"DARK SHADOWS" starring JOHNNY DEPP!! Let the drooling being!!!

First Picture: Sleepy Hollow from www.dailycollage.com

Second Picture: Fan created image of Depp as Barnabas Collins, from Heroes with Fangs website.


Anyone who has seen the 1970s soap opera, "Dark Shadows," will remember it for (at least) 3 things:

1) How cool it was to have a vampire soap opera!! This was during a period of soap operas expanding the genre into previously untouched audiences, including vampire fans and a couple of soap operas for high-school age peeps.

2) How sad (and sexy!) the vampire, Barnabas Collins, was. He was the first vampire played on TV or in a movie as a sympathetic character; he was remorseful for his need to feed on humans, and the emotional torture he put himself through was absolutely delicious to watch. The Barnabas Collins character was very popular with women (even though the actor wasn't all that good looking, IMHO), and it was because of his dark sexuality combined with his compassionate, gentle guilt and self-loathing for harming humans just to stay alive.

3) The total Cheeze-Factor of the Dark Shadows sets. I mean, you could tell some of the set pieces were made of cardboard.

Okay, fast-forward to 2009, and picture:

***Dark Shadows being remade into a movie!

***Directed by a accomplished director and producer (Tim Burton), who has a taste for the odd and darkly quirky!
***A LARGE budget to work with!


If you saw Burton's "Sleepy Hollow," you will remember how beautifully Burton dressed Depp in period clothing. Based on eye-candy potential alone, Burton's Dark Shadows looks to be a 5-Star winner.

It looks like it's going to be a good film, and Depp seems very enthusiastic about it. Depp has worked for Burton several times in the past on movies, and the collaboration has always produced riveting--if quirky--movies. One thing that all of the Depp-Burton movies have in common: Depp looked SMOKIN'.

This would be a perfect fit for Rachelle. With her timeless natural beauty, her luminecent and delicate skin, strawberry-blond hair, and angelic features, she would be the PERFECT victim for Johnny Depp to snack on.

The following is a quote from

"Meaning…it’s not close to moving into production. But when I asked him about “Dark Shadows”, I could see the enthusiasm in his eyes as he said, “‘Dark Shadows’ is happening. Tim is working on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which is obviously quite a large piece of work there. So when Tim is done with ‘Alice’ and we get the script, which is very, very close, in order we’ll probably attack it next year. It’s exciting, very exciting. It’s like a lifelong dream for me. I loved the show when I was a kid. I was obsessed with Barnabas Collins. I have photographs of me holding Barnabas Collins posters when I was five or six. I’m very excited to do it.”

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Comment by KirstyMarie Pattz on August 4, 2009 at 12:58pm
Omg yes!!! Johnny Depp as a vampire...Yummy!!!


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