Eclipse Soundtrack & Score Tracks in Movie Order

1. Chop And Change (Soundtrack)- Intro to Movie when Riley is coming out of the bar.
2. Riley (Score)- Riley is attacked by Victoria
3.Compromise/ Bella's Theme (Score)- Edward and Bella in their meadow
4. Let's Get Lost (Soundtrack)- Bella thinking about Jacob reading the passed around note from him
5. Bella's Truck/Florida (Score)- Edward keeps Bella from Driving to reservation. The Florida part of this song will play after "How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep" while Edward and Bella are in Florida.
6. How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep (Soundtrack)- Forks High Lunchroom, Alice has vision.
7. Victoria (Score)- The Cullens and the wolves pursue Victoria.
8. A Million Miles An Hour (Soundtrack)- Forks High parking lot, Jacob on bike
9. Jonathan Low (Soundtrack)- Jacob and Bella ride to his house.
10. Imprinting (Score)- Jacob explains to Bella about Imprinting
11. The Cullens Plan (Score)- After Riley visits Bella's house the Cullens discuss ways to protect Bella
12. Atlas (Soundtrack)- Plays while Edward drops Bella off at the boundary line
13. Life On Earth (Soundtrack)- Edward and Bella discuss the ramifications of her transformation, "You will always be my Bella"
14. First Kiss (Score)- Jacob kisses Bella and she punches him in the face
15. Rosalie (Score)- Rosalie's Backstory
16. Decisions, Decisions... (Score)- The Volturi watch the Newborn Army and decide whether or not to act
17. Ours (Soundtrack)- Graduation Party Song #1
18. Neutron Star Collision (Soundtrack)- Graduation Party Song #2
19. They're Coming Here (Score)- Alice sees the Newborn Army coming Here
20. With You In My Head (Soundtrack)- Jasper training the vampires and the wolves (Jasper was so hot during this scene!!!)
21. Jasper (Score)- Jasper's Backstory
22. Wolf Scent (Score)- Jacob caries Bella to see if his scent will mask Bella's
23. Clair de Lune- Plays as Bella walks into the Cullen's house for her night alone with Edward
24. My Love (Soundtrack)- Leg Hitch/ Proposal scene
25.Rolling In On a Burning Tire (Soundtrack)- Victoria and Riley under bridge discussing destroying the Cullens
26. Mountain Peak (Score)- Jacob carries Bella to camp site, Newborns approach Forks, Edwards waits for Bella at campsite
27. The Kiss (Score)- The REAL KISS of Jacob and Bella
28. The Battle/ Victoria vs. Edward (Score)- Title says it all
29. Jane (Score)- After the battle, the volturi step in
30. As Easy as Breathing (Score)- Bella and Jacob talk about their love for each other but Bella knows what who she wants
31.Wedding Plans (Score)- Edward and Bella talk about their Wedding, Bella explains to Edward why she really wants to become a Vampire, the metric song plays during this track as well as the movie goes into the credits
32. Heavy In Your Arms (Soundtrack)- Credits
33.What Part of Forever (Soundtrack)- Credits

Don't know if someone has posted this already. I also have to give credit to Mandy's Mind, I used an earlier post that was on here from her site and added the score songs. I think this list is about right. Jacob's Theme (Soundtrack) and Jacob Black (Score), which are pretty much the same, are used throughout the film in scenes that involve Jacob. I have no idea where the song "The Line" by the Battles is used in the film. There is also music played during some scenes that I could not recognize like during the campfire tribe stories and when Bree is turned.

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