Eclipse Hot Topic Merchandise -- Part One, Accessories and Jewelry

What's a day any twihard looks forward too? The day new merchandise arrives at Hot Topic, of course!! Luckily I had the day off to go exploring and see some of the items up close and personal. So, I thought I would share with all of you my thoughts on each item, and perhaps it might help some of you with your purchasing decisions.

I ended up going to two different Hot Topic locations today, and neither one really had a huge selection. The second store I went too did have more, but there wasn't the wide variety that I saw when the New Moon merchandise was released. So, don't be surprised if the selection is minimal, at least in this first week or two. The store associates were disappointed with their selection too and were hopeful that they would get more soon, however they did tell me that there is a new program that will allow you to have your online purchase shipped to the store. To do so you must order through the terminals in the store. Shipping to store is $1.00 and shipping to your home is $4.00 again only through in store ordering. So be sure to look to the net if you can't locate your favorite items.

Now onto the review. I had wanted to put in pics of the items, but unfortunately my computer isn't cooperating so I resorted to the next best thing and have put in links to the items. I will only be reporting on items that I saw. I will also be splitting the Review into 2 parts, Part one...Accessories and Jewelry, Part two T shirts and Hoodies


Twilight Eclipse Wolf Charm Bracelet $20.00

This is actually one of the items I did purchase today. I'm a sucker for prop replicas, so this was something I just had to add to my collection. It is one size fits most, and has a very basic silver link chain. I still can't decide if the wolf charm is metal or some combo of metal and plastic, either way it is quite heavy hanging down. Not so heavy as to be hard to wear, but the wolf does tend to end up hanging below the wrist. The crystal heart on the other hand is light, and appears to be made of some sort of plastic(?) It is faceted and sparkles. One side of the heart is flat, while the other bumps out to a kind of a point. It's not sharp, but you can notice the difference. It is hung on the bracelet by a gold clip and is removable or re positionable along the chain. I personally found the bracelet to big for my wrist and did a little tinkering with it using my jewelry tools. I took the end hoop link and moved it down 5 links and it fits much better now, closer to the wrist, but still with a dangle. Overall I wish the wolf charm had been a bit smaller, and the price was less, but I still really like it.
Overall ranking 8/10

Twilight Eclipse Team Edward Cord Bracelet $14.00

Twilight Eclipse Team Jacob Cord Bracelet

I took a close look at both of these today and was not impressed at either. I do have to give them some credit for making the bracelets different, rather then the usual charm bracelet style, but that's the only plus I can see. To me they have way to many charms hanging in one point, and it seems as if it would be hard to wear. I feel they could have done a better job choosing the charms as well. It would have made more sense for them to have the Cullen Crest or Wolf Pack Tattoo rather than the T and J charm, and further the little beads they choose to add seem unnecessary. The charms aren't overly too big, but it just wasn't my style.
Overall ranking 5/10

Twilight Eclipse Team Edward Key Chain
Twilight Eclipse Team Jacob Key Chain $8.99

These Key Chains or bag clips are pretty much the same as we've seen in the past. The main differences are in the Jacob version, which has a wolf head charm instead of the whole tattoo, and a leaf charm. Jacob's version is also in very bright red. Nothing too exciting here, but if you like to collect key chains from each film (I do), I'd go for these. I haven't picked up one yet, but I probably will soon.
Overall 8/10

Twilight Eclipse Team Edward Locket Necklace $20.00

Twilight Eclipse Team Jacob Locket Necklace $20.00

These necklaces are very heavy and clunky. The hearts are very big about 2 inches across and have a very basic design on the front. Inside there are 2 very nice pictures of our favorite guys, and you could wear it hanging open if you chose. Overall I wasn't impressed with these at all. I think the design on the front could have been better, and the heart could have easily been smaller. To me it is just a bit too much, and doesn't seem worth the price.
Overall 4/10

Twilight Eclipse Cullen Crest Velvet Necklace $20.00

This seems to be the newer version of Alice's choker, can't say they have it that way in the film, but that's what it reminds me of. I really did like the crest on this, especially the shaping of it, but I wish they would have put it on a chain rather than the ribbon. If I didn't all ready have a crest necklace and the price was cheaper, I might have gotten this one and then put it on a regular chain. If you like the ribbon or don't mind changing it to a different chain, I'd say this is a good purchase.
Overall 7/10

Twilight Eclipse Edward Heart Necklace $20.00

Twilight Eclipse Jacob Heart Necklace $20.00

Ok I LOVED both of these, but they were just way too big!! The design is more than 2 inches wide! Jacob's necklace is a black color with his name scripted into the base of the heart and a tiny red wolf charm hanging off the J. Edward's is silver with a small heart bead hanging of the script for his name. I would have gotten one in a heartbeat if they had just been smaller.
Overall ranking 9/10 (only flaw is the size)

Additional accessory notes:
The store I was at did have the rubber bracelets, but I won't comment on them other than to say they are standard fare. The Jacob version does have a different charm hanging down, as we once again see the wolf head. The Switzerland version has the crest that is seen on the shirts. The biggest difference is that one bracelet has the word Team, the other the Team Name. I'm never really impressed with these bracelets, but Overall I'd give them a 5/10, you either like them or you don't.

Bookmarks: The bookmarks are pretty standard, although it's nice to see Alice represented. The backs of the bookmarks say Eclipse. I was disappointed there wasn't one of Bella and Edward together, but you can't win them all. I won't rank these, but if you're in need of a new one, the Jacob and Edward pictures are nice!!

Pens: I honestly didn't look at these too closely, only noted they were there. They have nice pictures on them though.

The rest of the accessory items on the site they did not have in store, no bandaids, no regular keychains or other necklaces, and to my dismay no Moonstone ring or Engagement ring which I really wanted to look at. Hopefully they'll be in the store soon, if they aren't in one near you.

Part two, Tshirts and Hoodies, coming very soon

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Comment by Sparkle Farts♥ on June 4, 2010 at 9:56pm
GAH!!!!!!! yay!! i want sooooooooo much stuff!!!!! :D
Comment by Tal :)) on June 5, 2010 at 5:33am
I want all of them!
ho, and the Edward Heart Necklace is so beautiful <3
Jeez,everything looks so awesome!
Comment by Jazmin Santiago on June 5, 2010 at 7:50am
damm i want the bracelet Twilight Eclipse Wolf Charm Bracelet


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