Fear and arousal aren’t so different. Both have the same effects on the human body. Adrenaline is pumped into the bloodstream, breathing becomes more rapid, and pupils dilate. So it’s no
coincidence that we chose to shoot 20-year-old Christian Serratos, star of The Twilight Saga, in which she plays Angela Weber, the best bud of Kristen Stewart’s surly vampire tickler, in a terrifying house just outside of Los Angeles for our ‘After Dark’ special.

The house itself is an antique. FHM toyed with telling Serratos that the room in which she was having her hair and make-up done was a favoured spot for mediums to conduct séances with ouija boards,
but thought better of it.

“We shot in an amazing old Victorian house,” says Serratos. “It was great to explore, there were loads of passageways and crawl spaces.”

Having peeled off for a campaign for animal right lovers PETA, Serratos was surprisingly nervous about vamping it up in FHM’s haunted house.

Christian Serratos sitting in a bathroom in black lingerie

“PETA is a real passion of mine. I was naked, but they were totally separate things. I’m not naturally sexy day to day, and I wanted to be comfortable enough to feel sexy without feeling contrived, so I ended up
bringing one of my best friends to let me know if I was doing something

Luckily she seems to have used up all her ridiculousness by working on kids’ TV shows, after which Serratos landed the role of the ‘bff’ in what has become one of the biggest film franchises ever, and she did it
almost by accident.

“I had no idea what I was auditioning for. I hadn’t read the books, I just knew it was called Twilight and it was about vampires. Eventually it started getting more serious with call back and shoot dates, so I thought I should do my job and read the

The Twilight Saga, with one film still to come, has already made over $1.7 billion worldwide and made megastars of the film’s two leads, but even people with smaller parts like Christian can’t escape
the spotlight.

Christian Serratos stood in black lingerie

“A lot of people say that the fans are eccentric, but I don’t see anything wrong with a person loving something to an extreme amount. No one says, ‘My husband loves me too much, it’s awful.’ The only problem I
have is with the paparazzi, I’m never prepared for that. The worst
experience I had was when my car was totalled on the freeway in a
paparazzi incident. They left me alone after that.”

There is one last question hanging over Serratos and her career. With just one film to go in the saga, and no sign of teeth or fur in these pictures, will Serratos be joining the moping legions of the undead? Or
the shirtless ethnic werewolves of desire?

“That would have been cool! But I don’t get either, I stay human. The books do get intense. The last film is going to be weird, but in a good way.”

So given the choice, vampire or werewolf? “I think I’d be a vampire over a werewolf. They’re a little cooler.”

Christian Serratos crouching in black lingerie

Which is fine, apart from the fact that Serratos is scared of everything, particularly the dark and blood, which would make vamping tough.

“Knives freak me out. People make fun of me, but if someone is cooking I have to leave the room if they’re using a big knife. And I’m scared of the dark. My mum was laying into me about it recently. I’d
just moved house and I swore that someone was inside, I heard scratching
at the door! But instead of protecting my dog and me, I called her, and
she said, ‘Wait a minute, so in an incident like this your solution is
to call me instead of the police or getting out of the house?’ And I was
like, ‘Yeah.’”


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