Chapter 11

Alone in her room Ariadne sat down on the bed almost crushing a single white lily which had been placed there with a hand written note which read:

Please meet me in the gazebo. Eternally yours,

Aro. X

The snake in her stomach made itself felt again filling her with fear. Sulpicia was in the next room. What if she had decided to come in? The game would be over, how could Aro be so
cool about their deception? Ariadne set
fire to the note and placed it in the hearth burning the evidence. The lily she placed in her water jug, it
could easily have been something she had picked for herself. Having done this she sat back down on her bed
placing her head in her hands. She knew
that she would go to him. Aro’s pull on
her was too strong for her to resist.
Her body craved his touch and the intimacy that they alone shared. She was like a starving beggar being offered
a banquet, one that she was forbidden to taste, but she had tasted it and
wanted more.

Aro was waiting for Ariadne in the gazebo. He had been finding it hard to concentrate on business, his mind constantly wandering to thoughts of last
night. Finally he had made his excuses
to his brothers and the Borgia guests saying that he had some pressing personal
matters to attend to and begged their leave.
Marcus caught his eye as he left almost smiling at him. Of course Marcus would know, but he despised
Sulpicia even more than Aro was beginning to, so he wasn’t worried about
that. Carlisle
also knew and flashed him a look of disapproval.

Aro sat very still as the sound of the rusty latch lifted drawing his attention. The silent place where his heart was ached as he watched his lover
tentatively enter the darkness. Rising
from his shaded corner he quietly moved towards her gently surrounding her from
behind his arms encircling her waist as he placed his cheek against hers. Instead of being afraid, Ariadne relaxed into
his embrace falling against him and was comforted by his closeness. Closing her eyes she reacquainted herself
with his intense feelings, trying to make the most of this illicit stolen

“She’s right, you do need to hunt!” Aro said at last. “I’ve been selfish again haven’t I?” He continued, kissing the space below her ear sending electric waves of desire shooting through her body.
Ariadne turned to face him.

“You never play fair and I think you’re enjoying taking advantage of my weakness.” She laughed playfully biting him on his neck.

“Seems to me that you like to live dangerously Miss Miller.” Aro replied shivering in response to her actions. “I could just have my wicked
way with you right now.” He joked stooping to kiss the top of her breasts at the
neckline of her dress and forcing her backwards to demonstrate his superior

“You’re doing it again.” She complained forcing her bottom lip out into a pout which he couldn’t resist kissing.

“I know, I’m a monster.” His arms pulling her in close as he spoke.

“Would you like to go alone or could I tag along for the company?”

Normally Ariadne liked to hunt alone, it was not something she enjoyed, but it was necessary. Experiencing the fear of someone who realised they were about to die never got any easier for her and usually it made things
more bearable to be alone, but today she wanted to be near him and at least if
he didn’t share her distaste for the hunt he would understand how she felt

“Okay.” He said in automatic response to her internal decision. “I shall tag along and try to distract you from your bad feelings.” As he said this he
gently ran his fingers along her collar bones towards her cleavage making them
both laugh. “Let’s go before I can’t
resist you.” She smiled in the darkness and then made her way towards the door.

Once outside they ran until they were at least twenty miles away from Volterra. It seemed strange to be out hunting during the day and Ariadne suddenly
wondered how they could be secretive without the cover of darkness. She could see the shimmer of Aro’s skin in
the patchy sunlight filtering through the trees.

“You’re twinkling!” she exclaimed touching his face where the light hit it. Aro laughed “So are you.” He said taking her hand in his and kissing it tenderly. “So how can I hunt without being seen?” She
asked genuinely concerned as her thirst was becoming unbearable and she was
afraid that she might lose control. Aro
drew her close affected by her fears intending to give comfort. “I didn’t bring you here by accident.” He
explained.” Just ahead of us in the wood
is a house where certain…” He paused trying to think of the right word. “’Criminal
element’ of our town gather we can surprise them as they usually sleep during
the day.” Ariadne was relieved Aro really
had thought about her and she was grateful.
Not only would it be safer to hunt indoors during the day but it would
also be easier on her conscience ridding the town of a few undesirables.

