I can't seem to get over what happened a few days ago. It feels like a minute ago. Wow, maybe I should get back to the house since the last time I was here I was just about to get some really bad news. Well I'll stay a little while I couldn't possibly get worse news.
- Nessie.
Jacobs voice startled me, but not for the same reasons as before. I was just surprized.
- Cutie.
I said giggling.
- Come my love.
He said in a very dramatic voice.
- What is it you wan't my prince?
I said.
- I would like to ask thou a question.
He said.
- Well go ahead my prince.
He knelt to the ground. Oh my god is he doing what I think hes doing?
- Jake?
- Yes milady?
- What are you doing?
He got to his feet.
- Nothing.
He handed me a flower.
- I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me in Port Angeles tonight?
- Hmmph.
I made a noise as I walked away angrily.
- What did I do?
Jacob asked in a surprized tone.
I just kept walking, I was hurt, sad and angry. How could he do that to me after all we've been trough after all I've been trough these past days.
- Nessie?
I started running toward the house, I knocked down a couple of trees on my way there. I was so angry and upset that I could kill someone. Well almost. By a stone is Emmet looking all big. Emmet huh? Why not. He would't get hurt but I would get what I wan't.
- Emmet?
Emmet looked surprized as I called his name.
- Yeah Ness?
- Can I ask you a favor?
- Erhmm sure.
He answered awkwardly.
I walked quickly to him.
- Can I hit you?
Emmet got a weird expression on his face as I said those words.
- Erhmm, Nessa I don't think that is such a good idea.
Now I was even more angry.
- Damn it Emmet I thought that you of all people would understand.
He got a weird expression again.
- Understand what?
- Are you going to make me explain?
- Yes, if you wan't to hit me.
Damn it.
- Arghh, fine.
- Well first I'm angry cause you let the Volturi go an...
Emmet interrupted me.
- Ness they have some kind of diplomatic immuity an...
- Let me finish, damn it.
- Okay.
- And second of all Jacob knelt to the ground a few minutes ago...
Emmet was really surprized.
- Not to do what you thought he did or to do what I thought, he got me a flower and then he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him tonight.
- Ahh I see why your'e angry.
- Yeah, so can I hit you?
- Normally I would have said yes but no. You should probably talk to him.
Now I was really angry.
- Gaah Emmet!
I screamed.
Jacob came running then.
-What's wrong?
He asked with alarm in his voice.
I just kept quiet.
He asked again.
- She's just a bit angry.
Emmet said.
- Hmmph.
I made a sound.
- Okay really angry.
Jacobs expression changed.
- Why?
He said to me but since I didn't answer he turned to Emmet.
- Should I explain?
Emmet asked me. I just nodded as a response.
- Well apparently you knelt to the ground earlier... and she thought that you were going to ask her the question. But you didn't, you gave her a flower and asked her if she wanted to go to the movies with you.
Jacob's face turned sad.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Emmet said.
- I'm sorry Ness I just... I don't think that I'm ready for that.
- Not ready? What do we have to go through together for you to be ready? I... I need to know that were going somewhere with this I can't... I can't just do this. Cause we don't do anything. Sure you kiss me but not when were alone. And don't say it's cause you think that I might get hurt.
- Renesmee... I love you.
- I love you to Jake it's just that you don't even touch me... you... I... Gaah!
Tears. They've come a lot these past days and here they come again.
- Nessa... don't cry.
- Shut up Jacob... I need to know where were going. What's are future going to look like? Or maybe you don't wan't a future I... Just tell me what you wan't.
- I wan't to spend the rest of my life with you.
Jacob said.
His life, the life that would end long before mine. That suddenly hit me, Jacob is going to die.
- Your'e going to die.
Those were the only words I could get out.
- Yes.
Jacob said.
- Before me.
The words came a bit easier now.
- Yes.
No, no, no. I can't let that happen.
- No, Jake! I can't let that happen. I love so much, if you die then I die too.
Jacob was angry now.
- No Nessa your'e going to find someone else when I'm gone your'e going to live.
- No Jake I don't wan't anyone but you.
