I took a deep breath and placed my fingers on the door knob and twisted, the latch click and slid open I cringed and waited for someone to come and punish me for trying to escape, but no sound came. I slid through the small gap taking each step slowly and quietly, as i made my way down the hall. I creeped down the stairs peeking behind me every few seconds, The carpet dusty and corners of the room covered in webs glistening in the light of the candle I was holding. The flame flickered and danced as my breathe came ragged, I tried holding my breathe but it was impossible. I got to the ground floor and headed for the front door, locked, I looked up towards the staircase knowing the keys were in my mistresses room. I gulped pleading for another escape, when I saw the kitchen window slightly open, I tip toed over and gamed my fingers under just enough to wrench it upwards. I climbed onto the sink and hoisted myself up and out of the window, I dropped the candle and ran, ran until my legs ached, until my lungs were suffocating and my lips gasping for air. I leaned down hands on my thighs panting and I closed my eyes. My mistresses mansion was in the middle of nowhere, I could just make out the outline of the trees surrounding me. My eyes adjusted quickly and i could see the flowers beneath my feet were dead and cumbering. I reached down and pick one up, and closed my eyes, picturing the flower as it should be blossoming green and healthy. I slowly opened my eyes and there it was a Red tulip in my hands, I glanced around into the darkness not knowing what happened! I gazed back down, the plant still blooming in my palm. I turned to the sound on crunching leaves in the darkness, my heart started to race. Crunch crunch it came again. I looked expectantly into the trees and a hand twisted its way around the huge oak tree that stood before me. Its branches jagged and its leaves brown and limp, the pattens of the trunk spiraled up wards, and the olive skinned hand retreated from it. The voice came out loud and husky, “ow, what the?” And then I knew it was him...

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