Charlotte Twilight Convention Details!

Hello fellow Twilighters! <3

So as some of you may know, I won the TwiTour gold passes a few weeks back. I can officially say, that without a doubt, it was the very best weekend of my life!

I gave the other pass to one of my best friends Rachel and we went together. On friday afternoon, we saw Peter Facinelli (OHH MYYY FREAKKINNN GODDD!!!!) and got tons of pics and videos. At 6 we got his autograph and I talked to him!! He was wearing the sexiest leather jacket :p This is our conversation exactly:

PFach: Hello.. (thinking: "omg major fangirl")
Me: (as he's signing my book) So... can I tell you how I got here?
PFach: Sure thing.
Me: Okay so. I went on this website thing and identified 8 pictures of abdominals from your cast. You were number 4, by the way. Pretty smokin.
PFach: Oh... kayyy... wow... Where did someone get a picture of my abs?
Me: I'm not sure. Maybe you can google it. (falls into a fit of fangirly giggles at the Edward line reference)
PFach: Alright. (holds my hand and squeezes it) Well, it's great that you know your abs, Maddie. It was very nice to meet you. (lets go)
Me: *melting* I think I might have just experienced a twi-gasm.
PFach: Pardon?
Me: nevermind (runs away)


Then later that night was the karaoke party... GOD what can I say?! Peter hosted the beginning but then had to catch a plane. HOWEVER, Michael Welch took over the last few hours.
And, Twilighters, let me just say this now--> Mike Welch is most definitely the coolest kid you will ever meet. Rachel and I called him the goober king. In the most positive way possible.
People that sang-- I swear, EVERYONE BEFORE US-- sang a slow, sad, depressing country song. When eventually...

Mike: Okayy... Rachel and Maddie are up next...
Mike: Oh, it's you two. Audience, you better watch out, these girls have been jammin out all night. (hands mic to me and Rachel [we brushed hands :p])

And so we sing TiK ToK by Ke$ha... yeah you might want to watch this video link at the bottom :) . In the video, I'm the one with lighter hair and the white shirt who says "how ya doin" in the beginning, Rachel is in the shorts with the dark hair and the amazing crumping skills. Mike is in the gray tee with the awesome flippy hair.

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After that, people were screaming for like 10 minutes (mind you, there were like 500 people there) so we're bowing and curtsying. Mike is on the ground doing the worship thing where you make arms
like goalposts and move them up and down. Then he gets up and hugs me long enough to say "So are you Rachel or Maddie?" and I reply "I'm Maddie." and he goes "oh okay cool." and puts one of his arms around each of us as we're talking...

(I wish I could have gotten this on video) :(

Mike: So... you guys... are wizards.

Me: Awwh thanks!

Rachel: *eyes me. i nod* So, Mike. We've been
wanting to ask you this question all night.

Mike: Yeah?

Me: Well... you remember how Jacob calls Mike a
marshmallow in New Moon?

Mike: Yes I do.

Me: Well... see... we were wondering... wanna make
some smores?

Mike: ........ *speechless*


Mike: Uhh, I don't think I brought any chocolate
with me...

Me: That's okay. I have some graham crackers and
whipped cream in my bag.

Mike: .....Wizards. Okay. I can't compete with
that. You guys are awesome nice to meet you.

Us: *totally freaking out.* Bye! WE LOVE YOUU.

And that ends the synopsis for friday.

I'll post the rest of the details about meeting
Charlie Bewley, Michael Welch (again), Justin Chon (!!!!!), and Gil Birmingham,
then the Volturi Vampire Ball, where I met the uber-talented Hillywood Show and
one their parody dance contest :)

More to come soon I promise! In the meantime,
subscribe to me on YouTube for video updates (god I have soo many) and for all
the pictures I took, friend me on Facebook if you want. My name is Maddie
Claire Moore and my profile pic is me, Rachel, and the shirtless Jacob
lookalike from Hillywood. Don't worry, I won't bite. Yet ;)

Until next time, Twilighters... <3

Here are only a few pics from Friday to spark your curiosity... For the rest, GO TO FACEBOOK!! :)

PFach... <33 the last pic has the leather jacket!!!

Mike Welch being the goober king. <33333

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Comment by Allison Harris on May 3, 2010 at 4:47pm
So lucky, I wanted to go sooooooo bad.
Comment by Gena Nicole Metrakos on May 3, 2010 at 5:08pm
Hey girls- I was sitting with peter at the autograph table & I so remember that conversation- you were so funny! Did you take a picture when you got his autograph? I loved your song by the way & your smore comment was too funny. We had a blast this weekend- friend me so we can share photos :) hope to see you again at the next convention!!!!
Comment by Alina Cipriano Cullen on May 3, 2010 at 7:59pm
omg sooo lucky!!! haha the video,it looks like you had a lot of fun! what a great experience!!! Team Smore!


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