So yeah, last Saturday, July 10, 2010.. we went to Cebu, MAINLY to visit my sister (and watch Eclipse :P) .

First off, to those who haven't seen the movie yet, **SPOILER ALERT!** read at your own risk. XD

Hmmm..let's see. Right, sister dear already watched it so i had to watch the movie by myself. Sad. I know. these are my ramblings, comments, side comments, reactions, violent reactions and likings XD

The guy who played Riley really fitted his role. If you didn't read the Saga, of course, you can't really understand the begging of the movie. XD But lucky for me I did. So yeah..mysterious killings...blah blah blah.

In the movie, it started with Edward and Bella in the meadow, but in the book, they were filling out college applications for Bella. But i'm not complaining ;D meadow scene was a BONUS! "Marry me Bella" -Edward repeated that line over and over again! "No." hahahaha. i pity edward. if he'd ask me to marry him id say Hell Yeah I Would! Ok, moving Charlie asked Bella to spend time with some friends (particularly JACOB :P ) after he lifted his punishment..which she was being grounded (after she left with alice and went to Italy). And what happened in the book, really did happen in the movie. Bella tried to bring her old Chevy truck to life but failed miserably at it. Then BOOM! Edward appears! (yay vampire speed!) XD "Alice saw you disappear.." Blah...blah...blah..

I was surprised to see the Cullens sitting with Jessica and her friends (i forgot the sequence of the book -.-..forgive me.) And yeah, it still followed the book. ( Cheers for David Slade! he should have made the whole twilight saga. sorry catherine, chriz). then the whole valedictorian speech. PS- i didnt know jessica was the valedictorian :| so yeah. alice was saying about the whole graduation party at the cullen residence and eric was all "but we've never been to your house"..."No one has, eric" **awkward silence** then alice had her vision. which was pretty awesome and bella stared at edward and edward was like "it was nothing" :)

so yeah, edward dropped her to the police station where charlie was talking to two people about their missing son, who was actually Riley :O and bella asked what really happened between the whole alice-edward mind reading/phychic thingy and edward was lying his ass off. -.- all for the sake of me bella. and when charlie came out and asked what was wrong, edward told him he just dropped bella off and mentioned about the ticket to go to Jacksonville to visit her mom. hahahahah. and when charlie knew that edward was going with her, he was like "well, that sounds....good" XD

and yeah, bella was hanging out with her mom and the quote "the way he looks at you..its like he's ready to take a bullet for you" awwww :"> and renee's gift was definately a surprise :) PS-edward still looked AMAZING! *-*

yeah. so the rest of the cullens were waiting for victoria (which isnt Rachelle Lafevre anymore :''< ). and they chase her!!! yeah. emmett! ftw! rosalie is more beautiful here than in New Moon. (Sorry make up director :P) and alice, still stunning. and yeah, now you know why i LOVE jasper's character so much. :P alot of people said that they loved jasper after seeing eclipse. told yah he was a nice character. esme didnt really changed much. and carlisle still looks young :D
so yeah..back to the chasign part. ok so chasing...chasing...chasing.. *emmett gains on victoria* and she jumps and emmett misses *le sigh* -.- if edward was there, she would have been dead. but he's in jacksonville atm. :)) but victoria crossed the border and the wolves were chasing her! yeah! (still dont like Jacob ) so the wolves gain on her, and she goes to the cullen territory again, and JASPER does this awesome tree climbing thingy and almost got victoria! sadly he didnt . :| and victoria crossed the border....AGAIN and emmett jumped and alice was like "NO! Emmett!" and paul lunges at emmett and they had a go at it. >.< so yeah...

then edward and bella got back from jacksonville. and edward asked bella if she would stay in the car if he asked her too. and obviously, she's stubborn, she gets out. POOR EDWARD. andJACOB comes in. (and if you notice, i slash out Jacob's name everytime XD EVIL!) and yeah. the argument happens and i hate this part. because bella runs off with jacob and i pity edward :(

**gonna stop..going to finish later :P**

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