Eclipse and New Moon movie review and anticipation.

Many have said that they were disappointed in the way that New Moon turned out. I personally believe it turned out as best it could. There is somethings they could have taken out to put other things in. But what can you do, you work with what you have. In Eclipse I do hope they keep with the book and don't add anything that isn't in the book. Which is what they usually do. Eclipse is a wonderful book but could be easily ruined if the directors ruined the movie. I have complete faith in Chris Weits. His job with New Moon was fantastic and I believe he deserves some praise for all the hard work he did for New Moon and I don't think we could have done any better. The Eclipse poster looks wonderful. The movie should be just as great. Those of you who do not like New Moon, should probably try to think of the ways that the movie was good. Yes, they failed in many ways, but they also succeed in many others. Eclipse is a movie we can all be very happy about. Many of us thought the day would never come when our most loved novels came to the big screen. Lets all be very excited for the release!!! And hopeful for the turn out! Comment on weather you liked or disliked New Moon and how they could have made it better! Thank you twifans!

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Comment by Elvirina on April 5, 2010 at 10:45am
I like NM to a certain extend... But it hasn't grasped my full attention like Twilight did. Don't know if it was because Twilight laid the foundation and NM just continued. But to be honest I think they cut some of the scenes I was looking forward to the most. Alice talking to Charlie in the morning, bella listening. Edward returning with a zonked out Bella from Italy. The voting scene I think they bombed into oblivion, I hated Edward was so calm and didn't act out like in the books. But I love that Chris Weitz made Kristen act better. She was so much better than in twilight. Also Jacob did a solid job. I had issues with some of the wardrobe and make up. But one thing I hated the most was ALICE. She was so annoying in NW and her acting SUCKED (Sorry) She was so good in Twilight - what happened? And Rosalie's hair was a disaster. Those are just a few of my opinion. I am looking forward to Eclipse, What we have seen so far looks pretty great - except from the poster that is unimaginiative and too predictable.
Comment by Bell~Dilancie Coven~ on April 12, 2010 at 7:05pm
lol... the poster is a bit like New Moon. Thank you for voicing you opinions. I appreciate them! I agree with you. Performance could have been better on some of the actors. Thank you. Please look at my other blogs.


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