had Martha call the Doctor down.... We were worried about you, Hermione.” Answered Gwen.
Hermione was going to give them an excuse, when a car horn sounded behind the Mercedes, all eyes, except Alice, Rosalie and Esme, turned to see Emmett's Jeep pull to a stop; out climbed Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett and Edward. Emmett stood at Rose's shoulder; Jasper at Alice's, Carlisle at Esme's and Edward came to stand at Hermione's. Jack's gaze turned from Rosalie to one of the boys, Hermione didn't dare turn to see who it was.

“Perhaps we should find somewhere to park up the cars before we all introduce ourselves we might have the Chief of Police coming out otherwise.” Carlisle led Esme away from Torchwood 3 and the Doctor.

Edward turned with Hermione, but Jack grabbed her back, Hermione heard one of them hiss as she spun round to face Jack. Jack released her automatically; Hermione frowned as she climbed back into the Mercedes.
When they found somewhere to park all three cars, Hermione felt a little nervous, she didn't want to hurt Jack and the others, but she was comfortable here in Forks and was a little reluctant to leave.

Edward opened her door, and placed his arm around her shoulder, she felt like she was going to be sick.... And a sudden wave of calm washed over her. She was about to question her sanity until she remembered Rosalie telling her about Jasper being able to calm a room full of murderers.

“Okay, now that we're out of everybody's way, Hermione, care to introduce us to your friends?” Carlisle smiled down at her, as she cleared her throat and stepped in between the two groups.

“Okay. Everyone this is Captain Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones and Gwen Williams of Torchwood 3, and this is my Guardian the Doctor. Guys, this is the Cullen family, Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme, Emmett Cullen and his wife Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen and her husband Jasper Hale, and Edward Cullen, his girlfriend Bella Swan is at home.” Hermione turned to Edward who nodded, answering her unasked question.
Looking back over her shoulder, Hermione could see Jack and the Doctor looking a little irritated, sighing she turned back to the Doctor and stared him straight in the eyes.

“Okay, now that all the formalities have been taken care of, like to tell me what you're all doing really here?” She looked from one face to another; Ianto was the first to break the silence.

“We're here to bring you home, you've been away for too long and we'd like to have you back.”
Hermione stared at Ianto, and then laughed. She continued to laugh until she met the Doctor’s gaze and fell silent; Edward placed a hand on her shoulder for moral support.

“What if I don’t want to come home?” She breathed, the Doctor had her gaze locked, and she could see that what she was doing was what he didn’t want her to do.

“You’re needed back at home.” Jack made it sound like it was a final request, but Hermione was still locked with the Doctor in a staring contest, he was daring her to look away from him, and she wouldn’t.

“Hermione?” Edward’s grip on her shoulder became tight, and Hermione remembered that Edward could read the thoughts of other people.
Hermione shook her head and looked away from the Doctor, she smiled.

“Sorry Jack, but you should never have sent me to live a normal life; I’ve grown to like it here. So I’m staying. You want to argue fine, we can argue later, but right now I promised the girls a shopping trip and that’s what we’re going to do, so excuse us.” This time it was the Doctor that reached out to her, he gently pulled her back against him. She saw that all eyes were now on her, but her eyes had now locked onto Alice, the young vampire looked worried.

“I know you miss living the normal life, Hermione, but you have a commitment to Torchwood...” the Doctor breathed into Hermione’s ear. Hermione felt her blood run cold; Jasper looked up at the Doctor and curled his lip so that his teeth were bared.

“Let her choose, if she says she doesn’t want to go then don’t force her to go!” He snarled, Carlisle place a hand on Jasper’s shoulder, calling him back.

“And since when did you agree with my working for Torchwood? You’ve never like me doing it so why start now?” She was finally able to move for herself. She turned to face the Doctor; he looked shocked at the fact that Jasper had heard him.

“I’m only trying to keep peace, Hermione, Jack has been worried.”

“And while you’ve been here living large, that Drygor...”

“Was taken care of late last night, and you were wrong to think I could have done it on my own, that thing nearly killed me, but I managed to finish it off. Fortunately.” She folder her arms and leant towards Edward. Everyone seemed to be waiting for someone else to say something, but none would break the silence, until Edward and Alice started to laughed, Hermione turned to see what was so funny.


