Chapter 6

Ariadne was deep in thought about the events of the day as she wandered back to her room. She wondered why she had been unable to read
Kieran’s feelings and why were Sulpicia and Aro trying to pair her with Carlisle? She had
to admit that she did have a certain kinship with Carlisle
but there was no romantic attraction between them.

Taking her room key from her dress pocket instinctively, she unlocked the door and pushed it open. Lost in her musings
Ariadne barely registered the other presence in the room, but was brought to an
abrupt awakening as Aro, who had been seated on the bed playing with something
small and silver stood up at her entrance.
He looked at Ariadne with a mixture of guilt and surprise obviously not
expecting her to find him there.

“Ariadne!” He exclaimed. “I apologise for my intrusion. I came to bring you this.” As he spoke he unclosed his fingers
revealing a small silver Volturi crest on a delicate black ribbon. “You may
have noticed that all the members of the Volturi household wear something
similar.” She recalled that the v shaped
crest was in many places. Carved into the large fireplace in Sulpicia’s
reception room, on the side of the carriage they had taken to the market and
also she could see that Aro himself was wearing a large gold necklace baring
the Volturi insignia set with the addition of two large rubies.

“Yes.” She replied still a little stunned by her master’s presence in her room.

“May I?” He asked holding out the ribbon between his thumbs and forefingers, motioning that he wished her to wear it.

“Of course.” She said timidly.

Not wishing to be rude Ariadne took a step towards Aro gathering her hair at the back and exposing her neck so that he
could fasten the necklace for her. She thought that she could see Aro’s fingers
trembling slightly as he placed the ribbon around her throat carefully avoiding
any skin contact.

Aro recalled the last time he had touched her and the image of John’s bloody corpse along with the guilt and pain she had
felt were still burned into his mind. He
wasn’t sure that he could take it again. As he unlatched the tiny clasp the
necklace slipped out of his fingers and his immediate reflex was to catch it
causing physical contact with the exposed skin of Ariadne’s shoulder.

Both of them became momentarily like statues as the acute sensation of their corporeal link overwhelmed them.

Instead of the horror of her loss that had been the predominant theme of Aro’s first encounter with Ariadne’s thoughts,
she now seemed more focused on events in the present. She had mixed feelings
about the situation they both found themselves in.

Ariadne shivered as Aro’s chaotic emotions flooded her senses. He was struggling
internally with his feelings too. She
could sense his deep desire but also an equally deep sense of duty.

After what seemed like an eternity Aro rescued the necklace and fastened it, quickly removing his hands from her skin.
He then moved quickly towards the internal door in a bid to escape this awkward
situation but turned on his heel at the last moment and faced her. “Why didn’t
you inform us of your gift, Miss Miller?” Aro asked staring into her eyes.

Having a little more insight into her master’s feelings made Ariadne bold and she no longer feared him.

“I don’t know.” She replied returning his gaze. “Perhaps I didn’t think it would be important.” She shrugged. Aro’s eyes softened.

“Sulpicia would never have chosen you had we known, so for that at least I am glad.
Do not fear me Ariadne I will not betray your secret.” As Aro said this
he bent down and kissed her softly on the lips causing them both once again to
briefly experience the other’s feelings and in Aro’s case Ariadne’s thoughts
too, which were becoming increasingly confused.

“And neither I you.” She whispered to his back as Aro quickly exited through the adjoining door into his own room leaving
Ariadne to wonder how she would be able to face her mistress. Her hand reached up to the base of her neck
and she fingered the silver V her head reeling with the echoes of Aro’s intense

This was wrong, very wrong Ariadne chastised herself. Her mistress was Aro’s wife, it didn’t matter that they had
no love for one another, they were Lord and Lady of Volterra and she was just a

She could not shake his image from her head. Everything about Aro drew her to him, the curve of his lips when he
smiled, his intense but often child-like eyes, the hidden vulnerability that lay
behind them making her want him even more.
Ariadne was drawn to Aro as a moth is drawn to a candle’s flame and like
the moth, sooner or later she would get burned.

The young woman turned her attention to her mistress’s gift lying on the bed. It was
a deep lavender dress of pure silk, embroidered skilfully with silver

For a brief moment Ariadne pictured herself standing next to her mistress. Sulpicia
was the sun and she was the moon, night and day perfectly balanced.

She shook the thought from her mind and realised that Sulpicia’s motive for gifting the dress had much to do with
pairing her with Carlisle. Ariadne sighed heavily lifting the dress
against her body to look in the mirror.
On lifting up the dress she uncovered a dainty pair of matching shoes
with a silver hair comb placed into one of them.

Sulpicia had really put a lot of thought into this outfit, making Ariadne feel even worse about what had just occurred
between herself and Aro.

She made up her mind that should she and Aro be alone again she would not give way to her base instincts, would not be
moved by his touch she would resist him with every moral fibre of her being.
After all Aro was just another man she tried to tell herself. She could spend more time with Carlisle perhaps she would develop feelings for him and
that would please her mistress. The incident with Aro would be put behind her
as if it had never happened she thought regarding herself in the mirror and
nodding to affirm her new found resolve.

Ariadne dressed herself then gathered the front section of her hair taking it to the back away from her face and secured
it in place with the beautiful silver hair comb which was decorated with stars
like the dress which surrounded a crescent moon in the centre. It was an exquisitely crafted piece of
jewellery & Ariadne had never seen anything like it before. She once again
surveyed herself in the mirror.

Looking back at her was not the peasant girl that had arrived at Volterra, neither was it a ladies maid.

No the woman looking back at Ariadne was a seductress, one who’s beauty rivalled even that of her mistress. She was the
night to Sulpicia’s day.

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Haha, I'm thinking you like the romance. lol
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