Chapter Eight

Floors eyes were a dark aubrey and looked almost deadly. She looked like she was going to eat me. I looked back up at Floor “I…”
The door opened and I had to force myself to look away from Floor. Ty was standing in front of the door and you could tell that he was sorry for interrupting us. He looked at floor and said nothing, right them I knew that they were talking with their minds. I sat there and just looked at Ty and the way he stood there, I still couldn’t get over the fact that he looked like an angle and was absolutely perfect.
So the myth about vampires being beautiful was true. Was the garlic myth true too?
This sudden urge came over me, I had this urge to get up and tackle Ty to the bed and…..
I started thinking about what I would do, and stopped, I knew they could hear me and would know about me want for Ty. That want was turning into a need.
Floor shook her head disagreeing with whatever Ty had said to Floor.
He nodded and turned around and started to walk out the door. He stopped right before he had got to the door and looked at me with crystal green eyes. He flashed me a little smile and looked away and walked out the door.
As soon as the door was closed I let out a breathe, I hadn’t realized that I was holding my breath that entire time.
“Stupid feeling. I hate it.”
I looked up at floor; she opened her mouth to say something, put then closed it just as fast as she opened it.
The silence seemed to go on forever, “So…” I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know if floor was listening to my mind either.
When she didn’t say anything my mind seemed to trail off and I started thinking about where I would be right now and who I would be with. I couldn’t remember what day it was so I guessed it was Wednesday. On Wednesday’s I was normally with Sammi, Sarah, and Luke. This Wednesday we where supposed to go down to the water front and go swimming. Sarah would be tanning, Luke would take his shirt off and show his abs in about the first 5 minutes of being there, and Sammi and I would be in the water.
I sighed; I thought about last year, and Alexia. Lexi was another one of my close friends. She was one of those people who is friends with everyone and doesn’t have people who hate her guts. It was June 21, 2009. Everyone was out for summer and it was really hot that day.
That day Lexi was hyper, happy, and wouldn’t shut up about…..anything. “Ok so you know the old guy that lives across the street from me? Well he was checking me out and I was all like ’umm eww’” she just wouldn’t stop talking.
“Hey Lexi, why don’t we go down to the docks for some swimming?” I tried to get her to stop talking, even though I loved her, and loved it when she was happy and hyper, I wasn’t in the mood for her random talk.
Now that I think about it even more, its kinda mean.
“Oh. My. God. You like just read my mind!” She gave me a huge smile, “Come on, let’s go!” she was already in the car before we could say anything else.
So we went down to the docks for a swim. It began like every other time that we went down to the docks. Luke would go off the tire swing, Sammi, Lexi, and I would all watch him and sit on the dock with our feet in the water.
“HEY LEX, JUMP!” Luke called after Lexi, he wanted her to jump off the rock that he had been jumping off of. “ALL YOU GUYS SHOULD COME AND JUMP AT THE SAME TIME.”
“Ok give me a sec” Lexi wanted to go, “come one guys, it’s the last week of summer and the last time that all of us are going to be here together, lets end it in a jump off the old rock!” She grabbed our arms and pulled us up to the rock.
“Ok so all you do is jump, it’s that simple!” Luke was a happy guy. Sammi and I thought that he was totally in love with Lexi but wouldn’t tell her.
“Ok on the count of three we all jump.” We were all in a line on the rock and Lexi was between Sammi and I. she looked at both of us. I could see in her eyes, I could see the plea.
“Ok, fine, but im only jumping once.” I hated heights and jumping off a rock did not seem like fun.
“One” Lexi started to count.
“Two” To my surprise it was Sammi that seemed to say ‘Two’ and not Lexi or Luke.
“Three” We all yelled it at the same time and we all jumped at the same time.
I closed my eyes as I hit the cold hard but somehow smooth water. To my surprise it was peaceful under the water, but I needed air, so I swam back up to the top and swam ashore.
I was the first one back up on the docks, so I waited for everyone else. Sammi was the next one to come up on the docks.
“Oh, my god. Jess that was so much fun! We’ve got to do it again!” Sammi had this huge smile on her face and her eyes had a sparkle in them.
I smiled back at her, “Ya we can go again!”
Luke was the next to come up on the docks, “So how you guys like the jump? Not that bad was it!” He had this ‘haha I was write’ tone in his voice.
We sat there for a couple of seconds waiting for Lexi, “Hey you guys, where’s Lex?” Luke, like normal was worried about her.
“She’s probably going to come up behind us and push us in!” Sammi was in a great mood..
I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach “She’s still down there” I yelled. I was scared.
Luke didn’t even say anything he just jumped into the water. I ran to the car and got my cell phone out and had it in my hand. After every minute or so Luke would come up for air, he came up for air five times. The sixth time that he came out of the water he had Lexi and was trying to keep her afloat and get to the docks.
