Eonline Reports On The Midnight Showings And Who We Screamed For

• Full disclosure: We attended a 12:15 a.m. showing, not a midnight one. The midnight showtimes were, natch, sold out. In fact, as the premiere hour neared at our Los Angeles-area theater, four of the seven Eclipse screenings—from 12 a.m. to 12:40 a.m.—were booked. • Vampires and wolves do not scare off boys. Not if they're out on dates with girls. The (long) lines were more than dotted with dudes. It was a strange thing, though, on the way out, we only saw women. Have no idea what happened to the guys during the movie. You don't think they could've been scared off by…

• …Lautner's never-get-old abs? Say, did we already mention those? Sorry. We're a little loopy right now. Our ears are still ringing from the applause, catcalls and lusty pleas earned by each and every toned thing on the young Mr. Lautner's torso.

• Our three favorite lines shouted at the screen, presented in ascending order as determined by how out of her gourd the Lauter-crazed woman sounded: (1) "Take that shirt off!"; (2) "That's a real man!"; and, quick, grab a glass of water, no, better make it a hose, (3) "I can't take it anymore!"

• But wait, there's more: Lautner's business, as it were, with Kristen Stewart generated at least one fist pump. It was dark, so we couldn't tell for sure, but we wouldn't be surprised if the pleased individual was one of Lautner's agents.

• We should write here that Robert Pattinson's first appearance generated squeals, too. We should write that. But it didn't.

• No, Pattinson backers didn't bring the night-out-at-Chippendales passion. With one "Oh, sh-t!" exception.

• Out of deference to the lollygaggers who have not yet seen the movie, we will say no more about the above except to say that at one heated moment a presumed Team Edward supporter forgot her courtly, old-world self, and went all Samantha Jones, exclaiming over and over and over again, "Oh, sh-t! Oh, sh-t! Oh, sh-t!" Take that, Team Jacob.

• The Victoria recast was barely noticed, if at all. There were no audible protests from Rachel Lefevre diehards. There was no applause for Bryce Dallas Howard, although given her remarkable resemblance to a mid-run Designing Women Annie Potts, trust us, we were tempted.

• There probably will be some crossover audience for Eclipse and Julia Roberts' Eat Pray Love, but this was not the night—and the latter's Oprah-vibing trailer died a quiet death, especially next to the cheers and whistles for the new Harry Potter coming attraction. (Who said wizards and wolves can't get along?)

• First two discernible words heard as the end credits rolled at 2:20 a.m.-ish: "Breaking Dawn." Guess it's back to the gym, for you, Lautner.


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Comment by Mia on June 30, 2010 at 8:30pm
@creampuff totally agree!!! i wish ppl would like taylor for taylor and not his fricken abs all the time!!!!!
Comment by tabatha on June 30, 2010 at 8:52pm
These comments are great. I also went to the midnight showing and there were some comics among us. Some girl yelled out I love you Jacob and the guy next to us said me too. We were rolling with laughter. And then when Bella was taking out Jacob's letter from her dresser the guy yelled out is that a condom. LOL. I thought that Jasper stole Eclipse. He was great. I kind of like the Rosalie flashback , it made me like her just a little bit. I too think Bella's ring is a little on the non-thrilling side. Jacob was hillarious. And Edward was very pretty in the snow. I enjoyed the movie and will see it again.
Comment by Sydney Pattinson on June 30, 2010 at 9:16pm
I think the same thing as Taylor A. Pattinson. When I saw Eclipse at midnight, I was the only Edward fan in the entire theater.
Comment by Shannon Evans on June 30, 2010 at 9:49pm
My aunt, cousin, and myself went to the 12:20 show. We are all three team Edward :) There were a lot of hoots and hollers for both leading men plus a few for the other male cast members. I thought the acting was better overall. Rob was so great and I like seeing more of the cast get their shot at being the center of attention. And the movie was visually stunning. I think David Slade did an amazing job directing. Eclipse is my favorite book of the four and I thought this movie was written much better than the first two. I missed a couple things from the book and didn't necessarily like a couple of the re-writes, but thought it was a great movie. I plan on going to see it again.
Comment by NKhpTwihard on July 1, 2010 at 6:34am
I think out theatre was pretty well split between Edward and Jacob fans. I do know that many of my friends came out liking Jacob more (we are all Team Edward), myself on the other hand, I absolutley loathe book Jacob in Eclipse and was afraid Taylor couldn't pull off my version of Jacob. I was wrong, however and a couple of times bit my tongue because of the things I wanted to say at the screen. So I'm really happy with Taylor cause to be he was my book Jacob and I disliked him strongly. LOL! Now Rob....holy heck did he finally capture Edward or what. I couldn't stop smiling when he was, or feel my tummy twist when he looked pained, especially in the tent scene when he says "Tell me what I can do". Sigh.

Absolutely loved the film, saw it twice yesterday and so ready to see it again.
Comment by Je!Sh [JeCL] CuLLeN on July 3, 2010 at 8:38am
hahahaha =)))
I was literally shaking and I was crushing my friend's hand when Edward!!! appeared!!!

We had to contain ourselves. Me and my friends had a standing ovation after the movie and was the last ones to go out =)))
I almost stood up and shouted Team Edward!
I don't want to be scolded in the theaters AGAIN since Twilight and New Moon =)))


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