Do we expect too much from superstar Rob?

Firstly, I am a HUGE Twilight Saga and Rob Pattinson fan, no doubt about that!

Lately I’ve read hundreds of magazine articles, blogs, Twitter updates etc about fans requests and lengths they will go to, to catch a glimpse of Robert (and that’s kinda my point). How much should we expect from superstar Rob?

Just yesterday a comment was made by Larry Holzer (reporter for;
“The fact that he (Rob) barely acknowledges the fans does not bother these kids. Whenever he appears they scream and shout to him. Finally at the end of the day he gave a slight wave and the girls went nuts”

Does Rob acknowledge his waiting fans enough? A quick wave and a smile – is that enough after 6 hours of waiting to see him?

Has everyone seen the fan letters left on the car windscreens saying “I love you Rob, but why are you so rude?” I don’t agree with those fans letters but they are obviously wondering why he jumps straight into his chauffeured car and leaves. Should he put in more effort with his fans to show his appreciation and sign autographs/chat with his fans for a while once filming has finished for the day? What do you think?

Personally I think he gets embarrassed when the screaming starts, he's certainly not purposely rude, and he takes his work very seriously. He has also acknowledged in previous interviews that he wants to please his fans but doesn’t always know how too…. .. (Well Rob I would be more than happy to show you how you can please me! *wink*)

It would be interesting to hear from fans that have actually met him, spent some time with him - did he ever stop to meet his fans whilst filming in Vancouver, Italy, London?

So, “I wanna hear your theories” *wink*

Have his ‘people’ recommended that he doesn’t meet and greet fans because of potential security issues?
Has the recent ‘mobbing incident’ in NYC bothered him and isolated him further from his fans? Has it all got too damn crazy for him?

Rob is an intelligent guy but could struggle to show his full appreciation for his fans because of shyness, modesty, embarrassment? A few things I do know are;

• Rob doesn’t like screaming – it stresses him out;
• By his own admission - he’s paranoid and not fully comfortable yet with the media attention;
• He’s young, shy and relatively inexperienced with fame;
• He’s so ridiculously sexy and gorgeous it hurts me to look at him ! *dazzled*.....(oh sorry I got carried away there for a minute)

Unfortunately, I’ve not yet met him but I will be at the New Moon Premier – hoping for a glimpse of sexy gorgeousness that is Rob! (and not screaming btw)

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Comment by Jennie on June 29, 2009 at 2:26am
It's soooo nice to see recent videos of Rob still coming over to see his fans on filming set of Remember Me, I'm so glad that he has not been put off by the few minority who think they can invade his personal space and hang like a gibbon from his neck etc.

He's adorable, respectful, polite, friendly but also professional and hardworking. I especially love that even @ 5am he can say Hi and sign some autographs for his well behaved fans.

** Keep cool, calm and collected ladies - it obviously works ! ! **


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