Emmet Get's Bella Drunk ****FANFICTION****

No copyright intendid. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I just write Fanfic :) Not to sure if this one is funny... but yeah. LOL. Fire- Joe Budden, this is the song that played in mean girls, in case you don't know. when caddy had her party, its pretty good haha.

Bella's POV

I awoke in Edward's cool arms around me. Mmmm I sighed and snuggled to him more. He kissed my forehead and said, "Wake up love," I groaned and rolled over, ugh school. I felt lazy this morning after the weekend at Edwards place. I felt Edwards arms around my waist and he was kissing my neck. Mmmm I could lie here forever. . .
I sat down in the kitchen and ate my bowl of cereal while Edward just sat there and watched me eat. I always felt self concious when he did that. I tried my best to ignore him. When I was done we walked out to his shiny .
We pulled up into school and Alice was waiting for us with Jasper. We stepped out and they greeted us.
"Bella, how are you feeling today?" Asked Alice.
"Fine." I replied.
"That's great." She said with a smile. Edwards rolled his eyes at her.
The morning past in a blur, and already it was lunch time. Edward and I walked hand in hand towards our lunch table. Mike and Eric were blabbing on about something, Alice and Jasper were feigning interest. Jessica was talking with Angela closely. We sat down and Mike smiled friendly at me. "Hey Bella," He said.
"Hey Mike," I replied.
"K, so looks like everything is planned out then. Now we just have to do it." Jessica said to Angela.
"I really don't know about this Jess," She said in a worried tone.
"Come on Angela, its out senior year, and school's almost done." She said back to her.
"What are you girls talking about?" Asked Eric. I seen Edward give Alice a strange look.
"Well, I'm going to have a party." Jessica replied confidently.
"Oh a birthday party, wow have fun." Mike snickered.
"No, a party, like a party party. You know, like a drinking party." She said glaring at him.
"Seriously,"Mike said.
"No your not." Said Eric.
"Am too, we got it all planned out. My cousin is coming down, and she's old enough to buy and my mom's going out of town on thursday and will be back on monday. Plenty of time to have a party." She said in a satisfied tone.
"Yes but, have you ever gotten drunk, none of us at this table have gotten drunk before I bet. And now all of a sudden you want to get smashed?" Asked Mike.
I looked down. Oh god, was Jessica serious. Seemed like she was.
"Well, technically, yeah that's exactly what I want to do." Jessica replied.
"Sounds... fun." Eric said. "Who are you inviting?"
"Well, everyone at this table, and just a couple more," She looked around for agreements.
"I will go." Mike said.
"Same man, this sounds great." Said Eric.
Angela looked torn, but then she said. "I am going to," She said. Jessica smiled.
"I knew you would come." She said, Angela smiled back.
Everyone at the table looked at us now, for an agreement or an excuse out of it.
"Sure, why not?" Said Alice nonchalantly. Edward stiffened beside me.
Edward looked sharply at Alice while she smiled at Jessica, I just looked down.
"Okay, well I really don't know how much people are going to go, but I think I should at least tell a couple more people." Jessica said.
"Well yeah you should." Said Eric.
"What you guys talking about?" Asked Tyler sitting down at the table. Edward didn't relax, but at least he didn't continue to glare at Alice.
"Jessicas having a real party man, with like beer." Said Eric.
"For real? Man I gotta go to this thing man. When is it?" Said Tyler.
"I'm having it on Friday, my moms going out of town and it just seemed like the perfect time so I decided to make the best of it." She said.
"Man I gotta tell my boys," Said Tyler.
"No!" Said Jessica, "I mean, I don't want lots of people there, in case something happens..."
"Oh, well sure, just a couple friends of mine..." He said.
"Fine." She said.
"We better get to class, the bell is going to ring." Said Angela.
"Okay, remember Tyler, only a few," Said Jessica in a warning tone.
"Yes, sheesh."
They got up and left. We continued sitting there, Edward looked at Alice, "What are you doing Alice?" Said Edward in a harsh tone.
"Oh please Edward, if you don't want to go, then don't go." She said in the same tone.
"Why would you want to go anyways, you can't drink... well not in that way anyways.. " He said with a little smile on his face.
"Well I was thinking about Bella mostly," She said. They looked at me.
"Really Alice,"Said Edward.
"Well its up to her, you know every teenager drinks, and your holding her back." Said Alice.
"Who said I wasn't going to not let her go?"Said Edward.
They just stared each other down when finally Jasper spoke, "Emmett would love this." He snickered. Alice let out a high chimed laugh.
I thought about going, why not? I already got drunk before, and this was our last year. I would like to go I thought.
"So Bella,-" Alice started but Edward cut her off.
"Lets go Bella, were going to be late." I looked around and the cafeteria was almost empty.
School was going by in a blur again. Finally it was over.