Jacob started to cry, then he took me in his arms and hugged me. I hugged him back. Then he lifted me up in his arms and ran to our little cottage. He opened the door and let me down. I took his hand and lead him to the my bedroom.
- I love you.
I said.
- I love you more.
He said.
- That's not possible.
- Sure it is.
He said while kissing my arm, he kissed me slowly up to my neck. Then I kissed him om the lips.
- Jake, are you sure?
I asked.
- Yes.
He said with same uneven breath as me.
I pulled his t-shirt over his head, and kissed his chest and stomach. He did the same thing. I could barely breath when he unbuttoned my jeans. This time my dad didn't interuppt us.
I woke up past nighttime. Jacob was so beautiful when he was laying there next to me in the bed. This was the happiest moment in my life. He wasn't snooring so I knew that if I made a small sound or movement he would wake up.
- Hi.
I said with a loving voice.
His eyes opened quickly.
- Are you okay?
He said with an alarming voice.
- Yes.
I said.
He sighed in relief.
- I told you I would be alright, but are you?
- Yes.
He said.
- Good.
He turned around to face me at that moment.
- Hello.
I said.
- Hey you.
He said.
I kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back real hard.
I felt a sudden sting of nausea. I jumped of the bed and ran in to the bathroom. I was sick.
- Nessa?
Jacob came after me.
- I'm fine.
I said reassuring him.
- I'm going to go get Carlisle.
I couldn't stop him cause I was sick again. After a few seconds Jake came back with Carlisle and Alice just behind him.
- Hi Renesmee.
Carlisle said.
I was sick again.
- Sorry I said, I don't know what's wrong.
- Well that's what I'm here to check out.
Carlisle said.
- Don't know what happened we were just sitting in bed then she jumped up and ran in to the bathroom.
Jacob said.
- Yes, well.
- Did you eat anything different today?
Carlisle asked.
- No.
I answered.
- What did you do before you fell asleep?
Carlisle asked.
I blushed now.
- Well... I...
- Oh.
Carlisle said.
- Yeah.
I said.
- Did you wear protection?
Carlisle asked.
- No.
I answered.
- Oh.
- What?
I asked.
- This is a lot like when your'e mom w...
- No.
Jacob said.
- Yes.
Carlisle said.
- What?
I said.
- You might be pregnant.
Carlisle said.
- No.
Jacob said.
- Oh my god.
I said.
- She is.
Alice said.
- I just saw it.
- No it would be a monster, it would kill her. No!
Jacob said.
- Well that's what you thought when Bella...
I was crying at this point.
- It's not the same thing... we know that Bella made it... this is worse, so much worse.
- Jacob It'll be fine.
Alice said.
- Stop it.
I said.
- I am having this baby it is probably my only chance at motherhood and I'm taking it.
- Nessa...
Jacob started.
- No Jake, I won't change my mind.

Days passed and before I knew it I was really pregnant. It took about a week for me to get huge. Jacob doesn't like this much but he loves the baby anyway. My parents reaction was better than I thought it would be. Carlisle says that I'm do any hour now.
- Pregnancy suits you.
Esme said.
- Really?
I asked.
- Yes it makes you even more beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Your'e welcome.
Pain, suddenly I felt pain. Somethings wrong with the baby.
- Aaaagh!!
I screamed.
- Nessa!?
Esme asked screaming.
- Carlisle!!
She screamed.
- Aaaaagh!!!
- Nessa?
I heard Carlisle voice.
- I think she's having contractions.
He said.
- But she's in so much pain.
Esme said.
- Yes, well the child is very strong.
- Aaaaagh!! Carlisle help!!
I screamed.
- Esme, go get Jacob.
- Nessa listen to me, you have to breath okay?
- Yeah.
- Were's Jake?
- Esmes getting him.
- Aaaaaagh!!
- Your'e going to have to push now!
I pushed, it hurt. Then it was over.
I heard a sound, a little cry that took the pain away.
- It's a girl.
Carlisle said happily.
- Jake?
- I'm right here.
He said.
Carlisle let me hold my daughter for the first time. She was so beautiful, she had black hair and brown eyes.
- Masen.
I said smiling.
- Is that her name?
Esme asked.
- Yes.
Jacob said.
- After my dad.

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