So i got in i idea for this book, im thinking about... Darkness Before Dawn. if you like or dislike comment at the bottom, thanks!

Chapter Nine

I went over and sat next to Sammi. “Oh, my god. Sammi are you ok?” This was the first time I had got to talk to Sammi. Her Face was so pail and all I wanted to do was hold onto her and tell her ever things going to be ok, But I couldn’t even touch her. I felt like if I did touch her she would vanish right in front of my eyes.
“Why are we here, why am I here?” She half whispered. I could tell from the way she said that, that she was petrified to be here with people that she didn’t know or trust.
“You trust me, don’t you Sammi?” I didn’t know what to say to her. I needed Floor, but then I wanted to get as far away from her as possible.
“Of course I do. Jess, you’re my best friend you could tell me that they are Vampires and are going to kill us in the end and I would believe you.” She looked at me and gave me a brief smile, “I am so tired.” She lied down on the bed and curled up into a little ball and fell asleep.
I got up and walked over to the chair that was at the other end of the room; I didn’t want to wake her, but I didn’t want to leave her. I started thinking about Lexi again, and that lead to me thinking about Floor. I got mad again and got up to go back to the kitchen and leave Sammi to sleep in peace. I walked over to the door and looked back at Sammi; she was in a deep sleep. I started to open the door and looked back at Sammi; there was a glass door on the other side of Sammi’s bed that led outside. I turned around and slowly walked to the glass door. The doorknob was a shiny gold, so shiny that I could see my reflection in it. I looked from the doorknob to the forest that’s was outside the door. My hand slowly reached for the gold doorknob; it was cold and hard, when it looked like what could have been liquid and warm. I started to turn it to the left but it wouldn’t move, so I turned it to the right. The latch made a quiet ‘click’ sound.
Sammi rolled over and said something, but it was so quiet that I couldn’t tell what she had said. As soon as I could tell that she was asleep I turned my attention back to the door, I was hesitant on opening the door. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach; half of me wanted me to open the door, it wasn’t just telling me either, it was yelling it at me. it was a shrill scream in my mind ‘OPEN IT AND GO, NOW’ I wanted to listen to it. I knew that if I did listen to it, it would go away. But there was a pull at my mind, like something was trying to get my attention.
The pull that was at the back of my mind was a whisper compared to the screaming, ‘Don’t go out the door, something bad will happen.’ I didn’t know what one to listen to, the one that was screaming scared me, but the one that was whispering was calming and convincing. I kept looking at the two doors, the one that lead outside and the one that led to the hallway outside the bedroom. I stood there listening to both of the voices—both the whisper and the scream—trying to pick a door to walk out of.
I walked for another five steps and then had to stop. In the distant trees, there was something that was blowing in the wind that looked like hair. The hair—if that’s what it actually was—was a sun kiss blond, but it changed as I got closer. I had only walked twenty or so steps until the hair started to change. There where little strands of jet black hair that was mixed in with the sun kiss blond and seemed to accent the rest of her hair.
“Hello?” I didn’t think that anything was going to happen; I just thought that it was an animal and would run away if I said anything, but it didn’t. Instead, something slowly moved out from behind the tree that it was standing behind and started to walk towards me.
When she was walking towards me I had this sudden urge come over me, a sudden felling of want and need. It wasn’t a want for food or anything like that; it was a want for her, a want to be able to touch her, just to make sure that what was in front of me was real and was not something that I was imagining. “Hello, my name is Janica.” She smiled, and when she did that something happened. I walked closer to her knowing who she was ad then I saw her smile. Then I looked back at her eyes and evil flashed across them. The evil in her eyes was so pure, so clear, clearer than fresh water in a glass container.
I backed up and the smile vanished from her face. “Who are you?” I kept stumbling over my words and still had that want to touch her and make sure she was real, even though I knew she was evil. As I asked her who she was, the smile that was on her face vanished and that evil flashed across her eyes again. “I mean I know your Janica, but I mean, who are you and what are you doing here?”
She smiled again and there was this glow that came back to her when she smiled—and just made the want for here even worse—that wasn’t so evil. “I am here to help you. You know those people that your staying with, well they don’t want to help you anymore.” I had these pictures flash through my mind and they where pictures of Floor, Cam, Katie, and everyone else that I had been staying with. But there were two other people in the picture, two people I haven’t seen before.
There was a man on Floors right that I hadn’t seen before. The man had sandy brown hair that was long, it was about to his shoulders. He had fair skin that looked like it had been tanned. His eyes looked like they were a light brown that welcomed you in but never let you back out. There also was a woman to his right that I hadn’t seen before. Her dark red hair that was short and fit her perfectly. She had golden brown eyes that never let you in. The man looked like he was in his twenties, but was no were near as beautiful as Cam or Ty was. But then again when I looked at Cam and Ty they didn’t look beautiful either.