"Bella we should go check that party out hey?" Said Alice.
I looked at Edward who was staring at Alice. He finally looked at me, and said, "If you would like to go Bella, you can. But just for you safety I'm coming with you,"
"Of course you are, I wouldn't want to go if you weren't going." I said to him smiling. This was going to be awesome.
Emmett and Rose walked in to the living room, "So Edward's finally giving in, is this the only thing he's giving into,?" He said winking at me.
Rosalie laughed while Edward snarled at him.
"Oh please, we all know Edward don't roll like that." Said Jasper.
Edward grabbed my hand and walked me to his car, we could still hear them all laughing when were in the drive way.


Everyone was now talking about Jessica's party, who was going to be there, who wasn't. Jessica was very happy that me, well Edward was going to her party. I was really surprised that Angela was going. Alot of people crowded around our lunch table asking questions.
"Who's buying the booze?"
"How long can we party till?"
"Can I sleep over, I won't be able to go home drunk, my mom will kill me."
Edward looked at me and smiled. I knew he found all of this humorous. I was sort of physced. According to Edward no adult besides Carlise and Esme knew about this little party. Jessica was kind of scared because what if the word got to her mom. That would not be good. Alice cleared my way for the party saying I would be sleeping at her house while Edward and the others went 'camping,'.


Edward was holding my waist while I opened my locker, I leaned back into him and sighed. He held me closer and kissed my neck.
"Oh man, can't wait for this party tonight, its gonna be the s***." Said Terrance.
"For real s***, wonder if I'm gonna get laid." Said Ryan.
"Yeah, because you will only get with a chick if there drunk." Said Terrance laughing.
"Shut up man. I can get a girl." Said Ryan. They left the school laughing.
Edward snorted, and looked at me. "Ready to leave?"
"Yes," I felt uncomfortable because of what those guys said. Edward noticed and I think he became uncomfortable also.
We walked silently to his car where Alice was waiting.
"come on Bella, hurry, we have to go get ready for the party," She squeled in delight.
I sighed, "Alright alright," I said under my breathe. Really with everyone talking about this party all week, it was getting old.
Alice grimaced and we got into the car and sped away from the school.
"So your saying that Charlie won't find out im at this party?" I said just in case to Alice. I really didn't want to get caught drinking underage, especially since my dad was a cop.
"No you won't, but I can see that other kids from school are going to get caught." Said Alice.
"Hmm, alright." I said.
Edward came back down stairs with Carlise.
"Bella, I just want you to know your limit. Don't drink to much, you can get alcohol poisoning." Said Carlise.
"Yes I know, i'm not even going to drink that much anyways." I said. Emmett scoffed.
"Let's go get you dressed now," Said Alice. We walked upstairs into her room. "Okay, we can dress you in black, with a miniskirt, I bet Edward will like that, but so will others, and he might not like that.. But its up to you." She said.
A miniskirt... Oh god..
"It is a grade 12 party anyways... it's alright to dress up as a slut once in a while, haven't you ever seen mean girls?" Said Alice. I blushed. I have, and maybe I could dress up, but not that much.
"Yeah, I will I guess, but not that much Alice," I said with caution. But knowing Alice she might make me dress up not to very lightly.
After many decisions and clothes, I had was I was going to wear, I was wearing a black tank top that barely covered up my boobs, showing cleavage said Alice , and a too short miniskirt and black low high heels. I looked in the mirror, Oh wow. I actually thought I looked...sexy.
I blushed, no way I was leaving this house in this. Alice must have read my face, "Bella it's alright, I've seen girls dressing like this, but obviously not this ... stylish." She giggled.
She was dress in a tight dress with some stilettos.
"Kay, were ready." She said.
We walked downstairs, oh god, Edward was going to see me in this. I couldn't do this. But Alice pulled me along anyways. I really didn't see the reason to dress up in the first place and put a bunch of useless make up on.
Edward looked at me intently, and I blushed and looked down, Oh man. He was wearing a white t-shirt with dark blue jeans, he looked much more beautiful than I did.
Edward cleared his throat,"Ready?"
I smiled, "Yes,"
Alice laughed and went out with Jasper to there car.
Me and Edward walked out of the house and to his car. I could barely walk in these heels and skirt. I wondered if Edward noticed, well he noticed everything and offered me a hand.
"Do you like it?" I blurted out. I never meant to ask that question, because I must have looked like a fool.
Edward looked at me, his eyes grazed over my body...
"Yes," Said Edward, "I like it more than I should."
I smiled at that.
We drove to Jessica's and there was already many people there. It started at 10:00, and It was already 11:00 and there was probably most of the student body here.
"Bella, I will be right beside you the entire time," Said Edward.
"Alright," I said. I knew he was worried that something would happen. But really I was only worried that Charlie would pull up and see me.
Edward parked the car where there was an opening and got out and opened my door.
There was many people on her lawn and in the house and the song "Fire from Joe Budden was playing"
"Hey," Said Alice, and she linked my arm and we walked into Jessica's house.
