i hope you guys like it :)

i wrote this when i was 14 , so it's a bit immature, but still i hope you guys enjoy! -

"Century Gothic""">Bella & Edward adopts

"Century Gothic""">


Bella’s P.O.V

“Mom! I’m thirsty! I’m thirsty!” Renesmee whined.

“Renesmee” I said sternly “you are already a hundred years old, and yet you whine like a child”

She pouted again; it hurts to see her like that. Her beautiful angelic face, with in the midst of sadness, I can’t bear look at it. “But I’m thirsty” she said

I sighed, what will I do with this child? She is just so irresistible. “Fine, since Jake is in La Push no one will go with you, and since I’m quite thirsty
myself. Let’s call your father. So we’ll hunt together. ”

“Sure mom.” Renesmee replied. We both quickly dashed downstairs. Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle and Esme were in the living room. Alice and Jasper were gone
having another honeymoon at Isle Esme. Emmett and Rosalie were watching a
movie, Carlisle was reading a book, as always, Esme was sketching, and my
Edward played my lullaby beautifully on the piano.

He stopped playing when he saw me and Renesmee walking towards him.

“Hello you two” he said standing up. He kissed the top of Renesmee’s head and me on the lips. “Edward, Nessie has been whining about being thirsty, and I’m feeling
thirsty myself. So, can you go with us?” I asked.

“Hmmm…Well, I haven’t hunted for a while as well. That’s beside the point, of course. And yes, I will go hunt with two. I will always will.” Edward said, smiling his
perfect smile. I can’t help myself to smile back.

“Ehem!” Renesmee cleared her throat. “Hungry” she said, pointing at herself. Edward and I just chuckled.

“Shall we?” Edward asked.

As we were at the door Emmett spoke. “Having a tea party Edward?” he teased.

“Yes we are” Edward said, flatly.

“Well, see ‘ya!” Emmett said, Edward just rolled his eyes.

My family and I ran towards the woods. When the three of us were in the middle of the forest, I smelled a herd of elks in the South.

“Do you smell it mom? Dad?” Renesmee asked.

“Yes” both Edward and I replied in unison.

“Can I lead?” Renesmee asked.

“Of course dear” Edward said. And Renesmee dashed off towards the herd. When Edward I got there she already drank 3 elks.

“Whoa, I didn’t know you were that thirsty Nessie” Edward commented.

Renesmee shrugged. “Well, I’m full now. I already took down the rest but I didn’t finish them up. You can have them.” She said smugly.

“Thanks” I murmured. I took an elk and quickly lunched my teeth towards its neck. Within a minute, it was blood drained. And I did it again when I had my second elk.

“All done?” Edward asked of me.

“Yes, I am. And for the first time my dress survived.” I teased.

Renesmee then yawned. “Sleepy?” I asked her.

“Yeah” she replied sheepishly.

“Let’s go home then” Edward said, taking Renesmee to ride on his back, but before we can move. We all smelled a scent.

"Century Gothic""">Of a human.


“Edward” I said nervously. “The human is in my radius, I can hear her thoughts.” He said closing his eyes. He was listening to the human’s thoughts. Whether she saw or
heard us. Or maybe she needed help any information at all, Edward will know.
Edward is listening.

“Bella, she is in need of help. Her thoughts are full of pain. Physically and emotionally.” Edward said sadly.

“I think we should help mom” Renesmee said, looking at me.

“We will dear” I replied. I don’t want any one. If a human or vampire is dying, and when I and my family could help, I will do everything to help.

“Let’s go” I said, and then I ran, leading the way towards the scent of the human girl.

Finally, I found her. She was lying near a tree. The back part of her dress was torn, and it was full of such long, red bruises and scars.

“Oh my…” I gasped. “What happened to her?”

“Such long, painful bruises” Renesmee murmured.

“She was battered.” Edward said. I turned to look at him, he had his eyes closed. He really was concentrating.

“Battered? By who?” I asked.

He opened his eyes gently to look at me. It was full of pain.

“By her own father” he said through his teeth. “She was like a servant in their house, if she makes a mistake, they slap her. She has been through such pain.”

“How do you know so much?” I asked.

“She is remembering all of it, everything that happened before this.” He said. “She ran away for she can’t handle it. She and her family just arrived at Forks last
night. And it was her opportunity to escape. And she did.”

The girl suddenly gasped. Blood was coming out from her mouth.

“Edward! Help her!” I screeched.

“Let’s take her to Carlisle” Edward said.

“No! She won’t make it!” I snapped.

“Mom, her wounds are bleeding. She’s losing a lot of blood.” Renesmee said, analyzing the dying girl in front of us.

“Edward, bite her!” I said.