“They seem to know a lot more than you're giving them credit for, come on, Porcelain Doll, let's go shopping!” Alice wrapped her arm around Hermione's shoulder and led her back to the Mercedes, there was a click, but all Cullens ignored it, the boys got into one car and Hermione and the girls all got into the Mercedes, before she did, however, Esme turned to the other group.

“Unless you want to get ran over, I'd move, because we intend to leave.” She climbed in and started the engine, but none of the people outside seemed to want to move. So as Esme was about to move, Emmett pulled a hair pin turned so close to the four outside, that Gwen, Ianto and the Doctor finally moved, but Jack was defiant, Esme hissed and Hermione's blood ran cold at the sound, this was the first time she'd heard Esme get really angry.

“Move, Captain, I wasn't joking!”

“Edward's been told to tell you to just run him over Esme.” Esme smiled at Alice.

“Yes Carlisle would say that and I think I will.” She revved the engine to give Jack one last warning, before taking off.
Hermione closed her eyes, bracing herself for the impact, but it never came. She opened her eyes and saw Jack disappearing through the rear-view mirror, the Doctor had hold of his sleeve, she breathed a sigh of relief and Esme laughed.

“Did you really think I was going to run him over, Porcelain? Why would I run over the reason I met Carlisle?” Two sets of eyes went the same direction as Hermione's as Esme fell silent.

“You know that man?” gasped Rosalie, Esme nodded, heaving a great sigh.

“Yes, he brought me to Carlisle after I threw myself off the cliff, I owe him one really, but that still doesn't change the fact that he is still just as stubborn now as he was back in 1920 when we first met.
He became a sort of companion while my then husband was out in the First World War, but when he came home, Jack disappeared, until we ran into each other again before I had the child, he stayed with me until I lost it, and I thought he'd left, but he'd followed me to the cliff I'd jumped off, and when I woke up, he and Carlisle were have a rather heated discussion about me.”

“That'll explain why Jasper's having a hard time calming him down at the moment.” Esme nodded.

“Yes, Jack had attempted to take me away from Carlisle a few times after I was turned, but Carlisle always managed to get one over him, hence the reason why it wasn't a surprise to see him stood there. And I doubt whether any of you noticed, but when Jack turned his gaze from you, Rose, he turned it straight to Carlisle, where it stayed until we turned to go. That's why Jack let you go when he went to pull you back....”

“Carlisle was the one that had hissed.” Hermione finished the sentence, Esme nodded, Alice grinned and Rosalie seemed lost in thought.

“What did this Jack say to get Carlisle riled all those years ago? Because it doesn't sound like Carlisle, at least not the Carlisle that we all know.” Esme met her gaze in the rear-view mirror.

“Oh it was just about what Carlisle had done to me, Jack had told him that if he ever did it again to another person with him around, he had the power to kill him, and Carlisle didn't like being threatened like that.” Hermione shivered as she realised he had been on about the Torchwood Institute.

“Did Carlisle ever kill Jack whenever he took you away?”

“No, he just let his instincts take over... to a certain extent, but he never killed him, because in Carlisle's eyes Jack was human, but the type of injuries he left Jack with should have killed him, but, there was the proof right there in front of you that Captain Jack Harkness indestructible!” They all laughed and the subject was changed.

“What's with suddenly calling me Porcelain?”

“Well, Bella's full human so she's as fragile as a china doll, and...”

“I'm as fragile as a Porcelain Doll. Yeah I get it, like you act like a pixie so I've nicknamed you pixie!” Alice nodded,
They finally reached Seattle by midday, they parked up and the three vampires dragged Hermione to the nearest clothes shop, and when she saw the price of a skirt her heart skipped about three beats.

“There is no way I can afford anything in there!” she gasped as she walked out of the door. Rosalie shrugged.

“That's why we're going to buy them for you; seriously, we all have enough money to make the richest person in the world jealous.” Sighing Hermione allowed herself to be dragged back in and dressed up in all manner of clothing, she went with whatever they said.
They went into a couple of sports shops as well, so she had to endure the women dressing her up in baseball clothing, and they bought her a cap, a shirt, pants, a coat, a bat, glove and ball, Esme had told her they were for if she wanted to play some catching games.
By the time they'd finally finished shopping for all three of them, Hermione was so hungry she could have eaten a horse, so they went to a drive-through MacDonald's which was enough to see her through the journey home, and it was only then that she remembered her visitors and groaned.

“They are going to give me hell!”