I looked at Lexi and then looked at the water; there was blood in the water, all around Luke. I opened my phone and dilled 911. Luke put Lexi on the grass and started doing CPR on her. You could see where she had hit her head on a rock or something. There was read, sticky blood everywhere and I could smell it even though I was standing five feet away from her. By the time the ambulance got here, she was already dead, but poor Luke kept trying to save her. Sammi and I were standing to the right of her; Sammi couldn’t help but cry and cry. I also cried.
The ambulance said that she had hit her head on a rock from the jump and lost too much blood, and if that did not to it, she drowned.
“I’m so sorry.” It was Floor and I had totally forgotten about being in the room with her. When I had looked up I had realized that I was crying.
She walked across the room and hugged me as I was sitting in the chair. “I’m so sorry about Lexi..” she felt bad and I could hear it in her voice, it was almost like she could feel my pain.
“Why were you looking at my…my flash back?” It was personal I thought. I was mad, I shouldn’t have been, but I was. She didn’t need to know about that, or Lexi.
“I didn’t mean too, I just got pictures In my head and a story along with it. The pictures turned into a story and I was fascinated, no human has ever been able to do that but-“
“So you find this ‘fascinating’ that I can turn pictures into a video?” I had cut her off and I was very mad.
“No, that’s now what I mean, you didn’t let me finish.” She looked into my eyes and tried to hold them, but it didn’t work.
“I didn’t need you to.” I got up out of my chair and walked out of the room. As soon as I closed the door I ran down the hallway to the kitchen. Thank god there was no one in there.
I walked over to pone of the corners that was not easy to see and sat there. I put my head on my knees and cried. Thinking about last summer was painful and I didn’t want too, but somehow everything I thought about made me think about Lexi and last summer.
I heard footsteps and I froze, I tried not to breathe or move. Someone walked through the kitchen door, but it wasn’t Floor. The last time I hid from someone was when my parents were murdered.
Whoever walked through the door could not see me, but I could see the top of her head. They had honey blonde hair, the only person that I could think of that had honey blonde hair was Katie. If she found me here like this, I would die. I stayed totally still and tried not to breathe. I knew that If Katie found me than she would get Floor, and I didn’t want to even think about Floor right now.
“Jess, are you in here? I just want to talk and find out what’s wrong, please come out.”
‘Umm. Yeah I think I’ll stay right where I am, but thanks.’ I thought. but then I remembered that they could read my mind.
“You’re in here; I can hear your mind. Please Jess.” I could hear the plea in her voice.
‘Why should I?’ I wasn’t sad any more, I was mad, and I made sure Kate knew I was.
“Please, I really need to talk to you.”
“About what happened in your bedroom with you and Floor. About why you are hiding from us and are so mad at Floor. About, everything.”
‘Ok I know your trying to help in all, but just stop.’ I thought about what I had just said to Katie and I felt a pain in my chest. I don’t know what it was, but when I said it, I reminded myself of Kristin from school. Kristin was one of the most stuck up people in the school, and she didn’t care about anyone but herself. ‘I didn’t mean it like I that, I’m Sorry.’
“It’s ok, I know what you mean. Can you please come out; I really don’t like talking to a wall.”
I laughed in my head, but decided to come out. I stood up from the corner and thought, ‘Ok see, I’m right her’
Katie looked over to the corner, “Yeah see, I would have never found you.”
“It’s not that hard to find, just look for the places that you can’t find that easily!” I smiled at her.
“You just gave away your secret, you know that right”
I shrugged, “Yeah, but there are a lot of places like that in this house.” I looked over to the corner that I was sitting in.
“So what you want to know, I might as well get it out now! Just I don’t get why I’m about to tell you, but oh well!”
“Who’s.” she started to ask me something but stopped, “What all happened in there?”
“It’s simple really. Ty walked in started talking to floor about something, I don’t know what, and then I had a flash back.”
“What was your flash back about?” she looked at me, her eyes turned into a baby blue that was crystal clear.
“Just last summer, don’t ask.” I got up to walk out of the room, but Katie grabbed my hand and pulled me back.
She looked into my eyes, “I know how you feel.”
“I don’t think you do.” I whispered back to her.
I got out from her hold and walked out of the kitchen, I just wanted to go to my room and lay on my bed, alone.
I started to walk down the hallway until I could hear Floor talking to someone, it sounded like she was talking to Cam. “I just done know what to do, I feel so bad Cam.” Yes she was talking to Cam. But I didn’t want to stay and listen to her talk to cam, so I walked down the hallway to my room.
When I opened the door to my room there was someone sitting on my bed. “Um, hello.”
She looked up at me and gave me a brief smile, “I’m sorry.”
“Sammi! Are you ok? Why are you sorry?” Sammi was sitting on my bed playing with the charm bracelet that she had on her hand.

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