“Bella, she smells almost as good as you.” he said.

“Almost” I countered.

“Mom! Dad!” Renesmee yelled.

“Edward!” I murmured in horror.

“I might not make it, Bella. I might kill her.” Edward said.


“Bella, don’t underestimate my self control.”

“We have no other choice” I said, realizing what I must do.

“Mom! She’s losing it!” Renesmee said, sitting beside the girl.

I sat beside my daughter and the dying girl. And so did Edward. I let down my shield so that Edward could hear my thoughts.

Edward, I have to do it myself I thought.

“Can you handle it, love?” Edward asked. Renesmee just looked up at us with confused eyes.

I nodded. “Renesmee, hold her head.” I said

“Mom, are you-?” Renesmee wanted to ask but I cut her off. I already know what her question would be. “Yes” I said, and my tone surprised me. I sounded…calm.

I inhaled deeply towards the trees. I carefully lunched my teeth towards the girl who will be sooner enough, going to be a vampire. A new Cullen.


Edward was right. The smell of the girl was too delicious. I had to use all of my focus to bite her. When I finally bit her three times, one in the neck, the
other in the forearm and last on the chest.

“Edward we need to carry her and show her to Carlisle.” I said, pity and urgency in my voice.

Edward just nodded while picking up the girl. “Let’s go” he said.

As we ran I can’t help myself to worry about the girl. She had such a miserable life. No love or Care. Now, she is burning like she was in hell. But I know, when she
wakes up she will have the happiest life.

She will be a Cullen. My Cullen.

When we got to the house Alice met us with concern on her face, She’s here! Finally. “Hurry, take her to
Carlisle” she said to Edward. And Edward did.

I sat on the sofa in the living room, and Renesmee sat next to me. “Hope she’ll be fine” Renesmee murmured.

“I hope so too” I whispered.

After 5 minutes. Carlisle and Edward came down stairs with us. Edward came to my side in the instant. “How is she?” I asked when he was at my side.

“She will be fine. Carlisle estimated she will wake up after a few days.” He told me, that made me sigh in relief. The girl was safe.

“Poor Reese” Alice mouthed. “Reese? Is that her name then?” I asked out of the blue.

“Uh yes. I saw a vision of her last night that she was trying to ran away, with such severe wounds and bruises. It made me concern of course. But what can I do? She
was bleeding; I might have ended her life.” Alice said. “It’s okay Alice she’s
fine now.” I said.

“Bella, you did very well. Better than Edward” Alice chimed.

“Thanks Alice” I said. I hope that it would be enough though.

~After 5 days~

Everyone was downstairs. Edward and I were in front of the piano. Carlisle, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie were in the living, doing things I do not know.
Renesmee and Jacob were outside, planning for there upcoming ‘date’ this

Then all of a sudden, I felt Edward tense. This of course bothered me. “Edward, what is the matter?” I asked him.

“Reese” he said. That made me pay attention even more “She will be waking up soon. I can hear her thoughts”

I gasped and ran towards the room where Reese laid. I only felt Edward and Alice behind me, following.


I ran towards the room where Reese was laid, and when I finally came there. I was surprised that Reese was in sitting position, her head at her hands, and I think she was sobbing, but I know tears
won’t come out. We were not able to cry. We were vampires.

I slowly walked towards Reese with caution. I felt Renesmee beside me. “Renesmee, go down stairs. Reese is a new born. She might attack you.” I warned her. I don’t want
my only biological daughter to die.

Renesmee obliged as she nodded. She elegantly came downstairs, Jacob following by her side. I saw Rosalie near the stairs. “Rose, can you go with Renesmee?” I asked.
Rosalie smiled and then nodded. She then followed Renesmee and Jacob down

Suddenly I felt Reese move her head. I looked at her with curios intent eyes. “Who…who are... Who are you!?” she demanded.

“Reese, I am Bella. We are the Cullens. And you will be part of us.” I said. Normally, Carlisle does the introduction. But Reese needed a mother. And I want to help
her. I want to be that mother.

“Please down hurt me” she begged, and she tearlessly sobbed.

“We would never hurt Reese” I hear Esme say from behind. “That’s true” I added.

“No! You’ll hurt me! Everybody does!” she yelled. Oh no, she‘s having a fit! I suddenly felt Edward, Emmett and Carlisle in front dashed towards her. But Carlisle stopped suddenly, as if he bumped
into something not visible.

Carlisle moved his hand in front of him; he laid his hand in to a thin thing in the air. But it looked like he was resting on it. No force at all.

“A shield” Carlisle said. “A very powerful shield.”


“What are you talking about!?” Reese cried out, looking up at us. And from what I saw surprised me. Reese, in comparison to Rosalie, was very, very beautiful.

