Emmett Get's Bella Drunk ***FANFICTION***

It was going to be a 'One Shot' but then I decided I enjoyed writing this story to much to just end it there. Now lets see what happens the next day, Bella's first hangover, and Emmett facing the consequence's. No copyright intendid. SM owns everything.

Bella's POV.

I awoke with a major headache. I could tell it was past morning, I wondered how long I slept? Then the previous day of events came rushing back to me. Playing truth or dare with Emmett and Jasper while Edward hunted. Russian Prince. Strawberry .
I got drunk. It wasn't that much of an unpleasant feeling. It was... fun. But the after effects weren't so great. Which brought me back to the headache I got over every little noise I could hear. My head pounding. Feeling like I could throw up any minute. Even though I must of slept easily over 13 hours I was still tired. Ugh.
"Bella? Are you alright?" Edward asked in an uneasy voice. My eyes were still closed and I opened them to look at him. He looked worried.
I groaned as my head pounded.
"No, I got this headache and my stomach feels awful." He furrowed his brow.
We heard a light knock on the door.
"Come in Alice,"
She came in and was holding a glass of water and something small in her other hand.
"Here you go Bella, take two of these every four hours Carlisle said." She smiled down at me.
"Thank you Alice." Edward said. "What about her upset stomache?"
"Well maybe some Pepto, but I am not to sure."
Edward sighed and took the cup and pills from Alice and set them on the stand by his bed.
I sat up, with Edward's help. I was pretty sure I didn't need it, but he was going to help me knowing that I was sick.
Edward grabbed the stuff and handed me the two Tylenol and then the glass of water. I swallowed and hoped for the best. I wanted to get up and move around. I felt so sluggish, but I needed to do something first.
"Excuse me." I said as I walked into the bathroom.
It felt like my stomache was going to flop any second. I could feel cold hands holding my hair. It was Alice.
After I was done I could hear Emmett and Edward yelling at each other.
"You always take things to extreme Edward! Let the girl have a little fun. Stop being so overprotective and s***!"
"You get her so intoxicated that she can barely walk. And she has the most unpleasant hangover the next morning. How do you expect me to react?" Edward snarled.
"At least she had fun. At least she wasn't with that dog. Sheesh get off my back."
"Fun? FUN? How can you say that?"
"Oh please, you don't know what your saying. You have never gotten drunk when you were human. And besides this is practically a human experience."
Edward just growled.
"Why don't we just ask her if she had a good time?" Jasper suggested.
"Good Idea." Agreed Emmett.
I heard no agreement from Edward.
I got up and brushed my , Alice helped me get my hair and clothes in order. Edward was sitting on his bed when we walked out of the bathroom and looked at me. He must have known that I heard.
"Let's go downstairs." He said in a flat tone.
"Okay." I said.
Alice just smiled and walked ahead of us downstairs.
We walked into the living room where Emmett was sitting beside Rose on the couch. Jasper and Alice were sitting on the love sofa. Edward guided me towards the other sofa.
Emmett cleared his throat before he began to speak.
"So, lets discuss the previous events." He said with a grin on his face. Jasper let out a low chuckle at his formality. Edward's eye's tightened.
"They got Bella pissed drunk." Rose said. Alice let out a laugh.
I just blushed.
"Yes we did." Jasper said. "And it was funny."
"Now Edward is having a little hissy fit over this event" Emmett said trying to keep a pokerface.
"I am not having a hissy fit!" Edward said in a menacing tone.
"Temper tantrum."
"Grow up."
"Sorry I can't, I'm a vampire." Jasper and Alice laughed.
That I had to laugh at.
"But what we are here for is to hear the conclusion of the night. Bella." Emmett looked at me. "Did you have a fun, human experience last night?" Edward snorted.
I thought about what all happened. Me laughing, feeling all fuzzy, like my head wasn't connected to my body, feeling off balance... well I guess I am always off balance. But in a new sense I am guessing. Like you can't really know what's reality, all of it feeling like a dream... I actually did enjoy it. It was fun.
I sighed. Edward wouldn't like my answer.
"Yes, I did have fun Emmett." I looked at Edward.
Edward looked back at me in shock. "Really?" He asked me.
"Wooo!" Boomed Emmett voice. "Told you so Eddy. Your just mad because of what Bella told me and Jasper last night. Oh and of your new nickname... Eddy!" Laughed Emmett.
"Yes," I whispered and looked down. Emmett and Jasper just laughed away.
Edward sighed and chuckled. "Well, then it's good you had a good time." I looked at him and he was smiling at me. I smiled back.

Thanks for reading. Next chapter is about Jessica having a party, and well i'm sure people know what goes on at a teenage drinking party.

commet please (:

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Comment by jaxthefan on November 1, 2010 at 5:36pm
lol omg thats hilarious i can so see emmett doing that oh thats just awesome :)


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