Eclipse Hot Topic Merchandise -- Part Two, Tshirts and Hoodies

This is Part Two of my Review of the New Eclipse merchandise that can be found at Hot Topic. I will be including the merchandise links so you can check out the items for yourself. As I mentioned in Part one, the stores I went to did not have a huge selection, so I will only be commenting on the items I got to take a close look at. Hopefully this will help some of you while making your purchasing decisions.

Now onto the review!


Twilight Eclipse White Team Edward Zip-Up Hoodie $49-$51

There were only 3 things I didn't like about this hoodie...first the price, second it's white, and third Edward has RED eyes on the back. The first two kind of go together, I'm not a fan of white shirts, sweatshirts, etc, but I'm less of a fan if they cost me $50.00. If they are cheaper and it get something on it I won't feel as bad, but imagine getting even one stain on something that you shelled out this much money for, UGH! As to the picture, I know red is a theme color for Eclipse, but since when has Edward ever had red eyes?? You just don't mess with Edward! If it had been any other color and if his eyes hadn't been tampered with, I would have loved this. The crest on the front is really nice, and I really like the picture of Edward on the back. If you can brave the white and can stand Edward looking like he's gone off the vegetarian bandwagon, then go for it!
Overall ranking 4/10

Twilight Eclipse Black Jacob Zip-Up Hoodie $49-51

There is only one thing I don't like about this hoodie...Jacob's on it instead of Edward! Okay the price is a bit much too. But I truly love the picture they used of Jacob on here and the way the tattoo and tree limbs are in the background. On the back instead of Team Jacob it has the Eclipse logo on the rear, which is a nice touch, though it dates it a bit. It is a snug fit, though it does have some stretch to it, so be careful with washing.
Overall ranking 9/10 cause I can't give a Jacob item a 10...I just can't do it!

I'm going to take a bit of a different approach with the t-shirts, rather than describe each shirt and then rank them out of 10, I'm going to list them as either Hits or Misses with a a sentence or two as to why I feel they are a hit or a miss. Now again, these are the shirts that they had in stock as of today at my local stores.


Twilight Eclipse Edward Bella And Jacob T-Shirt $19.00 It's nice it comes in men's sizes, but the picture is way to big!

Twilight Eclipse Edward Swirl Tee $22.00
I like the swirl design, but not a fan of Edward's facial expression.

Twilight Eclipse Wolf Pack T-Shirt $19.00
I like how they designed this into the tattoo, but the picture online is def better than the pictures I saw in store. If you like it I'd try to get it in person rather than order online so you can compare.

Twilight Eclipse Cullen Group T-Shirt
I hate to list this one as a miss, but like the wolf pack shirt above some of the printing just wasn't done as nice as it could have been. That and Esme seriously looks evil. I know they can't be all smiley on the shirt, but the expressions could have been better.

Twilight Eclipse Edward Stencil T-Shirt $19.00
Once again hate to list it as a miss, but once again the image to me is overly large. The stencil idea is cool, just not impressed with how it turned out.

Twilight Eclipse Team Edward Tee $22.00
By far my favorite shirt and the one I bought, the lettering of Team Edward and Eclipse sparkle! One hint...look closely at print, some did have flaws.

Twilight Eclipse Black Team Jacob Tee
The print is nice, it's a good basic Team shirt.

Twilight Eclipse Red Wolf Pack Tee $22.00
By far my favorite wolf pack tee, the coloring and picture turned out very nice on this one!

Twilight Eclipse Red Jacob Black Tee
Love this shirt...if I wasn't so Team Edward I'd own this one!

Twilight Eclipse Team Switzerland Tee $22.00
This shirt also comes in red, but I like the effect of the "crest" on the black better. I almost got one of these, but I'm not Switzerland..way too much into Edward for that! Defiantly worth picking up if you are more balanced than I am.

Twilight Eclipse Edward Heart Tee $22.00
Really like the Cullen crests inside the heart, one a mirror of the other. It has a really good picture of Edward on it too, and the design is a good size. I also like how it says Eclipse in small letters, so as not to date the shirt too much.

Twilight Eclipse Jacob Splatter T-Shirt
Seriously other than Jacob is larger than life, what's not to like about this pose. Remember that's a true Edward girl saying that!

Eclipse One Sheet tee
This was very well done. I was very tempted to get it! At the moment I can't seem to find a pic of it online though.

Unfortunately that's all the shirts I got to see in the store. Obviously there is a ton more online. The ones I really wanted to see were the "Marry Me, Bella" and the "Marry Me/Change Me" shirt, but no such luck. I hope you have a better time finding items in stock than I did.

Please leave a comment on this blog or on Part one and let me know what you think. Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts. All opinions are welcome! Oh and if you've gotten to see something that I did not, please let us know about it in the comments, and share your thoughts on it!

Thanks for reading!

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