But made me curios even more was when I saw her hair. Her hair was a striking long, shiny silver color. Her bright red irises made her aura and persona very intimidating
and yet very beautiful.

But I shook my head to set that aside. It was time for Reese to know. “Reese, we’re vampires. We’re the Cullens. And you’re going to be a part of our family. We
saw you at the forest. And I can’t help myself to not help you. And I bit you.”

“What?! Are you lunatics or something? Vampires don’t exist!” she countered.

Alice came through the door holding the same mirror she used when I woke up as a vampire a hundred years a go. “Then look at your reflection” Alice said to her.

As she did, she started to feel believed in us. I started to re-tell her everything, she finally did believe.

“I’m…I’m not human anymore?” Reese muttered under her breathe.

“Yes. You are not human anymore. You are one of us.” Carlisle said.

“I’m free…at last” she whispered to herself.

“Reese, let’s hunt” I implied.

“Hunt? Hunt for blood? We’re not killing humans are we?” Reese asked.

“Yes, hunt and drink for blood. But we do not kill humans Reese, only animals. Mostly herbivores actually.” I clarified.

“I see. Okay.”

“Um…Reese? Can you pull down your shield first?” I asked, as I bumped on her shield. Darn, I keep forgetting that.


*Reese’s P.O.V*

“Shield?” I asked. I’m not holding a shield or anything. What did she meant about that?

“She meant about your power, Reese” A bronze haired boy said. How did he know what I was thinking?

The bronze haired chuckled. “Reese, my name is Edward. This my wife, Bella.” He said. Wife? But they were so young.

Edward laughed. “Carlisle, I think we should explain everything to Reese properly.” Edward said to the old blonde guy, whom he called Carlisle. Carlisle just
nodded his head once then turned his head to face me.

“Reese, we are the Cullens, we are vampires. And you will be a part of our family as we said last time.” I nodded and said, “Yeah, I believe you. We’re…vampires” I
looked when I said the last word. In fact, I still can’t believe I was vampire.
But Carlisle cut off my train of thoughts. “Now, let me introduce everyone to
you…” he cut off then examined me. “Maybe later when everyone is here and that
your thirst is quenched.”

“Thirst? I’m not thirsty” I said. My throat was the same as it was. I didn’t feel anything at all.

“She tells the truth, I can read her mind, and she can’t feel her thirst” Edward muttered, confused.

“You can’t?” Carlisle and Bella asked the same time.

“Well, I’m not starving or anything-” I was cut off. My throat suddenly felt hot. Then I understood what they meant. The thirst.

They all looked at me with confused eyes. “She quite a late bloomer” a large dark haired man muttered under his breathe.

“Reese, do you wanna go hunt? Bella and the others have already hunted, well except for me. Do you wanna go with me instead? I’m Alice by the way” the short raven
haired chimed, she said too fast for even me, a normal"">vampire to understand quite clearly.

“Sure” I said, excited.

“But please put down your shield” Alice added.

“I don’t have a shield!” I yelled. How many times do I have to say it?

“Reese, let me explain that part to you.” Carlisle suggested. I nodded stiffly, I feel pissed a little. Must be the nerves.

“Vampires have extra ability Reese, Edward here can read minds, Alice can see the future but they are subjective. Jasper can control emotions” he gestured to the other
blonde man “And Bella is like you, she is also a shield. But she shields the
mind. You shield the body, that’s
your gift Reese.”

My mouth hung open. Gift? I have a gift? AWESOME!

“But what do you mean I’m like Bella but we shield different stuff?” I asked. That was weird.

“Well, you both are shields, but you shield differently. You shield the body and Bella shields the mind.”

“I see. So how do I use my powers?” I asked, more excited.

Edward, Carlisle, and the two other guys raised one eyebrow, while Bella and Alice giggled. What’s up with them? “What?” I demanded.

“You’re already using it Reese!” they all yelled at me.


*Reese’s P.O.V*

After a long argument with the Cullens, I was finally able to control my shield. But what I can’t control was my thirst. Alice and her mate came with me to hunt.
Bella and Edward hugged me and gave me some encouragement before we left.

“Reese, over there. There’s a herd of elk, ready?” Alice asked. I nodded nervously.

“Okay…go!” she yelled. Then suddenly, she was already attacking the herd. The trees’ leaves beside me were still shaking from her and her mate’s passage.

Alice, even attacking the herd, was very elegant. It was as if, her every movement was choreographed. It was dazzling to watch. I saw her kill and left an elk blood
drained on the ground. But it didn’t make me feel dizzy or disgusted. Maybe, I
experienced worst. That was the only answer I could think of.

