Chapter 4

Inside the library Caius and Marcus joined Aro and Carlisle at the desk. All four men looked at one another in grave silence until Caius
broke it.

“So is it true that Stephan wishes to take the position of high pontiff and that he and Vladimir have already secured positions as cardinals?” Aro handed Caius a letter.

“This letter, from a reliable source confirms our long held suspicions. It would seem that they plan to use the church as a way to undermine our authority
as the established government for our kind.” At this revelation Marcus became alarmed.

“But we have always held good relations with the Church of Rome, if Stephan gains supreme power; things could become very difficult for us very quickly.”

“Yes brother, they could.” Aro said with chagrin.

“So what can we do to stop them?” Marcus asked. Aro looked at them all in turn, took a deep breath before replying.

“We must do what we have vowed never to do to our own kind, go against the very nature of what we Voturi stand for. We must expose their true nature to their followers.” The three other men were
visibly shocked by Aro’s words but none could think of any other solution to
the problem.

“But how do we do this brother, without exposing ourselves?” asked Caius horrified.

“Now that will be the real challenge.” Aro replied sitting down and shaking his head.

“Carlisle, do you have any ideas?” he said finally.

The men shifted their attention to Carlisle who had been quietly listening and pouring over the information before him. Looking up at their expectant faces he muttered. “You need to find a man with ambition,
one who is as ambitious as the Romanians themselves.”

Aro clapped his hands together and grinned. “And I know just the man, indeed just the family.” He continued. “My wife entertains a young woman from time to time by the name of Borgia,
Lucretia if I’m not mistaken. The only reason my wife has kept her alive is
because she has proved very useful to our cause and she amuses Sulpicia. The young woman’s family has some connections
in high places and an ambition I have not seen for many hundreds of years.”

“What makes you think they will help us?” Marcus interjected.

“As I was saying, the family, particularly her father Rodrigo is very ambitious; if we were to offer him the high pontiff’s position, how could he refuse?”

“But what would prevent them from exposing us once they are in power?” Caius asked in frustration.

“Ah well, they have done a great deal of…shall we say questionable things over the years to gain their position, the evidence of which could be produced should the need arise. I doubt that they would risk their own
reputation in such a venture and they have nothing to gain by exposing us,
quite the contrary.” All three men looked at Aro, each waiting for the other to

“So it is settled then, unless any of you have anything further to add.” Aro said clasping his hands together in satisfaction.

“I have a small question.” Carlisle ventured. “Why would we want a corrupt Pope?” This question caused Caius to erupt with mocking laughter.

“Oh Carlisle, you are so naive, you’ll be telling us next that you believe the position should be chosen by God!” Caius looked sideways at Marcus who had been trying to keep his composure but
as Caius caught his eye he was unable to contain his
mirth and began laughing also.

“Enough!” Aro commanded raising his hand in warning.

“My dear Carlisle, as much as I would like my country to be free from corruption, I have to be realistic.” Aro placed a protective arm around Carlisle
and continued.

“Stephan and Vladimir pose a threat not only to my house, but to the world at large, and whilst I agree that the church should
ideally be overseen by a God fearing man, no such man is available to remove
the impending threat. It is with great reluctance that I interfere in any
spiritual matters. Surely you can see that making a compromise for a corrupt
but controllable alternative is better than the Romanians having supreme power
is it not?” As he finished Aro eyed his brothers with a look of warning.

“I suppose that if you are able to control this man it would be preferable.” Carlisle conceded.

“Good, good I will invite Rodrigo and his family to the ball giving us the opportunity to put forward our proposal.”

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