“No they won't, trust me; they'll just ask you a few questions and then just drop the subject, although I think we might need to keep Jack away from Carlisle for a while, because he's contemplating confronting him sooner or later.” Alice stared ahead out of the windscreen until she grinned and turned her infectious smile on Hermione.

“Don’t worry, and if they do get too much just call us and one of us will come and get you.”
Feeling better, Hermione grabbed her shopping bags out of the boot of the Mercedes and waved as the Mercedes drove off, then she turned to the house, took a deep breath and walked in.
As Alice had predicted, Jack swooped down on her like a hawk.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing befriending Vampires?” he greeted; Hermione ignored him and took her shopping upstairs to her room. She unpacked and counted to ten before going back down to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. When she finally entered the living room, all eyes were on her, but Jack’s face told Hermione that she was in trouble, a lot of trouble.
Just as Jack was about to say something, Hermione’s phone went off.

Don’t worry, just send 21 to us and Alice and I will come and get you. J.
Hermione smiled as she closed the phone. When she looked at Jack, he was really fuming.


“Well, I’ve had a great time shopping, I’m going to be going round to the Cullens tomorrow after school, before heading to the hospital to work, and then I might come home, unless Carlisle has other ideas, because from what I can gather, you and he don’t seem to like each other.” She sat down next to Ianto and took a look around at everyone; Gwen was sat the other side of Ianto and the Doctor was leant against the fireplace looking directly at Jack, and experience with the Time Lord told Hermione he was poised to throw himself at Jack if he lost control, and it was clear the answer she had just given Jack wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear.

“That wasn’t what I meant. What I meant was what are you doing befriending vampires? And don’t shrug me off this time.” Hermione heaved a sigh and looked around.

“I didn’t know they were vampires until a few weeks ago.
I found out about it the first time I went after the Drygor, the equipment told me that the Drygor was close, but it turned out to be the Cullen family on a hunt, I was lucky they recognised me otherwise I’d have been next on the menu, but they seemed okay when I woke up, they explained what their side of the story to me, and I explained my side of the story to them.
They also helped me out with the Drygor, because it was too much for me to handle and would have killed me had they not been there to help me out. So really Jack there is nothing to be scared of, apart from the fact that they could potentially kill me, but I’m as careful round them as they are around me.” Jack did not look convinced.

“You are not to go anywhere near them again, they are too dangerous....” Hermione had just drained her tea as Jack finished his sentence, her grip became tighter and tighter on the cup until it smashed in her hand cutting her hand and barely missing Ianto.
She stood up and looked Jack dead in the eyes.

“You can’t stop me from doing my job, Jack. You can’t stop me from going to school, and you will not stop me from seeing the Cullens. Now I don’t give a damn about what happened between you and Carlisle, but that is no excuse to tell me not to see them!”

“I’m serious, Hermione, you are not going anywhere near them again!” Hermione’s vision blurred as tears filled her eyes, her hand stung and she knew there were pieces of the broken mug in her hand, she ran upstairs, and into the bathroom to grab some tissue, before slamming the door to her room and picking up her phone.

21 She stared as the text sent; she had minutes, maybe even seconds to sort her hand out.

Grabbing her medical bag, Hermione was about to pull out a bandage, when someone took her hand in their own, a bandage already in it.

“He got to you that bad?” Carlisle began pulling shards of the mug out of her hand before disinfecting it and wrapping it up in the bandage. Hermione nodded in reply, the tears were falling fast now as Carlisle cradled her in his arms, rocking her gently telling her to let it all out, then he scooped her up in him arms, then carried her to her window.

“Hermione?” Carlisle froze, the Doctor opened the door and took a step back when he saw Carlisle, Hermione looked over at him with pleading eyes.

“Please don’t say anything, I promise I will explain everything to you, just don’t tell.” He looked like he was going to say no, but then smiled.

“Keep your TARDIS key around your neck and let me come and find you, and then you can tell me everything.” He closed the door quietly behind him, and Carlisle took off out of the window, Hermione nestled safely against his chest.
Minutes later, she found herself on a chair in the kitchen, with Carlisle taking a better look at her hand.
Alice came through to the kitchen seconds later.

“Oh thank god! We thought you weren’t.....” she stopped mid-sentence and snarled. Carlisle glared at her.

“He wants to know why. Go and tell the others that, Alice and bring him through, be nice.”
She left as Carlisle finished wrapping up Hermione’s hand, then he led her through to the music room where the Doctor was already waiting.

