Could 'New Moon' filming be scheduled around the real Patron Saint Festivities

For all the fans like me that are hunting for shooting information on italy because you just might go there but want to narrow down the time frame to the best of our abilities. I thought this blogger may have hit the nail on the head.

"To keep down production costs, I’m guessing that the timing of the New Moon shoot will coincide with the real celebration of the patron saint of Volterra Italy. Not on the same day of 05 June 2009, of course, but rather a few days before it.

Therefore, the Variety report that the New Moon cast and crew will be in Volterra Italy for two weeks in May will probably be in the latter part of the month.

Volterra visitors may expect that the festivities of patron saint San Giusto on 05 June to include “a parade, a city-wide “tug of war” and a foot race held at night in which the participants carry large candles while they run through the city center.”

While visiting the historic city, Twilight fans and Volterra tourists may also try and spot the open plaza and alley that New Moon author Stephenie Meyer used in the Palazzo dei Priori scene where Bella tries to stop Edward from going out into the sun.

Watch video from Volterratelevision

"Heidi of the Volturi assures Volterra visitors, “Of course, we can guarantee the safety of the entire film cast and crew within the medieval ramparts of Volterra. We’re here to work with the city of Volterra and to do everything in our power to promote tourism in Volterra, Tuscany, and the entirety of Italy. We love tourists.” (This is from a brilliant humorous post written by Twilighters Anonymous member Sarah Braasch.)"

to read the full blog go to A Twilight Kiss

- Volterra. Festivities of San Giusto, June 5th. To celebrate the saint's day of Volterra's patron saint, the city holds a parade, a city-wide "tug of war" and a foot race held at night in which the participants carry large candles while the run through the city center. from

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Comment by Cali Twilighter on February 9, 2009 at 12:45pm
that would be way cool. then they would save money extras!
Comment by Genevieve Ryleigh Kaylor on February 9, 2009 at 3:48pm
Awesome! I hope they do it right by the book this time & have Edward complety topless, he drops a white cloth just as he is about to step into the sunlight. I know they scrapped all the topless meadow scenes because Rob had lost too much weight working out, but I hope they are in the deleted scenes on the DVD, honestly how bad could they have been? It couldn't have been THAT bad! It would make much more of a dramatic effect! Yay! We love you Rob, remember Edward is perfect in Bella's eyes, No matter what, warts, faults & all. Can you imagine that scene everyone will scream, fall out of their seat, & maybe even faint! What a stunning re-emergence that would be.


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