“Reese! Aren’t you thirsty?” I chimed from afar. Wow, I could hear her! Ops. Right, I have vampire ears now.

“I’m coming!” I said as I ran towards them. I was surprised when I got there with in a spilt second. Whoa. That was so fast!

“Reese, here. I knocked down this one for you” Alice said, handing me the unconscious elk. I sluggishly took it. My hands were shaking when I held the unconscious

“Reese, you must drink” Alice said.

I didn’t answer.

“Reese, it’s for your own good. It’s to control your thirst, so that you can meet Renesmee and Jacob” Alice said.

“Who are they?” I asked. “Why do I have to control myself around them?”

“Reese, Renesmee is Bella and Edward’s biological daughter. Bella conceived her when she was still human a long time ago.”

“Meaning?” I asked. I sounded quite sarcastic.

“Renesmee, but you can call her Nessie” she interjected but no less returned to her speech “is half human, she has blood in her Reese, and so does Jacob, but I doubt you
want to drink his blood, but Reese,
you can.” Alice warned.

“I see. But why do you doubt I want to drink this Jacob’s blood?” I asked.

Her mate suppressed his laugh. “Well…er…it’s the smell really. His wolf Reese”

My mouth hung open and my eyes bugged wide. IS THERE NO END TO THIS FICTIONS COMING TRUE?!


It was really full when Alice, her mate and I got…home. Alice already told me everything about their past here at Forks. About Jacob
imprinting on Renesmee also called Nessie. And about Edward and Bella mostly,
they had such a wonderful past. But I thought the part when Edward left Bella
was quite idiotic of him, and I was surprised that Alice agreed with me with no
doubt at all.

When we entered the house, I knew everyone was there. Alice told me there current number (except me of course) was 10. I saw 11 people in the room, including
myself. So, everyone was here. I sighed. I felt nervous.

“Welcome Reese!” Carlisle said. Alice and her mate went beside the others.

The door behind just closed because if the wind, and thanks to the wind u smelled two scents, one was very sweet, mush like Alice and the other’s scent, except she
smelled sweeter in a different way. The other scent made my nose wrinkle. I
guess that would Jacob.

“Uh, thanks Carlisle” I said casually.

“Now let me introduce everyone. I am Carlisle and this is my wife Esme.” A long curly vampire stood and moved beside Carlisle.

“Welcome dear” she said, she must be Esme.

“And these are our children. You’ve met Bella and Edward”

“Yeah I have. Alice told me about them…and their daughter and their past.” I admitted. Hope Alice won’t bite my head off for telling.

“Yeah, I’m their daughter, my name is Renesmee, this is my husband, Jacob” A slim girl with long curly hair said. She looked so much like Edward, her hair and
everything. This Jacob, Renesmee’s husband, was normal"">very tall, he was also dark skinned.

“Hi” I said to Renesmee.

“And of course, Alice and Jasper” Carlisle said. I already knew them. Though I forgot her mate’s name, good thing Carlisle mentioned that one.

“And lastly Rosalie and Emmett” Emmett, the huge dark haired one, his mate was Rosalie, the blonde.

OMG! She was so beautiful! God, it made my stomach hurt.

“Reese, you will be a Cullen soon. Bella and Edward have decided to adopt you.” Carlisle informed me.

“But, they’re so young!” I practically yelled.

Everybody just laughed. “Reese, I’m over a hundred years old. And my husband is over two hundred years old.”

“Whoa!” that was all I could come up with. What could I say?!

Renesmee suddenly chimed. “Yay! I’m going to be a nig sis!”

“Thanks Bella, Edward.”

“You know, you can me mom” Bella suggested.

“And me dad” Edward added.

“You can always call big sis!” Renesmee chimed again.

“Big bro” Jacob muttered, pointing at himself then winked at me.

“And you can call us Aunts and Uncles!” Alice chimed too.

All I could do was smile and smile bigger. I finally have family, a family that would always love me, and a family that would take care of me.

"Century Gothic""">A family I always wanted.

"Century Gothic""">

"Century Gothic""">--------------------------------------------

"Century Gothic""">~ After 30 years ~

"Century Gothic""">

"Century Gothic""">I was happy in everyway as a Cullen. We shared bad and great times together. My mom and dad, Edward and Bella were always there for me. And
so were Renesmee and everyone else.

"Century Gothic""">

"Century Gothic""">And now, after a long search, I found my other half. Someone I can depend on.

"Century Gothic""">My life. My Jason.

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Love it! write more, i'v written some stories myself check them out! l'v written temptation first and then it goes onto a different story which i haven't finished i'v only posted a few chapters but still... love yours though! awesome!


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