“Hello!” He said brightly, clearly trying to lighten the mood, but the Cullens (bar Carlisle) didn’t seem to want to brighten up.

“Who are you?” Rosalie asked suddenly, every pair of eyes flickered from her to the Doctor and back.

“I’m the Doctor. Just the Doctor. I am an alien from another planet, the last of my kind. My home planet was lost in a war that destroyed it.
Hermione is my companion and has been for... Ooh, got be going on five, five and a half years now. She’s been with me through thick and thin, and I owe her that. I also happen to know that she is a very good judge of character, hence the reason why I’m here. I would like to get to know you all, I’m not here to hurt Hermione and I don’t want to have to pull her away from anything if she doesn’t want to go. So I’m going to apologise for my behaviour earlier on today, but unfortunately I cannot take responsibility for Jack, he...”

“... Is my problem.” Carlisle’s grip suddenly tightened on Hermione’s shoulder as he said it. She saw Esme roll her eyes.

“Carlisle isn’t it? Well Carlisle, Jack’s problem is that he can’t see past the end of his nose, he can’t see what I saw when you all got all protective over Hermione. He can’t see that you are only trying to help.” That threw Carlisle. Some sort of smell must have hit Jasper's nose because he looked like he had a horrible taste in his mouth.

“I think you’ve been followed.”

All Cullens turned to the front door. Carlisle pushed Hermione behind him, as she saw Jack in the doorway with his revolver in his hand.
Hermione took a deep breath a walked out in to the line of fire, Jack blinked, the Cullens all looked her way, Alice and Jasper looked ready to spring for her if anything happened.

“Come on then Jack, come and get me!” She shouted. Jack rose to the challenge, he came through the door, his gun cocked and pointed straight over Hermione’s shoulder towards Carlisle.

“I thought I told you not to come here!”

“I came here because I was bleeding!”

“Oh and you’re that incapable of doing it yourself, that you have to come here to the vampires to....”


Hermione fired off a round of witch-fire that hit Jack square in the chest; he flew back and slid across the floor until he hit the wall.

“I will not be dictated to Harkness!” She shouted, advancing on Jack as he struggled to his feet.

“You are not my father, and I wouldn’t listen to you even if you were! So if you don’t like the life that you sent me to live then shove off back home, because I like it here and I’m not coming back until I am ready! Oh and while I’m on a rant, don’t you ever point that revolver towards any of the Cullens again or I swear to god I will kill you!” Hermione felt a hand in her injured one, turning her head slightly she saw it was Jasper.
She looked around into the faces of each Cullen, they all seemed a little wary, eyeing both her and Jack, taking a deep breath she leant back into Jasper.

“I’m sorry.” She breathed. Jasper stroked her hair, inhaling her scent, she felt his grip in her hand go between tight and loose, he was fighting the urge to bite her. She gently pushed herself off him, so not to tempt him anymore than she had too.
Jack was stood up by the time Hermione looked back over at him.

“Hermione....” Jack looked away from her as Esme came into view; she stood to the side of Hermione with one hand on Carlisle’s arm and the other on Hermione’s shoulder.

“I’ll see you when you get home!” Jack turned on his heel and went to walk out of the door, but Hermione’s eyes flickered to Edward for a split second, before he sprang for the door blocking Jack’s way out. He spun round to face Carlisle.

“Tell your kid to move or....”

“Carlisle wasn’t the one who told me to move, Porcelain doesn’t like the way you’ve just spoken to her. So I’m just helping her get her message through to you.” He snarled, he was now in front of Jack and was now backing him away from the door. Once Jack was far enough away from the door, Edward was next to Hermione the next second, startling Jack, Hermione’s eyes narrowed.

“You know I don’t like being spoken to like that Jack. You sent me here in the first place, so really if it wasn’t for you. I would never have met the Cullens so I’m sorry if you don’t....” She stopped, Alice’s reflection made her fall silent. The young vampire was being held by Jasper, something was wrong.

“Alice?” Turning away from Jack, Hermione walked over to Alice, she was staring at nothing, a blank expression in her eyes and on her face, Hermione placed her marginally warmer and uninjured hand into one of Alice’s ice cold hands and Hermione saw herself caught up in Alice’s eyes.

