So my friends and I went to the Christmas Ball last weekend. It was awesome!!!
So i started getting ready at 10 in the morning. My mom had to put this self tanner stuff on me. After she put that poop colored stuff on me, she did my nails. They were very silver and sparkly! Well you have to keep the self tanner on for four hours EXACTLY, then wash it off in the shower so at 2 o clock I took a shower. About 2:30 I got out and blow-dryed my hair, then my mommy did my hair, which took forever! She then did my make-up, which was dramatic! No eyeliner... :) It was very subtle, but cute-sy. By the time she was done it was like 5:45! Only 45 minutes until the dance. So it was (SADLY :[ ) PICTURE TIME. I counted she took 38 picture outside, when I was in a strapless short dress in 35 degree weather, (thanks mom!). Then after the HORRIBLE PICTURE TAKING we went to the dance. Most of my friends were there. Those friends all except for one has a twifans account. I saw Breanna ( Breanna Cullen) and
Cheslee ( Cheslee Whitlock Hale) first. Then I saw McKenna (the one who doesn't have a Twifans account) and Faith (Faithly Hale). Hanah (Hanah Cullen) showed up like 23573456843767554853856 minutes late, and actually didn't go to the potty that much! I danced to as many of the songs I could, I FAILED at the Hoedown Throwdown and the Soulja Boy. I loved it whenever the Cha Cha Slide Came on, and whenever Down came on! Down was the last song played and me, Hanah, and Mckenna and A BUNCH of other people jammed out to it in a group. It was prettyyyy much a darn good time!

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