Vampires used to burn in the sun and drink human blood, but now they sparkle and have gone "vegetarian." One might ask, did Twilight "de-fang" the vampire?


Sparkling bodies aside, when Twilight came out, vampires were starting to be seen as something other than evil. They were tortured souls that didn’t ask for their fates. They were human beings that happened to be dead. They had feelings, loved ones, and a desire to be human again. Stephenie Meyer crossed a line that was never crossed before, if it was, it didn’t have the same impact as her story had. For the first time, a human fell in love with a monster… a conceptual Beauty and the Beast story, except this time the beast stays a beast. Bella had to learn to love Edward, though it wasn’t hard, and had to except him for the undead being that he was. In the same token, Edward had to take every bit of strength he had not to kill her.

Along with putting vampires in a better light, Twilight also paid homage to the werewolf, shape-shifter actually, showing that they were aggressive but very protective of family, friends, loved ones, and members of their tribe. Though werewolves could practically match the strengths of a vampire and could actually kill them, Twilight brought the two together by spinning a tale of love that was strong enough for them to risk their lives and work together.


Has Twilight "De-fanged" the Vampire?

Though they may not feast on humans, turn into bats, or burn in the sun, it doesn't mean that they are any less fierce. They still can kill just as easily. The biggest difference is the Cullen's dedication to love, loyalty, and preservation of human life. This is what makes these vampires more human than monster. De-fanged or not, Stephenie Meyer's love story shows that love has no bounds and death can not stand in the way, making it easy for anyone to fall for this unorthodox Romeo and Juliet.


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Comment by Dee on February 18, 2011 at 4:46pm
love it
Comment by erin vega on February 18, 2011 at 5:09pm

i have been telling people on the internet for months. and i am going to say it again. NO twilight did not de-fang the vampire. Twilight was never really about vampirs, only vampire elemants but our vampires were about shairing the true love and emotinal connections. Seriously people need to stop complaining if people want to see vampires with fangs and sex and buring into the sun they can go watch true blood or the vampire dairies

Comment by Unridden Desire. Melanie on February 18, 2011 at 5:50pm
wow!awesome, but it's true, my brother said what the f*** when Edward first started sparkling in the sun when we were both watching twilight on demand, at first i didn't give a s*** about twilight then when i started actually understanding more of it I loved after wards and.....l got a little too, no a lot obsessive over it! it's nice that we get to hear from your opinion because i couldn't agree more!
Comment by jade barnes on February 18, 2011 at 6:36pm
Comment by Jabellward on February 18, 2011 at 7:02pm
Twilight isn't about good vs evil, vampires & shape shifters.  The story is as old as time and goes down with such classics as Gone with the Wind & Titanic...a love story of two people who should not be together but the power of love overcoming it all.  Of course there is the triangle effect of who would be better but either choice if it were reality would not be  a "good" choice.
Comment by Eclipse on February 19, 2011 at 8:01pm

Twilight did NOT "de-fang" the vampire by any means.  In fact, the only 'few' vampires that do not drink human blood in this story are the Cullens and the Denali's.  All others are still as fierce and blood-thirsty as hell.  However, even the Cullens and Denali's fight their nature and 'desires' every single day (eg: Edward, in the beginning, had to constantly keep himself 'in check' around Bella even though he loved her).

I guess you can think of it as the Cullens and Denali's simply evolving faster than the other types of vampires.  Similar to human beings who are at different levels of evolution - whether it be social, psychological or spiritual (and potentially biological as well - who the hell knows right?).  And, if human beings have evolved, can evolve and continue to do so,  then why can't the fictional characters they create?

Comment by Eden Courtney on February 20, 2011 at 1:56pm
J.R. Ward writes the Black Dagger Brotherhood series about vampires who are different from Bram Stoker's vampire mythology.  The Black Dagger vampires drink from each other, females from males and males from females, of course, they don't drain them.  They can apparently drink human and/or animal blood, but eventually they become very weak.  I admire originality and applaud both Stephenie Meyer and J.R. Ward for their unique interpretations.


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