As I drive, my eyes are blinded by a fear I've never known.


Twilight is setting in, and I can just barely make out the road through the dark haze covering my eyes. I've gotta get home to Charlie! Tell him everything I've done and begin to say why we're both in danger as we speak, is a thought of mine. Suddenly, my truck stops. It won't start again!


I look out of the window and see nothing, nothing is holding my truck back. That I know of, at least. I'm in the middle of nowhere with darkness covering the wounds of what was today, my fears as thick as honey and rotten. I get out of the truck. Maybe I hit an animal and that's why my truck refused to move. I shiver. Was it this cold back at the Cullens' house? I don't think it was, either. Fear radiating through my body, numbness setting in from the evil cold, I walk around to the back of the truck.




I swear I can hear whispering of some sorts, but a part of me is too afraid to listen carefully to its words, tempting me to figure out the puzzle. The other part of me, however, wants the truth for once and for all - and if by listening to this bodiless voice will give me the deserved truth, the key to the lock, then damnit - I am going to listen. I strain my ears. I freeze in shock. It is quoting things Edward used to say, things that Jacob used to say.


Then I hear a word so clear and loud that my heart literally stops beating: "Bella."


I make a run for the woods, putting aside my terror to run.


It isn't much longer until I am deep in the woods. I can't see the road from here, and I'm not hearing my name or quotes. What if you get lost? , I continue to ask myself. I can't trust that Sam is in wolf-form somewhere watching me, waiting until I fall and then pick me up to carry me home. One reason being that I'm probably miles from my house, another being that at Jacob's funeral, Sam had put the blame on me that I killed him. I hear something behind me. I turn around and my eyes widen.



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