She could see Alice stood next to her she turned, an apologetic look in her eyes, and then returned her attention to the path they were on.
It was Cardiff.
Hermione knew it was her that was running because she could hear her own heartbeat.
She was running from something, something had scared her....


Then the vision changed course, to something familiar to both the vampire and the elf.
Hermione knew that she was shaking, she could hear Jasper hissing as Jack was coming closer to them, like he always did when she fell into a vision.

She was watching herself running again, only this time she was seeing it from Alice’s point of view; the thing that was chasing her was a woman, her name unknown.
Hermione watched herself stop, look around and begin to apparate, but the woman latched onto her arm....
When the woman released her they were in some sort of street.

“What are you!?”She snarled before taking of, Esme and Rosalie were by her side the next minute, she hid her arm....
Hermione and Alice jerked at the same time, Alice fell into Jasper, before lunging to catch Hermione as she fell further than she was meant to, her feet were rooted to the floor by what she’d seen, she was terrified, and Alice could see it.

“Porcelain, Porcelain! Can you hear me? Hermione!” Alice shook the young elf until she gasped with breath.

“Easy, Pixie I’m fragile.” Hermione breathed. Alice laughed as she helped Hermione to her feet.

“You scared us, are you both all right?” Asked Carlisle placing his hand on Hermione’s forehead, she reeled, falling into Carlisle who picked her up and pushed past Jack before placing her in a comfy chair.

“Apart from the spinning room, yeah I’m fine. Alice, have you been seeing that first one a lot recently? Or the second one? Because you have been looking at me really weirdly.” Alice smiled.
Jack tried to make his way to Hermione’s side, but the Doctor got in front of him.

“Come on Jack; let Hermione get her strength back. You can talk to her later, and I do mean talk not shout, you will have to learn to accept what she’s decided, like I have.” Hermione looked over Carlisle’s shoulder at the back of the Doctor’s head, and smiled.
She watched as Jack, led by the Doctor, left the house, before her head steadied, and she finally got back on her feet.

“Are you going to be okay at home?” asked Emmett, Rosalie was still looking at the place where Jack had just been, nodding Hermione waited to see who was going to run her home, it turned out to be both Emmett and Rosalie. Emmett picked her up and winked at Alice before taking off, Rosalie at his side.

“Put your arms around my neck!” Called Emmett, Hermione obeyed, and found the reason being her window.
Someone had closed it behind Carlisle. Emmett kept one arm securely around Hermione’s waist as Rosalie negotiated the window. Once it was open Hermione stifled a scream as Emmett let her go completely and swung into her room, landing neatly and quietly on the floor, Rose climbed in after them and perched herself on the window ledge.

“Right we’ll be back in an hour, and then we’ll stay with you tonight, if that’s okay?” Asked Rose as Emmett settled her back down.
Nodding Hermione grabbed a towel and, after looking behind her to see she was alone, set off for the shower.
She washed herself down, wrapped her towel around her before heading back to her room.
She’d just finished getting dressed and was just about to start running a brush through her hair when Rosalie’s head popped up.

“Yeah she’s decent!” She jumped through the window, followed by Emmett, and took the brush off her.

“Sit.” Hermione sat on the edge of the bed while Rosalie brushed her hair until it was smooth and grabbing a hair bobble and sat plaiting her hair.

“Oh Rose I....”

“Hush! I want to play. Alice’s hair is too short and Esme doesn’t like having her hair played with, so you’re stuck.” Hermione sat still while she finished plaiting her hair, then she felt herself being pulled back.
She squealed and giggled as Rosalie pinned her to the bed.

“Wonder what the Captain will say when he finds out that you've got vampires in your room?” Emmett teased, coming the other side of Hermione, they let her sit up and she heaved a great sigh.

“Nothing, if he does I just run away, he never normally acts like this!” Rosalie nodded in agreement.

“Well whatever happened between him and Carlisle, it's even got Carlisle angry and, I never thought I'd say this but, Carlisle is terrifying when he's angry!”

“Okay so....” Everyone froze when they heard a voice shouting.

“I don’t care, she’s becoming too irresponsible!” It was Jack and the Doctor.

“Jack, Hermione had a point, you did send her here....”

“To do a job, not to befriend bloodsucking creeps! It’s no wonder she’s been quiet she’s probably been turned into one!”

“What the hell happened between you and Carlisle to get you this pumped full of hatred!?” Jack fell silent, but the few words that they’d caught were enough to bring tears to Hermione’s eyes.
Rosalie and Emmett hissed as the sound of footsteps could be heard on the stairs.

