I apologize in advance for the formatting on this post. I don't know how to get spaces to remain between the lines!

I saw it TODAY at 10:00 AM! It was the first showing (except maybe midnight, I don't know if there was midnight show at that theater), and the theater was not full, but there were a lot of people.

IT WAS SO AWESOME! I hope you thought so too! I want to see it like 10 more times! Maybe I can settle for 3. BUT I WANT THE DVD NOW!!!!!! I want to see behind the scenes and stuff! I didn't know that it would be so intense and tense! They really conveyed that well! I was gripping my chair arms hard for a while!!! The movement between scenes was good, too.
The beginning caught me off guard! You know how much they show before the movies now; a LOT more than previews! By the time the film started subtly with Riley, I didn't realize at first it was the movie! But I liked that beginning. It was a good intro to the newborns. It was cool for Riley to have been from Forks. I was wondering at first why parents were talking to Charlie about Riley's disappearance, but the Forks story was perfect as explained by Edward at the end!
I had looked back at my book and realized that Jake's note about not seeing Bella anymore was at the beginning. I liked that the letter was in the movie! I was really kind of SHOCKED by how many lines seemed to come straight out of the book! And I should know! I read it again just this month to be ready!!!!
I liked Edward & Bella in the meadow of course, but that meadow had almost too many flowers! But whatever they want! There were some important moments there! It is such a special place for them! Many, many FF stories that I read have the meadow included!
I liked Bella!! I loved it when she started hollering after punching Jake in the face! Go Bella! Kisses with Jake were OK, but I LOVED all the Edward and Bella kissing! I liked her with Charlie, too!
Edward was Fabulous as Always! I think Rob showed his emotions really well! During the tent scene and fight with Riley/Victoria, I was about to lose it! It
was so dramatic and gripping! Jacob and Edward's tent talk could not have been better! The confrontation with Jake at Bella's house when Charlie had to break them up was great! I love Charlie!
I couldn't believe that Jessica was Valedictorian! If it weren't going to be Eric like in book, why not Angela? Jess was not canon, but I guess it didn't really bother me. I did like the fact that they stuck to the book and made the robes a bright yellow!
I loved how much time and attention Jasper received! He really helped hold things together. And how about his voice? LOVED it! His backstory was done great. He was important in trying to track Riley, interacting with the wolves, teaching about newborns and FIGHTING, and in bringing the reality of vampire violence to light. AND he got 2 kisses with Alice! We have not seen that before! Now, Breaking Dawn, I will be looking for Emmett and Rosalie Kiss!!!
I liked Rose's backstory too. I am glad it was before Jasper's, though, because it would have been anticlimactic after Jazz's!
I liked the party! Somehow I was afraid (before seeing on-line picture) that they might skip that. One never knows with these films!
I had wondered about clip I saw where Jake agreed that the wolves would help the Cullens. How could he do that without consulting Sam? But then I realized, and I think the movie confirmed it, that Vamp Killing is what the wolves are for, so probably any of them could have agreed to the fight!
I was surprised by how much Jake said about imprinting and about his telling Bella about the Alpha male thing. And Bella called him Chief Jacob! But I really liked it!
I thought Jake's injury was done well! I liked that his injury caused him to phase back and that the pack phased right away, too. I am glad they made it obvious that he was helping Leah. That was another detail I thought they might skim over. Taylor was awesome in the final scene with Jake in bed. You could see his pain.
The final fight was good. The review in the paper today said it was anticlimactic, but I did not think so! They didn't make the film just to satisfy that reviewer!
I liked the early Victoria chase and the practice fighting. Emmett was great in both of those scenes! I wish he had more lines, but they have a lot of folks to deal with now!
I liked Bryce as Victoria. Her voice was good and I thought she was prettier than Rachelle. She was like the only actor that they had to change, which I think is impressive, considering how many people there are now!
I did not think that Bree was pretty enough!
Seth was cute. I didn't know anything about BooBoo, but he is in the teen magazines.
The bed in Edward's room: TOO GOOD! I was afraid they might do that wrong, but it seemed canon to me! There were pieces of paper taped on Edward's window in that scene; I had seen them prior in a picture on-line. What do you think those things were? Maybe articles about the killings in Seattle?
I liked the Fireside Legends and the way Bella did cut herself in the Edward/Vic fight. In the book, I think she only threatened to cut herself. The blood made more sense.
The proposal was great! I liked how Edward talked about how courting Bella would have been in his past, even asking her father! I was hoping maybe there would be a flashback there! Bella was so happy! YAY!!! (HOW did she manage to turn him down all those times???? NO ONE else can resist Edward!!)
I also liked Bella's explanation at the end about why being a vamp was important to her. It made so much sense! I think that was implied in the books but not spelled out as clearly in them.
I was hoping that they would go ahead and tell Charlie about the wedding, but they kept to the book for that! It was like a flashback in BD.
I was worried about the fangirls on this the first day and their SCREAMING!! But the audience was very well behaved. No screaming but a good bit of laughing! There were some funny moments, but a few times I had no idea what they were laughing at!
This was by far the best of the movies to me!! What did you think? Now the LONG wait for BD!!
The review in the paper ended by saying that the writer was looking forward to seeing what happens next! You and me both, Sister!!
OK, so on the news tonight, they said that in Kagan's hearing for Supreme Court judge, one of the congress members brought up the midnight Eclipse showing!! TOO WEIRD!! But just proves how ingrained it is in our culture!!!
Well, I guess that is enough for now! I hope you will let me know what YOU think! I am going to book a ticket for an IMAX showing for later in the week, probably for Friday or Saturday. I can't wait to see it again! Laters.

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Comment by Pomi on June 30, 2010 at 9:56pm
i am in agony!!!!!!!! i want to watch soooooooooo bad but i guess i'm gonna have to wait! IT IS KILLING ME!!!!!! AHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Comment by michelle on July 1, 2010 at 2:44am
I liked your review and everything you have written i agree.. And yes bella did cut herself in the book (i am so happy they put that in) It flowed well.. i really cant write much as you have said it all.. I have already watched it twice(haha a twi nerd i know) and it was even better the 2nd time if thats even possible.. i felt the 1st time it was fast paced but it wasent like that at all the 2nd time.. i think it was becuase i was waiting for this movie for so long it just went too fast
Comment by Emory Bass Cullen on July 1, 2010 at 8:32am
I guess you could read Eclipse to mean Bella did cut herself with the rock at the Victoria/Riley fight, but I have never seen it that way. p. 550: "I steeled myself and sucked in one deep breath. Victoria was distracted by the sound of my gasp." It doesn't mention blood there. Interesting point.
Comment by StephyLuvsB&E on July 1, 2010 at 10:55am
I love your review so very much!!! I am going to see it on Saturday and I know for sure I will not be disappointed with any of it!!

OMG!! I can't wait to see all of the Bella and Edward scenes!! The way you describe their scenes make them sound soo incredible and awesome!! I have been looking forward to the proposal scene for a very long time and I am thrilled to see that it was just perfect in the film!!

Thank you again!!!
Comment by Emory Bass Cullen on July 1, 2010 at 12:39pm
Thanks for writing back. It was great to hear from you! I am glad my thoughts were helpful to you, and apparently you didn't find it too much a spoiler! YOU WILL LOVE IT! It blew me awaY!
Comment by Emory Bass Cullen on July 1, 2010 at 6:34pm
POMI: Have you seen Eclipse yet? I was not sure why you had to wait. ENJOY it!


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