Digging into the 3rd 'New Moon' trailer! What scenes do we have there?? Find out! (plus screencaps) {MAJOR SPOILERS}

Let's see what we got!!!

Volturi Palace or whatever... looks pretty good!

I think that's when Jane brings Edward, Bella and Alice to see the Volturi leaders.

Volturi showing their power and what they can do to who breakes the law.

Isn't that a flashback scene?? Do you see the blonde guy staring at the back?? Isn't that Carlisle?? Maybe this is when Edward is explaining to Bella what is a 'volturi' and Carlisle's story.

Scary Jane.

Edward explaining to Bella what is a volturi.

Bella and Edward in what is supposed to be the scene where they are watching "Romeo and Juliet" and Edward tell her he couldn't live without her.

Are you seeing Carlisle in the back?? Flashback scene.. (notice the clothes... so old-fashioned)

Poor man. Aro has no mercy.

Damn. Michael Sheen got it... he is so scary.

Bella's truck (with the same colours! yay!)

Bella and Alice talking. Not sure what scene is this...

Maybe when they are going to the airport... Not sure...

Goodbye scene...

Bella doesn't have a clue on what is happening... (kristen did a NICE work)

"Last time you will ever see me"


He is lying but we can tell he knows she will 'die' without him.

Bella breaks.

Shiny volvo is out. Black housewife volvo is on.

Wow... she is starting to have visions of Edward. [Zombie Bella]

OMG I love this scene. SO AWESOME. Nightmares.

She can't live without him. "Forbidden to remember. Terrified to forget."

That scream WOW... and we can feel how much she is suffering.

Motorcycles. Bella decides she is a biker chick (not really... LOL)

She wants to see 'Edward'. Feel him close to her.

Movie Scene. Poor Mike is throwing up and Jake is trying to tell Bella he is the right pick for her.

They look so cute together. And Jake is persuasive.

Edward ghost.

Bella eats dirt. Lol. She falls after seeing 'Edward's ghost'.

Jessica in the house!!! Forgive me but I love that chick! Bella and Jessica go to the cinema to watch an horror movie.

Ok this scene. Not sure if it's when Bella tries to find the path that leads her to the cliff or if is her looking for the meadow. Not sure cuse of the clothes. Don't seem to be the same as she has when she is with Laurent. (help?)

She is still looking for something.

The Cliff. Looks scary.

Bella in the water.

Bella fighting for her life.

Wow... this scene is my favourite... no doubt on it. Insane... looks so realistic.

Waves crashing her.

This one we have seen before. She is still fighting. Until...

She gives up.

How crazy is this? I mean look at it... WOW! 5 starts... this scene makes me cry... Chris really got it perfectly right.

Jake rescues her... BUT... Wait for it...

Wait just a little...

BAM! How cool is that??

He vanishes.. while Jake is rescuing her.. (can't wait to see which song goes here!!!!)

And he is gone. And she is still alive.

The beach.

Jake saying Bella is crazy and has nothing inside her mind.

That makeup is pretty good... Bella realizing he was a dream and she is still alive.

Alice telling Bella Edward is going to Italy to die.

Bella is like 'WHAT?'

Edward in Italy to see the Volturi.

Ta-dan! The 3 leaders. (Marcus, Aro and my future husband Caius)

Alice telling Bella they have to go save Edward.

Bella getting ready to go to Italy and try to save Edward.

Jake trying to make Bella change her mind.

Bella telling him she has to go.

Yellow Porshe!! Headed to 'Volterra'.

Alice explaining everything to Bella.

Ashley looks pretty good... Nicely done.

Running Scene.

Half Naked Edward. Volturi refuse to kill him so he tries to make a scene. And what a scene ;)

Bella running to stop Edward.

I'll say that's after the kiss.. when Bella says she is not a dream and they need to go.

Jake coming out of Bella's room. Maybe after going to see her and telling she knows his secret ... she just needs to think a little.

Jake again. (I bet nobody even look at him after all the stuff this trailer show us)

Charlie and the guys looking for Bella in the woods.

But.. what is Victoria doing there? If you have read the leaked script you, just like me, know what she is planning. Evil Victoria! (we will miss you Rachelle)

Present Volturi (looks at the clothes.. are more modern... kind of)

Come and get me. Scary Laurent...

And FINALLY! A scary wolf.. that doesn't look like a fox! :D Have to say it's awesome!