“Hermione? Are you in there Bright-Eyes?” It was the Doctor.

She kept quiet, Rose and Emmett were stock still prepared to flee if they had to. After a few moments the Doctor opened the door, and her company disappeared.

“Hey, why didn't you say you were home?”

“Didn't you hear the shower? Or am I that much of a vampire that you can’t hear me?” The Doctor winced.

“You heard?”

“I wasn't the only one. Rosalie and Emmett did too.” He blinked. Before sweeping his eyes around the room.

“What were you expecting that they’d be hiding in the wardrobe? They left when they hear you open the door.”

“Good job too, Jack’s really steamed and wants to see you, now. Sorry.” Hermione looked at him for a few moments, before getting up and heading to the window.

“Rosalie, Emmett?” She stood back and three seconds later Rose and Emmett were stood either side of the window.

“You’d better go; I’ve just received my orders to see the Captain.” A hiss escaped from Rosalie as she and Emmett turned to leave.

“Why don’t the two of you come down and give her some support?” Hermione spun round to glare at the Doctor.

“Thank you but I think we’ve upset the Captain enough for one night.” Emmett replied taking Rosalie by the hand and helping her onto the window sill.

“Call us when you’re free, Porcelain.” He called as they disappeared into the dark.
Hermione grabbed her dressing gown and followed the Doctor down to Jack; the Doctor pulled her into a hug and leant down to whisper in her ear.

“I’ve told him to go easy on you. Come on.” He led her through to the living room, where she then sat between Gwen and Ianto, feeling a little afraid, she hated seeing Jack like this, but she had to make him understand.

“Okay, Hermione, I’m going to ask this once, and if you want you can lie to me.” Jack, who had been facing the window, now turned to face Hermione.
“Are they treating you okay? Don’t take it the wrong way it’s just that I wouldn’t put it past Carlisle Cullen to turn you into a vampire, he did with Esme...”

“...because she was dying, and he didn’t want to see her die. He had a soft spot for her; he did it out of kindness. It was really hard for him, Jack. Apparently he’s turned all of his family, apart from Alice and Jasper, who turned up at the family. Carlisle would never harm a human without good reason, like you trying to take Esme away from him, for example. That was one step too far. You were lucky then, and you are still lucky, that you’re indestructible. Or he would have killed you without meaning to.” Jack was stumped.

“So you’re telling me that everyone of his family, bar Alice and Jasper, were turned because they were dying? Huh, well that’s a new one on me. Okay now that that’s been settled what about you coming home, then?” Hermione thought for a moment, before answering.

“Not yet Jack, let me be human for a while. I’ve grown quite used to life here, and don’t really feel ready to come home just yet. Sorry.” To her astonishment he smiled.

“I’ll let you stay if you get Carlisle to see me, either here or at his place, I want to settle a I want to apologise not settle anything, where are you going?” Hermione had just walked over to the door.

“Emmett, Rose? Could one of you go and get Carlisle, tell him Jack wants to talk, peacefully!” She jumped as Rosalie swooped down in front of her.

“Emmett’s gone to get him.” Hermione stood to one side to let Rosalie through, she felt everyone in the room (male and female) stiffen when Rose followed Hermione into the front room, she’d left the front door open knowing that Emmett and the others wouldn’t be long.

“Knock, knock Porcelain!” Edward called, the whole family must want to know what’s going on, either that or Alice saw Jack turning on Carlisle.

“Come on in.” She said, talking as if she was talking to Gwen, who frowned.
Emmett came through first, followed by Edward, Jasper, Alice and Esme (in that order) Carlisle came through behind Esme and greeted Hermione with a smile, it was warm and gentle.
Hermione sat down next to Gwen as every person (that breathed) got themselves comfortable. The Cullens moved to surround Hermione.

Rosalie sat on the floor in the space between her legs, guiding them so that her arms were wrapped around them. Alice sat behind her, draping one arm around her neck to pull her closer, Esme sat on the arm of the sofa, her cold hand placed soothingly on Hermione’s, slightly raised, hand. Emmett sat next to Rose placing his arm around the waist of his love, Jasper stood at Alice’s shoulder and Edward had moved away from Hermione to stand by Carlisle’s shoulder.
Carlisle was the only one who hadn’t moved, his eyes just followed to the places where each member of his eternal family settled themselves.
Jack cleared his throat.

