Delving Into Michael Sheen’s Mind On The Delicious Insanity of Aro

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2


We know Michael Sheen as the leader of the Volturi, Aro, from ‘The Twilight Saga’ but many of us would also remember him as the leader of the lycans, Lucian, in ‘Underworld. In Q&A session with NextMovie during the ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′Press Conference, he shared his thoughts on the delicious insanity of Aro and whether Aro would win in a face-off with Lucian.

It's safe to say that Aro is crazy in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." Can you speak about how his laugh speaks volumes about his mental state?
I like the idea that, at times, for someone who has been alive centuries and centuries, one of the biggest problems is boredom. He's sort of seen everything and done everything. So when something new comes along, something surprising, then I think it would fill someone with delight. For a character who is so in control most of the time, there is something completely out of control inside. When something unexpected happens that delights him, that sort of hysterical quality can come out. In a laugh, it's a perfect, economical way of showing that.

Is that kind of insanity delicious to play as an actor, or do you have to always be mindful of not pushing it too far?
I think you have to be judicious about how to show those elements because it can become slightly meaningless otherwise. You have to have a logic to how that character works. I like the idea that the character has been alive so long that he keeps himself amused by role-playing a little bit. I think he likes the idea that he's this sentimental old fool who is a romantic at heart and a bit of a softie, but he's not that at all — he's a psychopathic killer underneath. To be able to play with those elements is quite fun.

When Aro touches someone, he can read every thought the person has ever had. If you could use that power on one person in the world, who would that be?
Wow. Gosh. I don't know … I've played [Tony] Blair a few times, so I suppose that would be quite interesting just to find out what the real story is in there. At the same time, I think I'd rather allow people to keep their mystery for me. If you knew exactly what everyone thought, then there's no mystery to people anymore. Part of the fun of life is interacting with people and not knowing what the truth is inside. Letting them reveal that to you is what binds you to people.

You've said that Aro is like a cross between the Pope and the mafia. When he's not obsessing over the Cullens, how do you think Aro spends his time?
He's just fighting boredom all the time. He's probably read all the great literature and poetry of the world. I like the idea that he likes to read trashy romantic novels with Fabio on the cover. [Laughs]

Aro has always coveted Alice's gift of seeing the future. Do you see a future in this franchise beyond "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," and do you think you could be a part of it?
I don't know how it could carry on, really. It's come to the end of the story. I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it and playing Aro, so I would always be open to doing something else. But sometimes you just have to let things finish. As bittersweet as it is to come to the end, part of the enjoyment is always the demise or its end, at least. I'm not sure how good an idea it would be to do any more. I'm sure Stephenie [Meyer] wants to write something different.

You have a daughter. What underlying message do you think these movies have for young girls?
I'm not sure if there is a message, really. Through Bella's journey, it's something that allows people to understand their own journey. For someone like my daughter, who is 13, who is growing from being a little girl to a teenager to a young woman, Bella's experiences are similar to what other girls are going through. It can give you hope and some kind of guidance about how to navigate these sorts of experiences. Granted, people aren't necessarily going through them with vampires and werewolves, but the kind of choices and dilemmas that Bella experiences and the choices that she makes are ones girls are making all the time.

Now that "Twilight" has wrapped, did you get to keep any of Aro's period finery?
He had some nice threads! There were a couple of things that we never got to use that I kind of liked. There was this half cape that was kind of like what the Beatles wear on the cover of "Help" with little black capes. We were trying to get one of those, but never got a chance. I want to introduce the cape into modern society. That would be quite fun. In the end, I didn't keep anything.

You've played a vampire in the "Twilight" series and Lucian the werewolf in the "Underworld" series. If those two characters faced off, who would be the victor?
Oh gosh, that's a good question. Well, Lucian is stronger physically and a bit more rugged. Aro is probably cleverer. It would be a nasty, messy fight. If Lucian transformed into his Lycan self, I think it would be a fight worth watching. Aro would like to have Lucian curl up on a rug in front of a fire and Aro would be stroking him all night. Aro doesn't want to fight. He'd want to spend a warm winter night with his shaggy dog on the rug.

Do you ever think about what happens to any of your characters after the credits roll? What do you think happens to Aro?
I think Aro still craves certain things about certain members of the Cullen family that he is desperate to collect. He probably still schemes about that and goes back to waiting for another opportunity.



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