Determination. Chapter 2; Part One.

Chapter Two. Book Five. Part One.

Well Renesmee was still very upset, but after awhile, things wound down a little bit. Charlie was eventually able to control himself, and once he reached THAT stage, things picked up just like they had been before! I was proud of myself and Charlie. Neither of us had tasted a DROP of human blood!
Oh, by the way.. Did I tell you how Renesmee was GROWING?! My goodness; by the time she turned a year old, she looked that of an 8 year old! An EIGHT year old I tell you! Oh well. Now that we were confident that she would stop growing in the next couple of years, and her growing rates were slowing everyday, we were a little bit more laid back. Jake seemed to to be happy that his little ‘Nessie’ would end up immortal. So I assumed that he would just travel around with our family; moving around when we had been in one place for too long, and people had begun to notice our unchanging flawlessness.
I brought the subject up with him now, as I was thinking about it.
“So, Jake, you’re never gonna get tired of us? I mean, were gonna be around for a long time!” Emmett laughed and I smirked.
“Bells? What are you talking about…………. You mean, you thought Nessie and I were going to stick around? Oh… well that’s… a bit of a surprise. Even for you leeches.. I thought you would’ve known better!”
Edward walked in, and, reading Jake’s thoughts, let out a low snarl.
“No Jacob. Never. Our daughter will be staying with US.”
Jake got to his feet. I immediately knew that this was going to end badly.
“Both of you! Calm down! Edward, I’m sure there's an explanation for this stupid joke.” I said.. Trying to reassure the thoughts of everyone.
Jake responded to my comment. “Bella. We’re not sticking around. I can barely stand being around you guys NOW as it is! You might as well drop it now.”
I said, “We’ll talk about this later Jake. Later as in, never again. My daughter will stay with me. I mean, really?! I’ve gotten over the fact that you IMPRINTED ON MY DAUGHTER; but no. My baby’s not going anywhere. Not without me at least.”
While we’re arguing, a vague memory pops into my mind. I remember the day I’d gone to J. Jenks office. Requesting birth certificates; passports; etc. I remember how I’d listed both Jake AND the so called ‘Vanessa’ with the same last name. There was no sense in ignoring the inevitable. I was sure that Jake would get his way with this thing about leaving our family. He always escaped alive somehow. The question was, at the right time… would Nessie feel the same way?? This was too much. My advanced mind couldn’t jam all of this into itself. I picked up Nessie, and walked into the kitchen.


While the whole Jacob matter was still wearing off, I realized how thirsty I was! So I thought I'd make it a quick trip and go into the back woods. I put Nessie into Rose's lap and sprinted out the back door. Someone was following me. I turned around to see who it was and before I knew it, I was being kissed. Edward moved his lips hungrily down my neck, and asked breathlessly, "Where are you going Mrs. Cullen?"
Aah. Suspicion. "Hunting." I replied.
"Really? Without me? I don't think so." he flashed that crooked smile of his. If my heart could still beat it would be pounding like crazy.
He effortlessly threw me onto his back and began running. A faded memory from my human eyes showed the trees flying by, and me gasping for breath. Now, my eyes saw everything as clearly as if i were standing still.
In the clearing ahead, I heard something... Eating grass; an animal obviously.. Ah. Two deer. Both male. One slightly larger than the other. The larger one's head snapped up; it could sense that something was there.. That's when i hopped off of Edwards back, stretched up and kissed him on the cheek, and lunged for the bigger deer. I made a swift kill, as did he, and was finished before Edward. I took a few steps to the right.. So thirsty.. And then it hit me. Humans.
Edward caught the scent before I did; he backed away from it, but I couldn't! It smelled so good. I sprinted in it's direction. A million thoughts should've been flying through my head-they weren't. I was only two-hundred yards away from them when I saw. I stopped abruptly. It was Mike. Jessica was a little ways into the woods. "Mike, come on! It's starting to rain! Ugh. My hair." she complained.
Mike rolled his eyes and laughed. Jess. Calm down! I'll be there in a sec!"
Oh no. Mike! I almost said aloud. Go now! Please. Ah. The fire. It was getting worse. i could feel it now. Edward tried to restrain me, but it was no use. I easily broke free from his grasp and lunged at mike, knocking him to the ground. The first taste was great, but i was disgusted suddenly when I realized what a mistake I was making.
I held Mike, who was fine, in my hands.
"...Bella? Bella? Is that you? You look freakin' amazing." He smiled.
Edward came into the clearing then, hearing Mike's thoughts loud and clear!
"Hey Mike.." I tried. "You look great?"
He shrieked. Crap. The venom.
I looked at Edward. "What do I do?!" I asked frantically. Mike must be having some pretty dirty thoughts, because Edward replied,"Do you want to finish him? Or should I?"
I remembered how I'd wanted to save Charlie... How Edward had saved me from James.. "That's it!!" I practically screamed. I went to the bite and sucked the venom out. When all I got was blood, I sighed in relief. I'd gotten it out in time. The pain had knocked him out. Edward did a perfect impression of Mike. "Jess!! Help!! Hurry!!"
We booked it outta there. Edward slowed to a walk before we got to the river. "I'm glad that you didn't kill Mike. Jessica is dumping him soon. He deserves it; the way he thinks about you."
"Imagine what Jess thinks about you." I said.
Simultaneously we murmured, "Who could blame them?" We jumped over the river and started back to the house.


Once we were back to the meadow, I heard it; screaming. "RENESMEE!" I shrieked. I sprinted towards the house, Edward on my heels. Rosalie shouted, "Just because you're in love with her, dog, doesn't mean she's yours!" She grabbed Renesmee and raced upstairs. Jacob tried to follow after her, but Edward was in front of him before he'd taken his second step. "Leave. Now. I've been TOO polite about the whole 'imprinting' thing. You've taken it to the next level. To think! How could you even THINK about saying that?! To her own FAMILY!? GET OUT!!!" Edward yelled.
"What did he say?" I asked.
"He told Rosalie that Nessie was coming with him; that she could be here with us any more. That were too dangerous for her!"

Red suddenly tinted my vision. "Get out! Stay away! She is MY daughter! Edward and I alone! She will now be 'getting out of here' for a long time! And when that time comes, she will be leaving with us! Now get out!!"
"I'm afraid I can't do that." Jake said,"I will not leave."
That's when Emmett stepped in. "I'm afraid you can do that actually." He said," I'll give you a minute to get the hell off of my property, or I will remove you personally." He smiled.
"Or not. You don't scare me, blubber boy. Neither does your moronic wife."
I smiled. That did it. Emmett snapped. "Blubber boy, huh?!" he chuckled. In a 24th of a second, he had Jacob flying through the front door. Rosalie flew down that steps. "I'm moronic? Haha. You're great. Now go home and eat some kibble; you look hungry Fido!" She kicked him in the ribs. I heard 12 cracks. Exactly. This was great! leah and the rest of the pack came out. Jasper, Alise, arlisle, Edward & I launched through the front door. Seth wasnt fighting; the wolves were outnumbered. As Jake phased, they all backed slowly into the trees. Jake limped toward me.
I knew I shouldn't, but I felt bad. "Get out of here!!" I said. And he, too, slowly faded into the trees.

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