Okay, so I gave up on the Leah thing and now I'm doing Nessie. I have no idea what name to do for it, but it's a good story so far. Here's the 1st chapter-

The beginning

I strolled calmly down the aisle, my father and I, arm in arm. I looked into his happy, yet disappointed eyes.

Dad, I love Jake and you have to accept that. I thought.

He smiled and mouthed I know.

I smiled. Good, besides, Im old enough to make my own decisions and you couldnt force me to not marry him. Im

He nodded and turned his head forward. I copied his action and stared at my goal.

Jacob Black. My new husband. The one who had loved me since the first day and I felt the same way since I was thirteen. Before that, I had loved him like a brother.

When he looked back, his eyes widened with amazement. It took me a few seconds to realize he hadnt seen me in my dress yet.

I inherited my mothers outfit, though she said that I had worn it much prettier than she had. My hair had been done up half-way. Alice didnt want my curls hidden in a braid or bun, but
she also didn
t want it to hang dully down to my waist.

I ran through my good luck checklist right before I parted with Dad. Something old, the dress. Something new, my strappy heels. Something borrowed, Alices garter. Something blue, I had pale blue eye
shadow on. I was set.

I stepped up to Jake and he grabbed my hand. We smiled. I mouthed I love you and he mouthed it back. I couldnt believe that this perfect man was mine; we
loved each other since I was born and now he was all mine and I was all his.
Both of our dreams come true. We decided that we would eventually adopt a child
and I would get a job. He already had a job, but I needed one if we were going
to feed another mouth on top of Jacob
s huge appetite.

We went through the ceremony, saying our vows and all, and then the time came for our kiss. I had to wrap both my arms around his neck and slightly pull myself, while he had to
wrap his hands around my back and boost me up the rest of the way just to reach
his lips. We didn
t kiss as passionately as we did sometimes,
just because of some of the disapproving people in the audience, like my
grandfather, Charlie.

He hated the idea of mythical creatures, like Jake. Thank goodness he didnt know about vampires, otherwise hed be Aros next target. He did know
about werewolves and didn
t approve of me marrying him, especially
considering he knows that Jake has kissed my mother before.

We ended the kiss briefly and began talking to the guests. The one who hugged me first was Mom. Oh, Renesmee, I cant believe youre married and oh, it seems like just yesterday I was holding you for the first time! She gushed on and on until
she let other people talk to me.

When everyone had hugged us and talked to us and they started to head to the reception area, Jake turned to me. I wanted to wait until we were alone to give
you this.

He pulled a small pouch out of his pocket and began to open it. I made it, of course not the chain, but I made it.

He dumped the contents of the bag into my waiting hand. I looked at it. It was a silver chain with three little wooden charms clustered in one area. The first was the familiar small
wooden wolf that my mother had worn on a bracelet like this one. The next was a
rounded heart with Jacob
s name carved into it beautifully, apparently
Mom or Dad had helped write the name. The third was a flat piece with the
detailed Quileute symbol carved into it. None of them were more than a half inch
wide or long or weighed more than a few ounces

He grinned. You like it?

I shook my head.

Love it?

I shook my head again.

His smiled disappeared. What?

I held up a finger. I dont dislike, hate, like, or love this. I looked into his eyes. I absolutely adore this. Its the most beautiful thing Ive ever laid eyes on, except for you.

The grin came back for a split second, and then disappeared. Why are you crying? He wiped the tears away carefully.

Im so happy. I just married the most wonderful person ever and this wonderful person just gave me the most perfect gift in the world. More tears spilled over.

He hugged me until Mom came over. Are you going to miss your reception?

I pushed him away. Oh! Come on, we need to get over there.

Our new house in Vancouver had a huge living room and foyer that would easily be a reception area for a wedding. The whole backyard and front yard were also done up for the reception,
it was just the huge upper hall that was for the ceremony.

I danced with Charlie, Mom, Dad, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and just about everyone, even Renee, who somehow was able to come. She was in on the whole need to know business, so it was fine.

Finally, after I danced with everyone, I was out under the gazebo that was built for the wedding with Jacob.

You look so beautiful Renesmee. He complimented.

Since I was older, people decided to call me more often by my full name, instead of Nessie all the time.

I blushed. Thanks.

I love you.

I love you too.

I leaned my head on his chest and yawned.

Are you tired? he asked.

Yes, Im so glad that I can sleep on my way to Isle Esme.

We have no idea how to get there. Jake pointed out, laughing.

Mom has enough energy and time to fly us to our stops, sail us there, drop us off and go all the way back again. Then repeat it when we go home. I explained.

He laughed.

What is it, Jake?

You’re wearing Bellas dress, having the wedding in the house, dancing with practically everyone you know, thinking the man you married is the best person ever, and going to Isle Esme. Your weddings are way
too alike.

I laughed with him now. He was right.

As if on cue, Alice came out. Its time to get changed and get to the airport.

I sighed and pulled away from him. Ill be right back. Go get changed.

Jake laughed. Yes maam.

Alice rushed me up the stairs and into my room. She helped me carefully out of my dress and tossed me sweatpants and a tee shirt. I changed quickly and took my hair down. I washed
my makeup off and then slipped into flip flops. I rushed out to Jacob.

By the time I reached him, he was already changed and ready. Mom was at his side, waiting to go with us.

You ready Renesmee? Mom asked.

I almost nodded, but I said, Wait one minute.

I turned around and sprinted—at human speed—to Charlie. I stopped right behind him and covered his eyes. Guess who?

He laughed. Gee, Im not sure. Bella?

I rolled my eyes. Ha ha, seriously.

He uncovered his eyes and turned to me. Are you leaving?

Yeah, but I cant leave without saying good-bye to my parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles. So pretty much you, Renee and all of the rest of the Cullen’s.

Okay, so, um, bye. He smiled.

I hugged him. I love you. See you in a month or so.

His eyes widened. A month?

You dont expect Mom to get us to our destination, go home by herself, and repeat that only a week later, do you?

He shrugged. Guess not. Where are you headed thats so far away?

Where Mom went. Isle Esme.

Ah, yeah, she did say that was far.

Alright, Jake and Mom will get impatient if I make them wait forever.

He hugged me again. Love you, good-bye.

I grinned. See ya.

We stopped hugging and I ran to Dad and Renee. We said our farewells, and then I moved on to the rest of the Cullens. I said good-bye to them and rushed back over
to Alice, Mom, and Jake.

Sorry I took so long. I apologized.

Its fine. You have a lot of family to talk to. It takes awhile to say good-bye to them all. Mom said.

Um, no, its not okay. Renesmee, do you want to miss your plane? Alice tapped her foot impatiently. No one hates being late more than Alice.

Lets just go now. Cmon Jake.I pulled his arm.

Alice led us along. I had Jake at one side with his arm around my waist, and Mom at the other, holding my hand.

We entered the garage and got into Moms Ferrari and drove to the airport.

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LOVE IT! I hope you have more
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I do, I just gotta touch it up. Thanks.


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