Charlie Bewley has just been added to the Mediterranean 2011 TwiCruise Guest List

Want to sail the open seas with your favorite Twilight cast? Well Charlie Bewley has just been added to the 2011 Mediterranean TwiCruise list. Read all about what is involved in a TwiCruise. For more info go here.

Your Mediterranean Twi Cruise combines the best of three worlds: Traveling to exciting new places…Enjoying the luxury of your shipboard
experience…and celebrating one of the greatest sagas of all time. Our
Twi Cruise Events will only take place while we are at sea…never while
we are in port. Feel free to book all the Shore Excursions you want
because they will not conflict with our Twi Cruise Events.
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Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley), Michael Welch (Mike Newton) and Jodelle Ferland (Bree Tanner) sailed with us on our Alaska Twi Cruise. They were on board for the entire duration of the cruise. We will announce our
celebrities for the Mediterranean cruise as we get closer to departure.
How many will we have? This is hard to answer at this time because we
will base the number of special guests on our passenger count. Here is a
description of the activities that we have planned for you aboard our
next Twi Cruise.

Q & A with the Actors: You will be asked to submit questions that you would like to ask the actors before you leave on the cruise. We will select as many questions
as time permits and our Emcees will announce the name of the person who
submitted the question so he or she may be acknowledged. They will ask
the question to the actor on your behalf. The actor will then answer the
question. The Emcees will then go on to the next question and so on and
so forth. The actors are very relaxed as is most everyone on a cruise.
Their answers are heartfelt and very entertaining! Our Q and A will
last approximately one hour.

Photo Shoots with the Actors: You will take an individual photo with each of the celebrities. Then once the line is finished, you will cue up take a picture with all of the actors. The
photos will be placed on display in the Photo Gallery for you to view.
If you wish to purchase them, they will be billed to your shipboard
account. They cost approximately $20 for an 8 x 10.

Autograph Sessions: Each of you will be allowed one autograph per actor. On our recent cruise, many people had them sign the photos that they took earlier in the cruise. It’s entirely up to you
what you choose to have signed.

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Costume Ball: We suggest that you dress up in something inspired by the books or movies. This is basically a huge party with Open Bar, snacks, music and
dancing. Twi Cruisers know how to have fun!

Costume Contest:
We will have a Costume Contest on a separate
day. Prizes from our last cruise were awarded for: Most Original, Most
Creative, Most Humorous, Scariest and Best in Show.

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Team Trivia:How much do you know about the Twilight Saga? Here is your chance to find out. Teams may range from 2 to 5 players. Winners of our Team Trivia contests will compete in the
ultimate trivia challenge: Jeopardy! Congratulations to Rachel for
winning the Jeopardy contest on the Alaska cruise. All three contestants
were amazing!

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Other Games: Michael Welch hosted our special version of the popular game show “Family Feud.” It was the Cullens versus the Wolves and it was hilarious! Our “Alice” played on the
Wolves’ team and “Edward” played for the Cullens. It was a close match
but the Wolves won. The re-match will take place on our Mediterranean
Twi Cruise.

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Twi Cruisers Got Talent: Our Talent Show was a huge success. We had many talented people participate this year including singers, dancers and a twelve year old pianist
named Taylor who played “Bella’s Lullaby.” Each participant receivse a
prize. Sign up will be done prior to sailing.

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Karaoke: The them of this year’s Karaoke Party was the 80′s…lots of big hair, spandex and leg warmers! We had some excellent singers with us but
theshow-stopper was Michael Welch. His “Space Oddity” (David Bowie)
brought the house to its feet. His “Bohemian Rhapsody” brought the house
down! (Figuratively speaking). He actually got a much deserved standing
ovation! Edward and Alice and friends closed the show with “Summer
Nights.” We will have another Karaoke Party in Europe but haven’t
decided on the theme, yet.

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Fan Fiction Writing Contest:Awards were presented to 10 outstanding writers for their Achievement of Excellence for their stories: “A Day in the Life of a Cullen” or “A Day in the Life of a
Werewolf.” Our writers ranged in age from 11 to 40+. Just another
example of the fact that Twi Cruisers Got Talent!

Charity Auction: This year we held a Silent Auction and the proceeds went to two worthy organizations: The Quileute Tribal Schools in La Push and Righteous Pups Australia (they raise therapy dogs
for kids with Autism). Among the auction items were autographed photos,
a hand-crocheted blanket of the Wolf Pack insignia, rare magazines and
posters and autographed tote bags.

Movies: Movies will be shown both in the cabin and on the “big screen.” It’s fun to re-watch these films with people who love the story as much as you do.

I.D Badges:I.D. Badges will be issued and must be worn for admittance to all of our Private Twi Cruise Events. Only those people booked through Cruises Cruises Cruises, Inc. will be allowed to
attend our events.

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