Daniel Cudmore (Felix) Talks The Twilight Saga‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ with Glamour UK

Daniel Cudmore ( who plys Felix in Volturi coven) talked to Glamour UK about Breaking Dawn Part 2 and the Volturi!

GLAMOUR.com: What should we expect from the Volturi in the final instalment?

DANIEL: It’s tough without giving it away, but our group has sort of felt that the Cullens have finally made the mistake, the grave mistake that we’ve been sort of waiting for. We finally feel like we have a chance to take them down. My character finally has a chance to eradicate them, because they’re kind of an annoyance.

Q: Are we going to see a little bit more from Felix in this one?

A: I think a little bit more. The issue is the fact that the last book has so many characters in it, especially the last half of it. So to do each character justice, it’s hard to fit it into the length of a film. It’d be like a four-hour film and it just wouldn’t work.

Q: And we’ve been told that there’s a twist to the ending from the book. Can you give us any clues?

A: Oh, a twist? I can’t say a thing – I’m worried I might get snipered.

Q: But you know what it is, right?

A: Oh, absolutely.

Q: Okay… [Hopeful pause]

A: It was kinda cool when I was reading the script.


Q: Which member of the Volturi do you think is the scariest?

A: Um, I'd love to say myself, but I think Michael Sheen...

Q: He's quite scary...

A: ...He's got that crazy look in his eye.

Q:Would you have liked to take on the role of Edward or Jacob had you had the chance?

A: Absolutely not. No - even if I got the job, the thing is, both of them had no idea what it was going to be when they originally got the job. So, I mean, I think seeing it now would be a whole other story. But if you'd asked me right before the movie started, I would have said yeah, sure.

Q: Do you keep in touch with the other members of the Volturi, or the rest of the cast?

A: Yeah, some of them. Every once in a while we bump into each other. We're on Twitter, making fun of each other all the time, and every once in a while we get to meet up, which is cool, because a lot of the way we filmed, a lot of time was sort of in our separate groups. We filmed, and never really interacted on set, so we never got that much of a chance to hang out and get to know each other.



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