Don't believe everything Perez Hilton says! "Party 'Till You Puke"

First off, I need to clarify this out before the younger fans start saying stuff and getting disappointed. I just read on .. an article about Kristen, RPatts, and Taylor's dine out in Couver before going to the Kings of Leon concert.. and I just have to say DONT BELIEVE ALL THAT PEREZ PUTS ON THERE... he just likes to stir up drama and I saw some reactions from youngins on there toward Taylor that upset me...

One reaction from a fan said: taylor lautner drinks? that dissappoints me :(

First read what Perez wrote:

Let the pAArty begin!

The Twilight: Eclipse cast let off some steam at the Water St. Cafe in Vancouver, BC on Saturday night, where the Twilight-ers dined (and we assume drank!) in a private room at the cafe. Which must have been before or after Robsten hit up the Kings of Leon concert.

Then R-Patz, Taylor Lautner and K-Stew all squashed into the backseat of a van - where poor Taylor was looking a little worse for wear!!

Can't hold your booze, T????

Perez already putting Taylor up there as drinking with the others (for Christ sake he's 17) and the drinking age over in Canada is around 18 or 19... but come on... looks bad on his part, no?
Anyway... I think its kind of not right stating that they "assumingly" drank and making Taylor look bad. Come on, they look more so like they're hiding from the papz then anything else! Well, if you check out the article on Perez' site everyone is now talking about Taylor making a 'bad decision on drinking' and all this BS that we dont know is true! How would Perez know that Taylor was drinking? This really upsets me cause now people are going to be nagging on poor Taylor.

What are your guys thoughts? I think Perez sometimes goes to far in what he says to stir up drama! GRR

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Comment by TwilightOCDer on August 17, 2009 at 12:40am
I think their just hiding from the papz, really they were just out having a good time.
Comment by Bree Cullen on August 17, 2009 at 4:18am
i totally agree with u. poor taylor!! its bad enough they get stalked by vulture-like paparazzi and now they accuse him of drinking. thats just wrong. someone should set perez hilton straight!
Comment by Raechel on August 17, 2009 at 8:22am
Perez HIlton can SUCK IT!!! He's an a****** of epic proportions...
Comment by Liz M on August 17, 2009 at 11:51am
I live in Canada, but I'm east from Vancouver. The drinking age in Canada is 19, and honestly i can't believe anything Perez Hilton puts on his site. To me Perez likes to start s***, and likes to make people look bad. To me he is the only one making himself look bad, but oh well. As long as the Twilight fan community don't believe him, thats all that matters.


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