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Ay, this a little shout out to all my
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn readers
Anybody who ever had their girlfriend break up with them
Cause theyre not Edward Cullen
Youll understand what I mean
Jacob, this for you pimpin

Oh, I've been reading this series too long
Just tryin' to find out what goes on
Now Im done reading Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn
And oh, I've been reading bout Bella and Edward
Just hopin theyll stay together
Im done reading Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn, Breaking

[Verse One: Bella Swan]
Ever had one of them days when you move to Washington
Run into a group of Vampires who gettin' their hunt on
You walk by, they want blood, your Vampire then kicks his butt
Your Edward Cullen, in the Olympic Coven
Just him against James, break his neck, and burn em
Figure you get bit, youll be just like him
They don't wanna let you, so now they suckin
Now you human', ambulance ridin'
You to the hospital cause you fell through a window
Cause yo dad dont realize you hang with Vampires
Even though your plan now, is to be one in time
Never mind that now you have a prom to survive
Scariest thing youve faced lately, at least in your mind
You dont care what they say, youre gonna get your way
You know youre gonna be a Vampire too eventually
Now it is your birthday, you really made it
Yo finally, 18, a year older than he is
Could you know that this stuff would happen?
Or can no one predict the actions of a manic?
Usually leeches don't know what to do when the bloods up in their view
So they just start droolin
The risk, or the doom, or cause its too dangerous
The Cullens leave, now youre depressed
Find a fix, his names Jake
Makes it easier, to think straight, doin okay
Until you find out Edwards looking for death in Italy
You gotta go to make the save
Save him the Volturi
Now hes back, but you have to become a vampire quick to his dismay


[Verse Two: Edward Cullen]
Youre fully prepared, youre ready for marriage
But the girl you wanna be with, is a little disparaged
Plus she wants to hang out with her Werewolf best friend
But you don't think its safe for her to be with those flea bags
But of course you gotta let her, if it makes her happy
But your sister has a vision that Victorias returning
Have to make plans to battle the unwanted guests
Then you propose to Bella, and she actually says yes?
Rest of the Coven teams with the wolfpack
You, Bella, Seth, Jacob take up camp
Jake hears yall talkin bout future vows
So she kisses him to keep him from committing Suicide
Victoria finds you, with a newborn
You and Seth team up, and have them both destroyed
Everything is finished, but you see the Volturi once more
Plan the wedding, Jacob runs away is his wolf form
But you got your girl, shes now yours
Youre ready to go try some intercourse
But somethin is goin wrong with your wife
Think shes pregnant, that cant be right
A vampire cant even produce new life
And no way this coulda happened in this short of time
But it is true, youre a daddy
But how in the world will she survive this pregnancy
Save the kid, get her safe
Make sure Bella lives another day
Renesmee is now okay
You gotta change Bell quick before her bones break
You now have your own family
Youre safe from the Volturi
Edward-Bella Jake-Renesmee, I gotta say Breaking Dawn was great


I dont really like to read, but I still went and checked out Twilight
No it may notve been the best but New Moon was alright
And by Eclipse I was definitely sure, that this series was freaking tight
Done reading Breaking Dawn, now I can finally sleep at night
First Edward and Bella meet, they are so happy in Twilight
Then in New Moon he leaves her depressed, come on Edward, that just aint right
By Eclipse their back together, And now I can finally sleep at night
Done reading Breaking Dawn, Edward & Bella Cullen for life




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