Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is…

Adapted from my blog, Pop Culture Junkie. Warning: Not all Twilight, but thought I'd share for fun!

You’re never too old to have a Christmas list. Really, you’re not. I make a very long list every year complete with hyperlinks to each item that I desire. It makes things easier for my loved ones. And no, you won’t see that list on this site, but I do have a wish list for things I’d like to see in 2010 with my fave celebs, movie franchises, reality shows, etc. And since Christmas is still a couple days away, I still have time to submit my wish list to you know who!

In no particular order, here is what I’d like to see happen in 2010:

I want to see some serious almost sex in Twilight Saga: Eclipse which comes out in June. I mean, for anyone whose read the books, you know that Edward and Bella finally get a little hot ‘n heavy between the sheets (or on top, whatever) and I hope those Disneyland producers don’t curb the juice and cut away to the wall or something. If we’ve gotta wait a freaking eternity for Breaking Dawn we need some good imagery to keep us warm at night…and during the day.

American Idol better deliver a new set of young stars this year that rival season eight’s mega talents like Adam Lambert, Kris Allen (well), and Alison Iraheta. Seriously, how boring will this year be if all we get is a David Archuleta part two? The bar has been set hella high and this season better come through man!

Taylor Lautner needs to get himself an older woman – maybe like 25 or so. He looks like he’d be a very disciplined student, eh ladies?! He’s very hard-working and aims to please, as evidenced by gaining 30 lbs of muscle to keep his role in New Moon. I’m so sick.

I want Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert to collab in the studio AND on screen. Yep, those two need to make some crazy intergalactic music video where they’re literally flying through space or something. Maybe he’s Hans Solo and she’s Princess Leia, you know some weirdass Star Wars scenario like that. Well, maybe he’d be Luke Skywalker. They might work better as brother and sister… Damn it.

True Blood better get back to normal next season. And when I say normal, I mean stick with the vampires and shape-shifters – no more horned Gods, black eyed zombies, and Maryann for goodness sake! That s*** just got too weird at the end of last season. Didn’t it? If you aren’t watching True Blood, you’re missing some serious paranormal juice. And the eye candy is scary good and promises to only get bettah when the werewolves come to town (something TB and Twilight have in common!).

My BIG wish is for Adam Lambert to be cast as a vampire in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn! I just so happened to be devouring the Twilight books during AI season eight and when I saw that Idol finale where Adam slithered around the stage in that long black trench coat matching his black hair, coupled with the smoke effect and a spotlight resembling a full moon I knew that one thing was evident: Adam Lambert was a GLAMPIRE (see above vid). In fact, I believe I coined the phrase before Adam did, thank you very much! So I immediately took to the Twilight Saga fan site (this was pre-blogging days for me) and asked the question; “Should Adam Lambert be a vampire in Breaking Dawn? He’d be the PERFECT hot gothic vamp from one of the visiting covens” (if you’ve read the book, you’d understand). I got more than 100 responses with the majority of them giving BIG thumbs up! And I didn’t stop there – I went to an Adam Lambert fan site and posed the same discussion. Same thing; over 100 responses with an overwhelmingly positive HELL YES! So that settles it. Put Adam in Twilight and you’ve just combined my two loves and made me the hap-happiest pop culture blogger in 2010!

You don’t get what you don’t ask for!

I know, big shocker that my wish list would weigh heavy on Adam and Twi. But hey, it’s my list! What about you? What do you want to see in 2010? Just chuck reality out the door and let your imagination take over!

A very wise man once said; “Ask and ye shall receive”. It’s pretty much my life motto. So tell me darlings, whaddya want?

Merry Christmakah!

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