They were eye catching but not in a good way; they looked like something that you would have seen from a horror movie. They had blood all over their faces and the woman that I didn’t recognize would have been incredibly beautiful if there wasn’t any blood on her face. I kept looking at the man I didn’t recognize trying to figure out why he was so much more different than everyone else that was in the picture. I couldn’t figure it out before the picture started to change.
Everyone that had been in the last picture was now in the new picture, but there was something that was different. I couldn’t figure it out before I stopped looking at the picture itself, and started looking at the object that they were hovering over. The object looked like a human, but I couldn’t tell. There was so much blood that it could have been an animal.
The picture seemed to move, now I could tell that the object was a human, but I couldn’t see the face of the victim that they where feeding on. Once I could see the human’s face I felt like my knees would give out; the human turned out to be Lucas. Once I identified the person that was lying on the ground—and my knees didn’t give out on me—the picture vanished and I then remembered that Janica was still standing in front of me.
I looked at her for a second until I realized that I was crying, I wanted more than anything to be able to push the picture—or pictures—out of my head. I couldn’t, every time I tried, they seemed to come back to me and I could almost see the picture again.
I turned and looked at Janica and every muscle in my body was telling me to turn around and run back to the house. Even though I wanted to run, I knew I couldn’t; I knew that if I ran—or tried to run—Janica would surly come after me and kill me. so I stood there listening to what she was saying about floor and everyone else. “Now do you see, now do you believe me? They don’t want to help you, they just wasn’t to use you to feed off of.”
Now, the next part got my attention, she then looked at me and said, “They don’t want you because they know that you will be better and stronger than them once you are changed.” She almost whispered it, almost like she knew there was someone listening to us and if she talked too loud they would hear her.
That, that one sentence or two almost made me believe her. “But.” I don’t even know where that came from, but that was the only word that I could get out of my mouth was ‘but’. But then again, that’s all I wanted to say, and more than that I wanted out of this forest and away from Janica. I wish I would never have to see her again.
I hadn’t even been heard what she had been saying for the last few minutes, and that was a big mistake. “BUT WHAT?” She was yelling so loud that it hurt my ears way more than I thought it would. “So you’re just going to stand there staring at me and maybe I’ll leave, is that what you think will happen? well it won’t, I’ll leave, but this will NOT be the last that you will see of me” she looked ten thousand times more evil than she did the first time I met her about fifteen or twenty minutes ago.
She turned around and I have no clue as to why I did this but I said “Wait! Why are you leaving? Why are you so mad at me, I’ve done nothing wrong or anything to make you mad. So why are you leaving?”
She wiped around and replied in a snarl, “I don’t even see why I waste my time with you.” And before I could blink my eyes she was gone.
I breathed slowly and deeply trying to convince myself that I was all fake and I was imagining it all.
I slowly turned around not knowing whether or not I wanted to and then that one stupid move be the death of me. But I did it, I knew that sooner or later she was going to come back for me and I would be bead, but when was the real question. Would she come in the middle of the night and cause me no pain what so ever? Would she come when I’m alone and cause me the most pain that I could be put in before I died? Or would she just come in all of my dreams and show me all of those pictures that were not real?
Every few steps I would look over my shoulder to make sure that she wasn’t about to tear my heart out of my chest and play some humorous game with it then feeds on the rest of my body. But she never was back there which made me feel better for about five thousandths of a second.
When I got back to the house, and I was on the porch, I didn’t even hesitate to open the glass door. When I did I realized that the handle was still shiny as ever and it still looked like it was going to melt if I touched it.
I walked in and slowly closed the door behind me and looked to Sammi’s bed, but she wasn’t there. So I went and stood to the side of it just staring at it. I wanted so bad to go to sleep, bit I was so scared too. I defiantly did not want to see those pictures again.
I was just about to lay on the bed when someone knocked on the door. I wanted it to be Ty, I wanted it to be him more than anything. “Come in.” my voice cracked. The door knob started to turn and the door started to open very slowly. Now I’m just hoping that it’s not Janica that walks through that door.

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this is getting very good i cant wait to read chapter ten

Luv ya like a sis
Comment by Jeanette midnight pack on October 17, 2009 at 3:31pm
tht sounds like a good titled for it


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