“Okay, I hadn’t expected you to.... To the matter at hand. Hermione has told me that everything I had led myself to believe about you has been wrong. She says that you had no intention of killing Esme all those years ago, but were in fact saving her life. So for that I am sorry for the hassle I gave you. I automatically assumed that you were dangerous, but as I know someone who could probably rival that if angry enough,” his eyes flickered to Hermione, Alice, Rosalie and Esme stiffened. “I’m willing to drop that assumption. I only ask for a chance to make up for what I’d done.” He held out his hand and Hermione stifled a giggle as all of the Cullens reacted instinctively almost moving from where they were all sat.

“Easy, he just wants to be friends.” She explained, and all relaxed. Carlisle smiled at Hermione before turning to Jack and taking his hand.

“I except, I have but one request though.”

“What is that?”

“Porcelain is going to come over to our place after school tomorrow and I thought, if you’re staying long enough, you would like to join us for dinner?” Edward and Hermione burst out laughing at the looks on all human (and Time Lord) faces.

“Spit roast!” Emmett thought causing Edward and Hermione to double over with laughter.

“Don’t worry you won’t be the dinner, you’ll be the guests, we’ll be well fed for that.” Rosalie explained, giving Emmett a whack across the back of his head as he and Edward continued to shake with laughter, Hermione was struggling to breath.

“Hey come on you two you’re going to end up killing her!” scolded Esme, though she giggled along with them.
Jasper grabbed Hermione’s arm and pulled her up, he too was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Breath, Porcelain, breath!” She finally gasped in a breath and managed to calm herself down enough to be able to breathe, but there were tears streaming down her face even after to laughter had subsided.

“Oh Emmett you are a goofball!” she gasped. Emmett snatched her from the sofa and threw her over his shoulder.

“Right we’ll start with this mouthy one!” Edward and Jasper were either side of him, Jasper winked at her to tell her he was joking, but she continued to scream nonetheless.

“No, Emmett put me down! No Alice, Rosalie, Esme help!” she squealed as Emmett began to move to the door, she was outside the next second. Emmett turned around to see where everyone was when he put her down.
She wavered on her feet and stumbled back into Jasper.

“Oops sorry Porcelain!” Emmett laughed. She giggled and swung a punch at him which he easily dodged.

“Oooh she's a feisty one! Come on then, girl. C'mon right here, right here!” Emmett coached, holding up his hands, he fisted his right hand, Hermione swung and hit him square in the palm.
Pain shot right up her arm as she’d hit him with her injured hand, which was healing quickly but not quickly enough. The adrenalin was too much.
Another right hook, a left hook, a left upper cut, a left under cut, a right under cut, a right upper cut....

“Whoa, what did I do to upset you!?” Emmett exclaimed as Hermione shot a well aimed gut-kick at him which he didn't manage to dodge, she stopped when someone placed their hand on her shoulder. Turning she saw it was Ianto.

“Sorry, Emmett, I kind of lost myself for a minute there.” he laughed and wrapped his arms around her.

“Ahh no biggie. I was the one encouraging you. You've got a lot of spunk; I'll bet your hands could do with some ice, huh?” Now that she'd stopped, the pain caught up with her.

“Yeah, god knows what state they're going to be in tomorrow.” they all went back inside but not before Hermione noticed something.

“Doctor, where's the TARDIS?” he grinned.

“Out the back, didn't want people noticing it.” Hermione had just walked through the door, and caught sight of her hands. If she'd have gone on any more, she'd have torn the skin and blood would have been shed.

“That was a close one, eh Porcelain?” she couldn't help but laugh.

“Have you said yes to going over tomorrow? I'll take my car if you do, if not I'll hitch a lift with Rose.” The Doctor and Jack stared at Hermione, and she shrank back into the vampire in question.

“Sorry.” she said in a very small voice. Rose moved forwards.

“What did she do wrong? All she said was she'll hitch a lift with...”

“Rose.” Edward gasped, Rosalie turned to her abbreviated name.

“What?” Edward shook his head.

“No, not Rose as in Rosalie, Rose as in Rose Tyler! Quartz I think her nickname was. They'd lost her twice and the scar still burns when the name is mentioned, even if the name belongs to someone else.”
Hermione was impressed that he'd got all that information out of whichever head he'd looked into, a slight buzzing in her head made her suspect that he'd got it from her. Rosalie cocked her head to one side, staring at her brother as if he were from another world. Edward just stared back, before he shrugged.
Jack nodded.

