June 30, is almost here, and if you're a Twi freak like me you've already pre-ordered your movie ticket if possible. And you've been re-reading and re-re-reading Eclipse over and over to make sure that you take note of everything that you are expecting to see in the upcoming film.

I'm not going to be ashamed of the fact that I expect a lot out of any writer/director apart from the first Twilight film because the budgets are bigger which means there should be more quality all around.

Since Melissa has been at the helm of this ship and most likely will continue to be. I'm not sure what to expect from the dialouge. Okay, I'm sure that it might be fairly craptastic, but still, I'm a glass half full kind of girl so I was remain optimistic until I hear it with my own ears.

But that got me to wondering...what are the non-negotiables that have to be a part of the fims in terms of canon?

Here are a few bullet points, I'm looking forward to seing translated on screen.

  • Of course, we have to absolutely see the first chapter of the book, including the hilarious conversations between Charlie and Bella about spending more time with her friends and, of course Edward and Bella's conversation. I would so much love for this to remain in tact as much as possible, especially the parts about Wuthering Heights. I really think that gets to the crux of Edward's viewpoint at that moment. And I am absolutely demanding that the last page of chapter I be in this movie verbatim. I'm referring to Edward and Bella's declaration of love for one another. When he says, "You compare one small tree to the entire forest," I get the shivers. So hot. So necessary to see.
  • I'm farily confident that the cafeteria scene in which we see the vampires interact with more than Bella will be in there (I'm speaking of Angela and Ben) as this is when Alice recieves her vision of Victoria. But i just love the fact that Angela and Ben (or in this case Eric), are included in this. And later, Bella and Edward's first sexually charged moment in the book (when she's emailing Renee).
  • Edward unplugging Bella's car to keep her from seeing Jacob. That's pretty self-expanatory
  • I don't know how they'll do it, but they'll have to work in the note passing scene between Edward and Bella after their confrontation with Jacob). I'll accept this in the from of a regular conversation as long as a form of it is in there.
  • Rose and Jasper's story unfiltered. We need to know about the Cullens and we learn something about Emmett too through Rose's story. So we really need that in there.
  • Again, I have confidence that Edward and Bella's scenes after her visit with Jacob (the first bed scene!) will make it in. I hope that they are done justice though, because Stephenie really sold that scene for me and that's what cemented my everlasting love for this series.
  • They better include some flashbacks of the Taha Aki story because the Quilettes are showcased all throughout this book and that is an integral part of Bella's need to be at the final battle.
  • The second Edward's bedroom scene. Self-explanatory
  • And the important scene between Jacob and Edward where they lay it all out on the table.

So what scenes are you hoping to see in Eclipse. I'm pretty sure we wish they could do the whole thing word for word, but that's because we know that what Stephenie did was so much better than what any of them could do for these characters. They are hers after all, but I am so excited to see some of this stuff up there performed by K-Stew and R-Pattz, because together they make the perfect Bella and Edward.

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Comment by Marie on May 8, 2010 at 4:06pm
For this '' And later, Bella and Edward's first sexually charged moment in the book (when she's emailing Renee). '' totally agree but i dont know if they do this detail :( as far as i know in twi or new moon were wasn any details what i wanted not even smail details everything is just scene scene scene so tight no real sence that this was really in the book :( soo ii soo hopind for this but i cant it a chance;( also i am hoping to see of course when Bella sees her wedding dress ;D lovely and little more story with alice and Jazz;D
Comment by Barbara Fenwick on May 8, 2010 at 4:36pm
Much like you, I plan on rereading Eclipse one more time before the movie comes out. At first I was worried about Eclipse, but since hearing the reviews from Oprah's audience after seeing the movie, I am really excited. I think the movie is going to be wonderful. I do hate the long wait for BD, but time will go by. I really enjoy talking to others who feel as I do about these books and movies....I have no one to talk to about this, and talking really helps.


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