Interviews Kellan Lutz ~ talks Breaking Dawn recently had the chance to catch up with Kellan Lutz in Toronto, Canada where he chatted about the Breaking Dawn movie, an Emmett spin-off and so much more. Check it out:

In Eclipse, we see Jasper and Rosalie’s backstories. Where’s Emmett’s?

I know! There’s an excerpt that Stephenie [Meyer] wrote called “Emmett and the Bear” that she posted on her website. It really shows what the story is with Emmett and his relationship with Edward and how they became really close. I wish that we could show that. I’d love for Stephenie to write the Emmett chronicles. Edit: You can read “Emmett and the Bear” here. This is an official Stephenie Meyer outtake from Twilight.

Let’s talk about Breaking Dawn. Are you excited that it’s being split into two movies?

I really am. I haven’t really sensed an ending coming up for the Twilight saga. I don’t want it to end because I love my character. I don’t mind going through two hours of makeup and putting in those annoying contacts just to be my character, because I have this happiness when I transform into him. And to get to do two more premieres, two more press junkets and have twice as long to travel around the world to meet fans is awesome. It’s just so easy. The movies don’t take too long to shoot and it’s a nice reunion with the rest of the cast.

So you’re not getting antsy to move on from Twilight?

It’s opened up so many doors that it doesn’t seem like it’s our whole life. We shoot it, then we work on three other different movies, and then you come back and get another taste of Twilight. I’m not super-saturated with Emmett or this saga yet; it hasn’t gotten old and it’s not going to.

What are you looking forward to about Breaking Dawn?

I really can’t wait to see how they’re going to do the whole baby thing. I’m just really excited to see how Melissa [Rosenberg] is going to write it. And also when they’re going to make part A stop and part B start. Is it before Bella transforms into a vampire? I can’t wait to read the script!

Read the rest of this great interview at here—->

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Comment by Shelley Renee McKey on July 15, 2010 at 9:11am
this pic of Kellen is so....... hot!!! I might start converting to team emmett, don't tell Jacob I said that!
Comment by Aidinslevel on July 15, 2010 at 9:16am
HA! It will be *our little secret* ;o)


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