Chapter Seven.

Ty lifted his hands from my face, I opened my eyes to see the most enchanted little house I had ever seen. The house seemed small on top of the hill, but by the time we got to the bottom of the hill, it wasn’t so small anymore.
“This holds everything of mine; memories, secrets, feelings, you name it.” He looked at me and smiled, not my favorite smile. I noticed that his eyes were no longer the hazel green, but more of a dark brown color. “will you open the door?” he asked.
“I don’t know.” I replied.
“Please?” He begged. His eyes were still dark brown, but convincing. I slowly turned and moved my hand towards the door. I slowly turned the knob and was just about to open the door when I heard someone screaming.
“JESS! TY! COME QUICK!” Floor was at the top of the hill. I could hear the urgency in her voice and let go of the door knob.
“Floor? What’s wrong?” Ty looked up at Floor and shook his head in disagreement. They just stood there, looking at each other for several minutes.
“Okay, you two, what’s going on?” I was so confused by their silence. They didn’t answer me so I started walk up the hill to where Floor was. I could hear Ty’s footsteps behind me.
“Jess,” I stopped and looked back at Ty, “I’m going to have to ask you to close your eyes, just in case until we get back home.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Can’t you just do it? Ugh. Just close your eyes.” his eyes had changed again. They were more of a black color, and were no longer mystical and convincing. They scared me more than anything, and it was not just his eyes that scared me, everything about him was scaring me.
I looked back up the hill where Floor had been standing, but she was no longer there. “Okay kiddo, look. I’m a living bolt, I move fast and it can be scary at times. So will you just get on my back? Please?”
“Okay” I sighed.
He crunched down so I could get up on his back with ease. When I slid on there, I was wondering if I should close my eyes or not.
“Close them.” he demanded. How did he know that I had my eyes open? I could tell that he had one of his perfect smiles on.
I closed my eyes and pictured his smile, and his hazel green eyes. They made me not think of the black ones that he had back at the little house.
“Okay, we’re here.” I opened my eyes to see Floor reaching for my wrist. I got off Ty’s back and Floor pulled me forward and into the house.
I looked back over my shoulder; I had to see his eyes, even If they were the ones that scared me so much. I looked back to see that he was about four inches away from us. I caught a glimpse of his eyes. They seemed to be a dark brownish color and not so frightening.
We walked down the hall towards my bedroom. I had only been through some of the house, and the room that we were about to go in was one that I had never seen. The room was big enough for about twenty people and was a snow white color.
There was someone lying on the bed, but she didn’t look familiar. Her hair was a reddish brown color, and it seemed to sparkle in the sun. She was breathing very faint and shallow, other than that she was motionless. She was extremely pale, and she almost blended in with the pillows. There were two red dots at the tops of her legs that looked like blood.
“What’s wrong with her?” I didn’t know I was talking out loud until everyone was looking at me.
“She has lost a lot of blood, and I don’t know if we can save her. I’m so sorry Jess.” Floor has answered all of my questions, all but one. I still didn’t know who she was, and why Floor was saying sorry to me.
“I don’t…I’m sorry, but I don’t know who that is.” Maybe Floor had the wrong person.
She rolled over to reveal a bracelet that said “Jess and Sammi BFF’s 4 ever.” I looked at my left hand to find that I had the same one.
“That-That’s Sammie?” It all clicked, that beautiful pale person that was lying on the bed was Sammi, and she was about to die. “Anything, you can’t do anything?”
“No, I’m sorry.” Floor looked like she was about to run out the door. I ran to Floor and couldn’t help but sob in her arms.
“I think it’s time to tell her Floor.” Ty said.
“Tell me what?” I questioned. I raised my head to look at Floor, she turned and glared at Ty.
“Well, great Ty. Now that you brought it up I have to tell her.” Floor said. Ty gave her a crooked little smile and started to walk out of the room, until Floor stopped him.
“If this goes bad, I’m blaming you.” she threatened.
He smiled and walked out the door.
“What did he mean? It’s time to tell her?” she raised her right hand to her forehead. I reached up and took her hand. “Floor?”
She looked at me and smiled, but not a happy smile. When she smiled she looked scared, tired, and mad all at the same time. “Jess, I’m going to tell you something that you might not understand at first, but I don’t want you scared of me…of us.”
“Floor, you saved me. I will never be afraid of you.” I gave her a small smile, but it didn’t seem to help.
You could tell that she wanted to tell me something, but couldn’t find the right words to say it.
“Jess, this is a little…um…more complicated than just saying it.”
“Floor you can tell me anything.” Just get it out, I thought.
She walked over and sat in one of the chairs.
“Come here. “She patted the seat next to her with her hand. “Do you like werewolves and vampires Jess? I mean, what you think about them.” Floor asked.
“I think they are kick-ass, really.” I smiled, but I wished she would just tell me what Ty meant.
“Jess, what would you say if I told you we weren’t human?” She was looking at the ground and talking very slowly. But not human, what could they be?
“I would ask you what you are. Floor?”
“Yes?” she was looking at me now. Her eyes were a chocolate brown, the same color as Ty’s when we were at the little house.
“Um. If you’re not human then what are you?” she was started by my question.
“Why do you say we must not be humans?” she replied.
“Floor, please just answer the question.” I contorted.
“Okay,” she sighed and we sat there for a few minutes before she spoke again.
“You are right, we aren’t humans.”
“Vampire? Werewolf?” I questioned.
“We are not just vampire, or just werewolf. We are both; that’s why we can go out in the sun. We can do everything that vampires and werewolves can do. Any questions?”
“Yeah, just a few. What are you saying, that you’re going to drink my blood then use me as a chew toy?” I was a little mad, madder than I should be. “I’m just one of your midnight snacks?”
Floor got this petrified look on her face.
“No never, Jess. We would never hurt you, or Sammi.”
“Then why are you telling me now? I’m just going to die anyways.” Okay Jess, this is your inner voice talking. All you have to do is get away from these people, stand up and walk out the door. Oh, shut up, I don’t have time for your plans. Floor saved me, I’m not going to get away from them. I’m going to stay, even if they use me for a midnight snack and as a chew toy.
Floor was looking at me with a look I had not seen. Almost a mix of laughter and fright.
“Jess, we are not going to use you as a chew toy.” she replied.
“Are you reading my thoughts?” I asked.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to!” she was looking at the ground again.
So you find my mind thoughts funny I see? She looked up at me and smiled, her eyes turned from chocolate brown to a crystal green.
“Why yes, I do think they are funny.” she said out loud. It was kind of creepy to me that she answered the question I had asked in my head. “Jess, you still trust me right?”
I looked up into her crystal green eyes and smiled, Yes Floor, forever and always.
She stood up and her face turned to stone, “Do you trust me to change you?”

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