Chapter 1

Charlie helped me raise my stuff on the second floor in my room at home in which nothing changes, it seems, for many years. After which he
decided to leave me alone and give time decompose things to your liking.

-Bella, if I'm downstairs, come down, your favorite blueberry pie is
almost ready.
-Dad, since when you became a cook?
-Since your last visit here. When you left before I corrupted by his
cooking, I realized that without a cookbook I can not do - with a smile
said Charlie, coming down the stairs.
Unpacking few suitcases had not taken much time and after 15 minutes, we
sat with Charlie in the kitchen.
-It looks appetizing - I said, when the pope solemnly handed me a plate
of fragrant cake, besides during the flight I managed to get hungry. In
response to Dad just smiled. He took the same dish herself and sat in
front, eyes on me, even when he began to eat their creation.
-Something wrong? - I asked, unable to withstand such scrutiny.
-No, Bells, just for the time of your absence, I managed to miss you - I
am more than surprised by the revelation of the Pope and I could not
look at him, but he looked down at my plate, before I could have time to
notice the gray in misery his eyes.
By this time I had finished the pie, which was insanely delicious.
-Thank you, Dad, a wonderful cake - I said, and, after washing the plate
continued to talk.
-Dad, are you sure that everything is ok? I've never seen you so.
-Bella, I'm okay - he said with a smile and the warmth in his eyes, for
which I am so bored. - How Mam? - He continued with care.
-Mam quite successfully unwound their wedding agency in Finex, now all
in the work, touring the states, signing contracts with advertising
agencies, so I'm here.
Charlie listened attentively to me.
-I am happy for her, she always went to the goal. I was glad to hear
that Charlie has ceased to resent her mother for her desire for a
career, before he refused to understand it.
-Dad, you will not be against if I take a stroll and see what has
changed in Forks?
-Of course, a walk, Bells, your pickup is on the very spot where you
parked it last time, and the keys on a bookshelf in the room.
Now the holidays, so all of my classmates either in film or in a
pizzeria, and meet with them now, I somehow did not like. Then I
remembered that when Charlie called me in Phoenix, then told me that in
Forks appeared a good park with ponds and a large Number of
plants.-Thank you - I blurted out, already running out onto the street.
Wow, how could I forget about the good old pickup truck. It was not
changed and really was as I left him the last time. Before me was a
question where to go in the first place.Without hesitation, I took a map
of Forks, found the place where the story Charlie was supposed to
settle the park and within a couple of seconds, my pickup truck roared,
and began moving away from home in the park.

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