People were everywhere, just talking, some drinking, some dancing, and some making out.
"BELLA!" Said Jessica, "You came, and so did Edward." She said, seemed like she had been drinking, and Alice was right, mostly every girl, even Angela, was dressed...sluty. "Want a drink, come"
We followed her and sat down in the living room. "Pass them all a drink," She said.
People passed us a drink, I recognized this drink as vodka. I sniffed, and oh I felt quezey. Alice and Edward and Jasper all set there drinks down. Edward came and held my hand.
"Hey Bella," Said Angela, she also looked drunk, but not as much as Jessica, "Whats up."
"Hey, nothing just got here." I said trying to talk over the music.
"hmm?" She said.
"We just got here." I said little louder. Alice came and joined us. "Hey Alice,"
"Hey," She said.
Thats when Jessica and Mike came.
"Bella, hey, wow, you look great." Said Mike. He looked drunk too.
"Umm thanks." I felt uncomfortable with him staring at me.
Edward put his hands on my waist and held me against his body. Mmmm that felt good. I finally took a sip of my drink and it burned. I took some more and I was done my drink by the time I knew it.
"Here, have mine" Said Edward.
"Thanks," I siad and he handed me his drink. I drank that up to. I was started getting fuzzy again. Edward noticed and looked at me kinda weird.
I laughed at his expression. Alice and Jasper were sitting down on a couch by us. I was leaning into Edward on purpose, and it seemed like he couldn't keep his hands off me.
I had another drink and I started kissing Edward, he kissed me back. We were making out on Jessica's couch and his hand slid down to my thigh. I gasped and he just leaned his forehead against mine. I caught my breath and we kept kissing. Surprisingly he didn't pull away. His cool hand was moving up my thigh and I let out a little moan.
"Get a room." I wonder why that sounded like Emmetts voice. Probably because that was Emmett. Ugh.
Edward pulled away but left his hand on my thigh, we looked up to see Emmett and Rosalie standing there, and some people went out of there way to get out of Emmetts way.
I grabbed another drink and drank it, it was getting easier to drink.
"Bella, I think that's enough for tonight." Edward said.
I looked up at him, there were two of him and it was blurry. Maybe he was right.
"But Edwarsh, I wansta staay," I slurred.
"So Bella, let's hear about Eddy some more." Said Emmett in a joking voice.
I looked at him and laughed.
"Hmm, lests see." I said.
"Okay Bella, let's go." Said Edward. Me and Emmett laughed.
Suddenly Alice came over to us, which seemed in slow motion, she had a strange expression on her face.
"Edward's right, let's get out of here. Someone called the cops because everyone is going outside and being loud." What Alice just said didn't sink in.
Alice seemed to notice.
"Bella, Charlie is coming here to break up the party, and if he see's you here..."
Oh s***. No, "Come let's go, wheresh Angela, she can't gets caught esher." I said, trying to get up I almost fell flat on my face but Eddy here caught me in time.
Seemed like he was carrying me, felt like I was flying. I could see people scattering and other people yelling "Cops" Other people passed out.
Suddenly we were at the car, "Wait Edward." Said Alish.
That's when I got this pain in my stomach and obviously had to much alcohol and threw up, while Edward held my hair. I could hear Emmett laughing at me.
"Shush up Emmett." I groaned.
"Let's go. Now." Eddy said. He sounded mad. Alice drove while Edward held me in the back seat. I am not to sure where Blondie and Emmett went.
I was still fuzzy, really fuzzy while Alice drove to fast to there house.
"Charlies calling the house to make sure Bella is there and not at the party." She said.
"Alice I told you this was not a good idea." Eddy said in a harsh voice.
We were at the house and suddenly we were inside.
"How is she?" Asked Carlise.
Emmett was there and said,"Well, looks like someone had a good time." I could barely stand by myself.
"She's very, intoxicated,"Said Eddy in a disaproving voice.
"Send her to bed , but I don't know if she should call Charlie tonight..."
"Alright. Come on Bella,"
Eddy took me upstairs to his room and set me on the bed. It all seemed unreal. I have never been this drunk. I was dizzy and confused for how I got here.
Eddy made me lie down so I could get some rest...unless he wanted to do something else. I would be fine with that.
He layed beside me. "Sleep it off" He said.
I pulled myself up to kiss him. He kissed me back, but ended it quickly. I sensed his mood from tonight was long gone. But that's okay because a sudden exhaustion came over me and I was fast asleep.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much I enjoyed writing this story. Comment please :)

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Comment by Ally Denali on October 31, 2010 at 10:44am
haha that was great!!! i always had this idea that at the graduation party in eclipse somone would spike the punch and bella would get wasted and fall down the stairs and thats how she broke her hand unstead of puching jacob. you should write more
Comment by robpattinzon on October 31, 2010 at 11:19am
lol , thats a pretty good idea :)

and okaay, but not to sure what to write about.
Comment by Renae Pattinsonxx Ѽ on October 31, 2010 at 4:29pm
Haha that's was great can you do another one plzzzz? I have nuttun to do till bd ::(
Comment by jaxthefan on November 1, 2010 at 5:51pm
you should write more thats awesome!


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