Details we may missed in Breaking Dawn - Part 1! posted some details we might not have noticed while watching BD in theaters...they are really good, things I didn't notice before.

Translation by google so you may find English is weird..

- Early in the film, we have Jacob's life with the marriage of Edward and Bella and it runs off and leaves his father in the rain. What is not known why the hair of Billy (Gil Birmingham) not wet. The water so it falls, but a magic happens and the water does not penetrate. Gil pass your shampoo here, so that the iron lasts longer!

- In the scene where Charlie (Billy Burke) receives your wedding invitation, we can notice the open envelope on the table and noticed the Cullen crest on closing it. Thing phyna rycah and people, right people?!

- Bella is all pretty trying to soften her wedding shoes in this scene and realize some things like the rings of using Bella Kristen, like the famous ring Robsten the right hand and a black brace on his left hand. Was it hurt in the arm wrestling scene with Emmett?

- In the scene where Edward and Bella are in the room, Bella is not wearing a pair of jeans but the same pants that she wears the rest of the film, she wears the pants when you're pregnant and that makes the legs look like two gambits it . So seeing, right guys, all the money used clothing in the clothes of Jacob and gave it! But lack of funds the session does not end here ...

- On the second time I saw the movie dialogue that caught my attention was between Bella and Edward in her room where she ends up asking for Bella what she expects to see in the mirror in one year. It was then that I thought and remembered that time is not put in the book. Actually the word is a bridge to the next film would be released in one year, where we see Bella a vampire, where it will be seen as a vampire. Much weight it, huh?

- Only put this curiosity in the list because I realized that the sound quality of the film left many people without hearing Emmett dropping a nice "Boring" (boring) as Edward and Bella are still talking about the bachelor party of Edward.

- The Cullen brothers appear as true brothers, very united. In the book we see this a lot, but it was lacking a bit in the movies.

- A shock occurs when Bella begins to appear walking to find our Greek God clothed in white on the altar and Edward even more shock when that beautiful wedding becomes a major nightmare. The curiosity is that in this scene, as will appear more and more pictures and the whole thing becomes more real to Bella, the arc of the altar flowers begin to wither and fall according to the extent that the nightmare will win.

Dawn - Part 1  seems to be actually two films: one made entirely for the fans and one for the little understood and posers. Why is that? I noticed that a very important and exciting for fans is when the image of our beloved Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey Sweetheart gain focus on the screen to the sound of Turning Page. Many people do not know the story just thought all the sighs were targeted figure of Seth (BooBoo Stewart) on the screen, then a quite exciting and significant moment for the fans meant nothing to others, so for me the thing was all designed to please everyone. I cry every time I see this scene.

- 186 were simply used buttons on Bella's wedding dress. I have not told this, I found it on the net, is to spare button! Only a vampire husband to realize, huh?

- With attention to detail, I noticed that the ring used in Dawn is not the same as Eclipse . In Dawn the ring was a little higher and was brilliant on the side.

- The couple turns to the shepherd and we can see our dear Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) trying to deal with the slit of her dress until she looks away immediately and stops moving. Is that Liz had scolded for being so moving? Or was it just "hard" as a vampire?

- Curiosity following post has been unveiled in the soundtrack, but for those who do not notice or read, when the scene shifts to the reception music being played by the band My Love is the same as that used in the application for marriage in Eclipse . The relation then as Seth, Sue, Billy and Charlie talk with the couple's All Yours, theme song for Eclipse .

- The part of the bustling party starts and we see the guests knowns and unknowns in the course of dance to break putting. In the first couple of strangers have Paul Becker, choreographer of this scene and the couple's super dance Jasper and Alice.

- Jacob arrives with all the excitement of dance as godfather gone with the sound of Northern Lights. Many people just do not realize that Bella had already exchanged their heels by a white tennis shoes and very comfortable and had also taken the ornament as a gift by his parents.

- This curiosity has all the credits Fepattz, site staff, who noted that in the scene where Jacob and Bella are dancing we have a very important game camera. Jacob was to be much higher than Bella in history and as the height of our dear Tay did not help much, they used the cameras for Jacob to stay higher. All scenes are filmed from behind Jacob are filmed from above so it looks taller than she, and all the scenes shot from behind Bella are shot down, thus appearing Jacob is actually much higher.

- When the couple arrives at the pigeons on the island we can see that Esme is Edward with that slight sheen of sweat on his forehead. Damn, production, did not need saving in the dust, huh?

- Edward taking the shirt into the pants deserves a musical moment with the success of Michel Telo: Yummy delicious, so you kill me .. Oh if I caught ah ah ....

- Pause for the moment ad folder Crest leaving Bella with a great breath of cherry and whiter teeth! 9 out of 10 dentists indicate crest ... Really?!

- In the scene where Bella and Edward enters the sea begins to kiss her and pulls her closer, Edward's hand just disappears under water. Hmmm, Edward safadinho ... Where do you put that hand, huh?

- During Bella's memories of his first night with her husband créu, we note that she is with her hair wet from the swim that she and Edward have. A simple and very nice detail.;)

- The first time the couple playing chess can see that after the movement of Edward, we have an exact right angle to the cover of the book. Just missed a small zoom, you know Uncle Bill?

- A comment I've seen a lot in theaters was that Edward did not shine in this film. Cheating his dear grasshopper. In the scene where Edward and Bella are at the top of the waterfall Edward shines yes, very lightly, but it shines.