Wolves getting into Laurent... (notice we see Laurent abbs to... so another one to add to the list of half naked guys.. I think New Moon will be the movie with more half naked guys)

Wolf in the air... Pretty impressive fight scene.

Wolf Pack. (notice Bella in the back... wth is she doing there?)

Again Bella in the back.. damn girl! Run while you can!!

Bella and the motorcycle dude.. after the cinema with Jess she decides to go on a biker ride.

Motorcycle ride.

Wolf Pack (or 20-Pack)

Bella slaps one of the guys.

And BAM! He turns into a wolf... I could spoil a bit in here.. but I'll zip it ;)

Pretty awesome CGI work... looks so good! And the guys look like they were busted!! :D

How gorgeous is she?? Not sure this is just a dream or is after they arrive from Italy and she is sleeping. (I put my money on the 2nd)

Edward looking at her.

Bella running through the woods. I think this is before she goes into the wolf pack cuse of the clothes. She is problably going to talk to Sam and ask him what the hell did he do to Jake.

Volterra. Notice the blue sky. Europe weather rocks!! :D

Is that... superman?? No... it's just shirtless Edward flying ;)

Bam! Into the wall.. poor Edward. Bonus Points for a fight scene with the volturi!! Go Melissa Rosenberg and Chris Weitz!!

Bella suffering for Edward.

Daniel Cudmore. Looks creapy. (Notice my man in the back. He looks.. entertained.)

Edward preparing to suffer in order to save Bella.

Edward fighting with Felix.

Bella is scared and just wants them to stop hurting Edward.

How awesome is this fight?? Next years MTV Movie Award for best fight goes to... RPattz and Daniel Cudmore.

Watching this fight was like watching Matrix - Vampire's Edition... And Edward is on the floor.

"This may hurt just a little." - Freakin' Dakota looks creappy... that voice.. OMG! Gave me chills...

We can see Demetri (Charlie), Alice and I think is Alec (Cameron) in the back... We also see Bella begging for them to not hurt Edward.

Matrix... Lol... this scene is hot...

And there goes Edward again. Poor Edward. I feel sorry for RPattz stunt.

I mean come on! Isn't that enough?? Do you still have to move Edward around the place?? Notice how Marcus and Caius don't even bother looking to what is happening...

And there goes half naked Edward...

Thank god the Volturi are rich... cuse those stairs just made puff beneath Edward's rock-a-like body!

Just so people could see how now we don't have 'goteamjacob.com' anymore! ;)

Can't wait for november... I love Chris Weitz for life...
:) Hope I helped you all!

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Comment by Twilightlover Tatiana on September 12, 2009 at 10:10am
Thank you :)
Comment by Sarai del C. Guevara on September 12, 2009 at 10:21am
I'm totally with you the nightmares scenes damm when she screams you can really fill it that makes my skin goes like a chicken =D cliff scene edward and bella in the room damm how more do we have to wait!! the movie seems alredy redy soo?? put the damm movie in theaters now!!
Comment by Evelina on September 12, 2009 at 10:21am
Comment by Sarai del C. Guevara on September 12, 2009 at 10:21am
my english sucks when i get excited...
Comment by Venia Cullen on September 12, 2009 at 10:22am
thanks!!!! i can't wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Ariel Black on September 12, 2009 at 10:26am
the was the bomb!!!! Did u notice that Bella was wearing that same black shirt that she's wearing while running through the woodsto find Sam at the end when she's running thruough the fountain? lol
Comment by Annie ღ*Muff*ღ Volturi on September 12, 2009 at 10:31am
Yeah....the trailer is AMAZING! Finally I understood what Jane says at the end...
BUT when Bella tells Jacob that she has to go that's IN FRONT of the house! In the book this part is IN the House... I think thats the scene when Bella comes home with Jacob and they see Carlisles car after Bella jumped of that cliff.... When Alice is waiting...
Jacob says that he can smell vampire but he doesn't know if its one of the cullens or not. Bella goes even though Jacob don't wants her to go!
Comment by Sumi Su on September 12, 2009 at 10:32am
you've done a HUGE job.and of course its great..im very appreciated
before i saw this new trailer,i thought the scene of bella's car accident was caused by Edward's hallucination,which is proved now~~yeah~~~
Comment by laurexms on September 12, 2009 at 10:33am
WOW.. I want to see the movie now!!!!!
Comment by Massy Cullen on September 12, 2009 at 10:33am


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