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Multi-talented Robert Pattinson is many things, but a thief? Not so, even though some sources are hinting at the idea that the Twilight Saga star may possibly have "stolen" a song from his friend - "stolen" being used in a very loose sense of the word.

It seems that a while back, Robert Pattinson was hanging out with mate Marcus Foster. The guys were reportedly together in a pub, when the two "sang [I Was Broken]....and someone recorded it on their phone.” Sounds convoluted, with maybe a jealousy tinge. But let's look at the alleged situation:

Apparently, that recording landed on the ether, and before either singer realized what was happening, the song went viral on the Internet.

Turns out the song in question (ironically dubbed I Was Broken) eventually ended up on the Twilight soundtrack and the rest is history as Pattinson has been able to add accomplished musician to his ample resume as rarefied thespian du jour and big-time Hollywood hunk.

But did Robert Pattinson end up stealing the song from Marcus Foster? It seems that answer would be a big negative. In fact, the song in question, one that Foster claims is his, is voiced as such. On the track, as linked here, RPatz says the tune is by Marcus Foster. Credit is given where credit is due.

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson serves as a great ambassador for the song he and Marcus Foster worked out. Indeed, as a perk of their pub work, I Was Broken became famous with no apparent stealing involved in the process.


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