- Following the jump for the couple when the two fall into the water, we can see by the size of tambourine that is not about Kristen, but his stunt.

- In the second game of chess of the couple, after Edward to kill Sheikh, we find that it gets pretty confusing where to put the play and ends up putting the wrong house. Let's pay more attention to the game, Edward?!

- Pause to remember the beautiful smile of Robert in the scene where Bella tries to seduce him for the first time ... Ai ai ...

- After Bella wakes up from her dream crying and unable to seduce her husband, notice the size of Rob's foot, the toes. Ok, this is not a curiosity, but look at the size of that foot. They say that size ... Never mind.

- The interpretation of Julia Jones as Leah in the beach scene is really very touching, the phrase "Any kind of happiness is better than just whining for someone who can not have" surely entered the list of my favorites.

- Now the series "They spent all the money on clothes for Jacob." We have Bella and Edward sitting on the couch while waiting Kaure Gustavo and clean the house. Notice that the shorts that Bella uses is the same one used by her in Twilight at the scene of the first kiss between her and Edward.

- In the cafe apart some of the things that Bella ate. Recalling that the Foforks not responsible if you try to eat it all together and be sick, ok? Well, the list we have fried chicken still raw, crunchy biscuits and strawberry yogurt, all with packaging written in Portuguese, in addition to peanut butter imported. Tudinho fresh in the refrigerator and Samsung.

- At a time when Bella is sick in the bathroom and Edward talks to her for the first time, the bed is broken by his side.

- Edward, as a good husband, he does what his wife asks for and gets the necessaire where he also made a short list of what was inside for those who want to buy the same items of beauty Bella. In addition to the Tampax box, have a glass Pepto for nausea, paste and tooth brush, factor 50 sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner like my super vision found the mark. :/

- This one is more a reminder for us to look at Bella when they are in the car going to the airport, because this is the last time we see it as a healthy human.

- By the time Bella picks up the phone to call Rosalie, she unlocks the device and put in the ear where it remains with the lights on, as if still waiting for something to be done after the unlock and not as if making a connection.

- This curiosity came from staff ReBernardi and also comes from the series "They spent all the money on clothes for Jacob." In the scene where Charlie is in the house of Black, after receiving a call from Bella, Charlie is using the same team shirt he wears in Twilight when help Billy into his house for the game. It is also in this scene that begins the narration for the story of Jacob.

- The very first time I saw the scene which Jacob saw Bella sitting and "sick" I noticed a very nice detail. The quilt that your mother gets Bella in Eclipse is around her at that moment.

- All 6 times I read Breaking Dawn tried to imagine where it would be and how would the river that Bella would have to jump on his first hours as a vampire. During the conversation Jacob and Leah can finally see the river and understand where he was located, cited by Bella several times throughout the book as a simple sound.

- In the scene where they decide to drink Bella's blood to see that Emmett Rosalie looks before going out, but there is a suggestive glance at him go because of the smell, but the fact that Emmett is asking permission to leave because here he is one of the guardians of Bella.

- The moment that made the most lagriminha shed a thrill was when Edward hears Nessie our first in the bellies of Bella. But there is another detail that takes care of my attention: THE SIZE OF THE HAND OF ROB! Jesus hand is that?!?! They say the size of your hand ... Let's continue.

- Pause to say that in making that shows the exterior walls of the house means she is sujinha, huh? Then Esme? Let us do the cleaning of the outer band right, or we'll call Marinete?

- When Esme, Carlisle and Emmett Esme and the hunt is attacked by two wolves, I thought it was Sam and another wolf, but after studying some scenes came to the following conclusion: in the final scene we have 10 wolves in combat and in the past have Jacob (1), Seth (2) and Leah (3) talking doing a trick tricksterwith Paul (4), Embry (5), Quil (6) and Jared (7) and the two wolves that attack. Looking at the color, I concluded that they are Collin (8) and Brady (9), the younger wolves of the pack. Ok, we have wolves around 9 and 10 in total. Now we wonder ... I wonder what Sam was doing??

- Pause now to remember the beautiful Mackenzie as the time of imprinting on Nessie. Christie and Burke in the face of the Mackenzie, the largest Benjamin Button style.

- As a final curiosity, during the struggle between the wolves and the Cullens, Alice when we are attacked by a wolf, who rushes to his defense is Leah, and then to help her sister, Seth enters the fight.

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Comment by cornelia marie hale on February 5, 2012 at 11:09am

goood :)

Comment by michelle on February 5, 2012 at 1:02pm

Awesome, thanx :)

Comment by Nanna Carlsen on February 5, 2012 at 3:19pm

Okay, so that clothes deal. Don't you use the same clothes more than once? I mean, it's only supposed to have been a couple months, since Eclipse. And Edward, Bella and Charlie all have the same body size. Jacob, on the other hand, have grown alot of muscle since Twilight, so he have to get new outfits.

Comment by Eclipse on February 5, 2012 at 9:06pm

They say the size of your feet and hands.....LOL...yes, our Rob is a very well endowed boy! ;)

Comment by BB Cullen on February 6, 2012 at 3:23am
Ahh... I found that English very wierd!! Lol but they where cool to read anyway!!
Comment by Kimberley Cullen on February 6, 2012 at 7:35am
Blah,Blah LOL..unnecessary...I agree with Eclipse above Rob does have lovely hands...and I bet he is very well endowed Man..GO KS....
Comment by Lil Red Vampire on February 6, 2012 at 5:29pm

This was very hard to read.  I barely understood any of it. 


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