“Yeah we'll come over for dinner; we're not going back until the weekend, so it gives us time to have a look around.” The Cullens all said their goodnights and left the house, Jack and the others went to the house to the left of Hermione's driveway, leaving Hermione alone, she unwrapped her hand to see the wound non-existent now.
She went upstairs and got changed into her pyjamas before crawling into bed and falling into a deep slumber.
Before sleep took her completely her hindsight went back to Edward and Rosalie's staring competition the stare he'd given her was one of compassion, and he looked strangely like someone, but she couldn't quite figure out who.
As she slept she was struck with a sudden flashback, and one she hadn't had for a while.

“No master please, no. He's innocent!” She'd screamed, but the mark on her arm burned with such ferocity that she had no choice but to obey.
Tears welled up in her eyes, she did not want to kill him, really she didn't.
“No more!” A little voice in her head said, “You will kill no more after him.”
“I forgive you.” he stood there smiling at her, that smile she'd grown to love throughout the year, the smile he'd given her before and after he kissed her in the Quidditch pitch.
“Avada Kedavra!” she'd said, as if in general conversation.
And Cedric Diggory was no more.

“CEDRIC!” Hermione bolted upright from the nightmare, it was the first time in five years since she'd had that nightmare.

“Easy, Porcelain. You were having a bad dream, easy.” Now Hermione was all for Alice and Jasper, and maybe even Emmett and Rosalie, in her room during the night, but what in name of all things mythical, had possessed Edward to come and keep her company tonight?

“Shouldn't you be with Bella?” She asked once she'd calmed down, although she couldn't see him, Hermione knew Edward was smiling.

“I told her I was going to keep watch on you tonight, I'd picked up a sense of hostility in the way I was looking at Rose tonight, it seemed your mind was working to things you were not aware of until now.”

“Ok, like that made sense, next time just tell me that you're keeping an eye on me while Alice and Jasper are on a hunt.” Edward laughed and reached over to turn on the light, Hermione shielded her eyes.

“Do you mind if I ask you who this Cedric is?”


“I'm sorry?”

“Who he was. He's dead. When you were looking at Rosalie like that, you reminded me of him, I just hadn't figured it out then.”

“How did he die?” Hermione stared at him for a while.

“You tell me. Go on take a peek, I'm not going to stop you, anymore than I'm going to tell you. It's not something I'm proud of.... in fact come here.” She grabbed one of his ice cold hands, and closed her eyes, brining up those memories that she'd lay to rest at the back of her mind, then she shared them with Edward, everything she'd done in her fourth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
She opened her eyes again to find his still closed.
She waited while he processed her memories.

“I never thought I’d say this to someone who isn’t like me, but you were quite the monster back then weren’t you?” it was meant as a joke, but Hermione couldn’t smile, because that statement was true.

“Apart from the first two and my last one, I enjoyed killing those people. 42 people I enjoyed killing them! I mean, you have an excuse, you can’t help it it’s your nature but me!? You think you’re a monster, well those memories will tell you that you’re not! Not compared to me anyway.” She buried her face in her pillow and cried for a moment or two, before she felt Edward wrap his arms around her waist, and lift her into his arms.

“I don’t think you’re a monster, yes you’re right I have an excuse, apart from Carlisle and Rosalie, we have all tasted human blood, but like you we made the choice to turn away from what we were, to what we now are. Those experiences have taught me to be a better person, and look at what I have now. A family that can never die and a girlfriend who has a death wish!” Hermione laughed.

“But then there’s you, my friend. You have an uncontrollable temper, and it gets the better of you at times. But look at what the experience of those 42 enjoyed murders have done for you, they’ve made you see that there is a choice, that you can choose differently and killing Cedric made you change your ways and gave you back your life.”

“Not really, I met the Doctor shortly after that, and I drifted away from Harry and Ron, my family don’t care, and I’m no better off now than I would be if I were still a death eater!”

“I don’t see it like that. I think you were lucky, and besides you still have Harry and Ron don't you?” she had to admit, no matter how much she's deserted them, she could always count on them when she needed them. “Come now, Alice will never forgive me for keeping you awake, so let’s get you back to sleep.” He tucked her back under the blanket and stayed until she fell to sleep.

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