Well the only reason i"m writing to you is because of my 8 grade guidance counsler,he said "You should write about you life your pain your sorrows you joy and everything else that happens to you it will be good for you in high school. i know you don't feel as if you can't talk to anyone but me about anything but you are going in to high school I'm sorry and good luck"

Here is a little bit about me my name is megan violet hale my first name is pronounced meegan get it write or else.I'm not a people person.I dont get along well with others. I have a twin sister.we are a like in every way inside and out,except 2 ways, 1 our names, hers is heather. 2our hair yes they are both naturaly black but mine bangs are blue her are purple we both have the same hair cut and everything it just the color of our bangs and our names.

I have two best friends other than heather and that's it. Justin and Cami.See I told you I'm not much of a people person.Justin, Cami, Heather, and I have been best friends forever.
Justin is the only "goth" guy in the group .I've had a secret crush on him for a while.He's short perfect for my height.He's got black hair and sometimes he has it in a mohawk with green stripes,other times he flatens it and covers all of his left eye and some of his right eyes. His eyes are dark brown but some times in the light they look black same with Heather Cami and I

Cami's taller than me by a little bit. She has the same hair as me and heather just shourter and her banges are pink. She loves Gloomy Bear just like heather. Justin and i favor Gir from Invader Zim

wel i have to go to sleep frist day of school is in the moring so good night

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Comment by meegan voilet hale on September 7, 2009 at 4:14pm
this is a book im in the prosses of writing enjoy


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