OK for those of you who have been reading my story

ok so....chapter 6 is my fave so far, but........there is a lot of blood and if you dont like to read about it, then dont read any further. msg me and i will sum it all up without and blood in it.

ok so what im trying to say is that this is a WARNING for chapter six

Chapter Six

Sammi had not heard from Jess since the night of her part—which was about a week ago. She had decided to go over to Jess’s house and see if she was ok. She walked out of her bedroom and walked down the hall to her mom’s room. The halls were a baby blue color and were very relaxing. It helped calm her when nothing else could. “Mom, I’m going to Jess’s house; you need anything from town?”
Her mom had hair that went to the top of her shoulders with lighter colored skin, almost a cream color. Her eyes were the perfect sea green; she was no taller than Sammi and Jess. “Not that I can think of; when will you be back?” her mother had been writing a book—about a girl that lost her parents and tries to survive on her own—and was always distracted. Her mom was very confident that the book she was writing was going to be a “big hit”. Sammi on the other hand disagreed with her and thought that it was going to be just like the other books that never sold. But it made her happy, she loved to write and go on her own little adventures. Sammi wanted her mom happy, and if that meant having her write for weeks on end, then so-be-it.
“I don’t know yet. If something is wrong, or she just wants me to, than I might stay the night. I’ll call you tonight and tell you what I’m doing; I’ll talk to you tonight, bye.”
“Ok sweetie, just be careful. And tell jess I said hi.”
“Alright mom. Bye now.” She walked out of the room and down the stairs. Her stairs were a beige color and did not match with the calming baby blue color that was on the walls. She grabbed her keys and the phone before she walked out the door and down the front steps.
She got into the car and turned the key over; it was always hot in California, so she turned on the AC to cool off the car. She started to pull out of the drive way until she had a horrible feeling come over her. She felt like she could cry, and knew something was wrong; but what? She put her foot on the break and let the car idle while she thought. The only thing that came to mind was Jess, but what could be wrong with Jess? The feeling got worse so there might be something wrong with Jess. She let off the break and pulled out of the driveway and drive towards Jess’s house.
She was driving up Jess’s driveway when she saw that the front door was open. She hesitated on getting out of the car, but she had to make sure Jess and everyone else was ok. She sat there for 5 minutes looking at the car door, it stared right back at her. She put her hand on the handle and slowly opened the car door and got out. Sammi started to walk up the steps until she saw brownish red foot prints coming down the steps. She froze and knew that it had to be blood, or food coloring. She looked up into the house and saw a body lying in the doorway motionless. She ran through the door and moved the woman’s hair trying not to notice the sticky, red and brown blood that was on the white carpet. The person who had been lying there turned out to be Jess’s mom, Olivia. Trying as hard to blink back the tears, she walked into the other room.
Sammi got up and slowly walked down the hall way towards the living room. She was just about to turn the corner when she saw something red and brown at her feet. She looked down and could smell the blood and could taste it in her mouth. She had already seen Olivia lying on the floor dead, was she going to have to witness her best friend and her dad dead too? ‘You have to keep going Sammi, maybe it’s not Chaz. Maybe it’s the killer and not Chaz or Jess.’ Sammi slowly walked around the corner with her eyes closed and praying that it was not Chaz’s blood that was on the white carpet. She slowly opened her eyes looking at the ground, when she looked up she found that Chaz was sitting in his chair with his head tilted towards the front door. When she walked closer she could see that there were two gunshot holes that she could see—one on the top of his head, and one at his temple. The blood that had come from his head had been rolling down the side of his head and onto the couch to the floor. The blood that was on the bed was a bright red at places, and then at others it was a brown color. The blood that was on the side of his head was still sticky and red. The closer she got, the stronger the smell was. She wanted so badly to run back out the door she had come from and never come back here, that’s when she thought of Jess.
She knew she would not be able to handle seeing Jess lying on her bed with red, sticky blood running down the side of her face. She knew she had to walk up those stairs and find Jess. She slowly walked up the stairs; her entire body was shaking with terror. ‘This is worse than a horror movie. I’m not watching one any more, I’m in one.’ She got up to Jess’s room and put her ear to the door, she could not hear anything, and then something inside the room moved. She grabbed the handle and opened the door a little ways and peeked her head in. she could not see anyone on the side of the door. Sammi took a deep breath in and opened the door all the way. There was someone in Jess’s room, but it was not Jess.
Someone turned around to look at Sammi; it was a man, and a very pretty one at that. The man looked older than Sammi. He had pail white skin and shaggy blond hair with enchanted light brown eyes. She stopped looking at his face and started to look at his right hand, there was a gun in it. She should have been scared but she wasn’t.
The man lifted his right hand slowly and gave Sammi a little smile. Sammi looked right into the gun and waited for him to pull the trigger; he stood there just looking at Sammi and smiling. ‘I’m going to die; I’m going to die today.’ She thought. He started to lower his right hand and his smile started to fall; now he looked scared, almost petrified. I heard a “click” behind me, but was too scared to really turn around. ‘Ok either way I’m going to die, there is some one behind me, and someone in-front of me, and they both have guns.’ There were two blows from the gun that was behind me; I was waiting for the pains to come some were or see nothing, but nothing happened. I looked back up at the man that was in-front of me; there was a bright red stain on his white shirt that kept getting bigger on his stomach.
He raised his hand to the top of my legs and shot twice. There was excruciating pain in the top of both of her legs. She fell to her knees and yelled she fell and lied on her side; she put as much pressure as she could on her legs. She closed her eyes and tried not to move, the pain was not as bad when she just lied there. The pain was still there, but it hurt worse if she moved.
“Sammi, Sammi are you still alive?” A man was above her, and she could tell from how deep his voice was. The man was shaking my entire body “Sammi, answer me please.” His voice was so light and enchanted; she wanted to lie there and just listen to him talk, but she could hear the urgency in his voice.
“Mmm” She slowly opened her eyes her eyes to let him know she was still alive, and also to see his face. She could not see his face; all she could see was a blob of color in-front of her. She moved her head but got dizzy and started seeing black spots. She closed her eyes again.
“Hello, my name is Lewis. Your loosing blood quick and I don’t think a hospital will be able to save you. Come with me, I can help you.” She felt cold hands underneath her and tried to concentrate on them, until everything went totally black and she could no longer hear his voice or his footsteps. The pain in her legs had gone away and she liked the feeling she had.
She woke up on a beach with the blue waves coming in and the wind in her face. The sky was a deep purple color; and that’s when she looked down at her legs. There was no pain and no scares, not even a red spot on her leg. That’s when she realized that she was in and dream and never wanted to wake up from it.
She sat on the beach and closed her eyes, when she opened them to look at the sky; she was in a room. She sat up in a white bed and blankets confused. The last thing she remembered was cold hands on her back and Lewis’s voice. She wanted to meet him and thank him for saving her life. There was a noise that came from the door; she heard someone and that’s when the door opened.

So im hoping that you all liked it and Chapter 7 is comin up! :D

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