Entertainment Weekly Writer Talks About Meeting Rob and What He's Like

A conversation with Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson about Twilight, Robert Pattinson, and the plight of the pigeonholed celebrity.


Josh Benson: Can you explain Robert Pattinson to me, please?

Sara Vilkomerson: Oh well gee, where to begin! I guess we should start with Twilight. Are you familiar with it?


Josh: How about let's assume I'm not totally up to speed on it. Just for the sake of this exercise, you understand.


Sara: Mmmhmmm, sure.


In my humble opinion there is an essential part of Twilight that girls go nuts for that has got a lot to do with the whole vampire, undying-love (literally!) stuff. Which is that the main character, Bella, considers herself clumsy and awkward and not particularly beautiful, which I think speaks to at least 90 percent of how girls felt in high school. And then the coolest, hottest, most unattainable boy in school picks her out as the object of his affection. This is heady heady crack-for-girls stuff already. So then they cast Robert Pattinson in the role.


Oh look, I wrote about this in the Observer when the first one came out!


Josh: I remember that place! That piece, too.


Sara: Anyway, Robert Pattinson had the tough job of filling the shoes of a character that is described at length as being preternaturally good-looking, and he succeeded because, among other things, he happens to be preternaturally good looking. He just is.

And Twilight became a huge success. And now he can't walk down the street without people asking him to bite them, which means he did a very, very good job. And now, three films later and with two more on the way, he has a tough road ahead getting people to forget about him as Edward Cullen but to see him as Robert Pattinson, the actor.


Josh: Given the fact that he is at this point kind of the embodiment of vampiretainment, is it not slightly unrealistic to expect that people are going to stop asking him to bite them anytime soon?


Sara: If this is a delicate way of asking me if I asked him to bite me during our interview, let me state clearly for the record that I did not.


Josh: Phew. What about people who are less professional than you are, though?


Sara: I think he must get it a lot. Which must be one of those things that is hilarious the first three times but not at all the next 3,000 or so. The next two Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn 1 and 2, come out this November and next November. So he'll be living with the Edward Cullen stuff till after that. And then ... who knows? I hope for his sake it stops!


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Comment by Nene Pattinson on March 28, 2011 at 4:29pm

I liked the article, but it bothers me that people have a hard time seeing Rob as anyone but Edward.  I love the character of Edward, but I sincerely hope people will be open enough to see Rob as other characters in different movies. 


Comment by Jessica D. Horn on March 28, 2011 at 8:58pm
I'm surprised people have that problem, separating him from Edward, and actually I'd say the same about Kristen & Bella...both characters and actors look and come across completely different to me from the movies to real life. The eye color changes (& hair changes for Kristen) and clothing changes help. But also, their other movie roles that I've seen have been impressive and shown that they are great actors and I don't think of them as Bella & Edward in other movies or in real life at all.
Comment by wolfgirl40 on March 28, 2011 at 10:34pm
When I saw The Runaways I had no trouble seeing KS as Joan and not Bella. They are both actors and not a specific character.
Comment by robsten42 on March 28, 2011 at 11:40pm
Robert is a great actor; I have seen all of his movies that are out so far.  I think he will be most remembered as Edward from Twilight. I plan on following both Rob and Kristen as they move on to other movie projects; they are both very good actors.  Looking forward to Water for Elephants:)
Comment by Robertfanxxxx on March 29, 2011 at 3:34am

I agree with robsten42, Robert is a great actor and i don't see Edward when i watch him in other films, i did'nt see Edward when i watched Remember Me, i see the Chracter because Robert is amazing. I wish Robert a long, healthy and happy life and sucessful career. Love you Robert Pattinson forever and always!! xxxxxxxx

Comment by Kimberly on March 29, 2011 at 7:13am
I think the media has a problem with seeing Rob as anything as other than Edward Cullen. I see Robert Pattinson as the gorgeous actor he is, and can't wait for WFE. Not because of Twilight, but because it looks like a good movie and he's gorgeous!
Comment by Jo Anna on March 29, 2011 at 7:59am
Thank you for posting this article.  It really helps explain him a little better.  I was a little miffed by something posted from OMG however now I get it.  I couldn't agree with allow of you more.  Both KS and RP are actors who play different characters and I don't see them as Bella and Edward in different movies....  by the way KS was amazing in The Cake Eaters.  She really has a lot of depth.
Comment by Mary Alice Hale on March 29, 2011 at 11:05am
The problem isn't that we won't be able to see him as another character, the problem is that when you mention his name everyone thinks Edward Cullen or That Guy in Twilight staright away (though I don't really think this is a problem). I think he'll be able to make people see him as a serious actor, but nobody's going to forget Twilight! They can both happen at the same time, you know?
Comment by Nene Pattinson on March 29, 2011 at 2:21pm
 agree Kimberly, it is the media that's fanned the flames of typecasting.  I've read articles with the same exact scenario: that hopefully Rob won't turn out as Mark Hamill did in the first Star Wars movie, doomed to be forever known as Luke Skywalker, and not being able to take on other roles.  I was watching the Today show, and Rob was being interviewed for Remember Me.  The caption on the screen said, "Vampire actor appearing in Remember Me".  I was totally irritated.  I've read blogs from non-Twilight fans, who have dismissed him saying his 15 minutes of fame will be up when the Twilight movies end.  I've read interviews with Rob, and he talks about how careful he is about choosing future projects.  I think eventually, people will realize that's he capable of undertaking other roles, and not just Edward.


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