Aro led the way to a large wooden building which seemed quite out of place among the trees. The windows were shuttered and all was quiet. The door was unlocked, presumably
because most decent people would have given this den of vice a wide berth. Quietly Ariadne and Aro let themselves in to
the house. The first thing Ariadne
noticed was the strong smell of stale beer and sweat; she had forgotten how
revolting humans could be. Living
amongst her own kind for so long had made the contrast more repulsive, yet
there was another smell in here too, one that was irresistible and mouth
watering. She could hear the beating of
many hearts circulating their sustaining fluid and she almost growled as the
beast that she was began to take over. The filth forgotten bloodlust became her
major focus.

Lying in front of the hearth was a young boy, not more that thirteen years old. He was filthy and dressed in rags.
Normally Ariadne would have taken pity on this child’s predicament and
would never have fed upon him, but his blood was calling to her and she reached
out to take his life. Aro pulled her
back causing Ariadne to growl savagely at her lover she then bit him hard on
his restraining hand. “No.” He said
“Leave the boy in here.” Aro struggled
with Ariadne forcing her into a side room.
The boy who had been wakened by Ariadne’s vicious growl was now cowering
in the ashes mouthing the Lord’s Prayer and making the sign of the cross.

In the dim light of the ante room that Aro had dragged her into were three other humans. A much older man who was lying partially naked across a small wooden bed
with one hand he was holding an empty wine bottle the other wrapped around a
sleeping woman. At the foot of the same
bed lay a second woman who was muttering in her sleep obviously in the throws
of an unpleasant dream. The boy momentarily
forgotten Ariadne launched herself at the man skilfully ending his life before
he even had time to scream but waking the woman lying next to him who on seeing
Ariadne feeding drew a knife in an attempt to protect herself. The beast within Ariadne had taken over and
she laughed at the woman who was terrified.
Ariadne easily removed the weapon from the trembling woman’s hand then
swiftly brought an end to her existence also.

The fresh blood now coursing thought Ariadne’s body began to calm her feeding frenzy causing her senses to return and bringing with them a remorse for her behaviour towards the man she
loved. Aro had been standing calmly in
the doorway whilst she satiated her thirst. Her behaviour had not surprised him
nor even did it disgust him. This was
just the nature of their kind, blood was more important than anything causing a
sort of madness that could only be alleviated by feeding.

Ariadne was ashamed of her behaviour and sank to the floor of the small room head cupped in her hands still holding the knife she had taken from the woman who was now lying dead next to the man who
presumably had been her lover.

Seeing her distress Aro crossed the room and knelt beside her on the floor. Taking the knife out of her hand he placed it on the bed before taking
her in his arms.

“I bit you.” She said in hushed tones, horrified by her actions.

“It’s nothing.” He replied rocking her gently in his embrace and kissing her forehead, allowing his affection for her to transfer through their touch.

“You acted on instinct. It’s not something that we have control over. I knew that if you killed the boy you would regret it otherwise I would have let you feed on whoever happened to
be in your path.”

“I love you.” She said looking up at him with her now bright crimson eyes.

Aro smiled back at her “I know.” He said and kissed her blood stained lips. “Come on lets get out of here before we wake anyone else up, unless you want more.” He said glancing at the other woman who amazingly
was still sleeping fitfully at the end of the bed. Aro helped Ariadne to her
feet and led her back into the first room.
The young boy was gone from the hearth having left a trail of dusty
footprints which led towards the now wide open door through which he had
obviously made a hasty escape.

“No, I’m quite satisfied.” She replied letting him lead her back out into the woods.

“How do you feel about swimming?” Aro asked casually changing the subject as they wandered deeper under the cover of the trees. “I don’t know, I never really
thought about it.” She replied a little puzzled by his question.

Aro grinned and beckoned her to follow him. About two miles into the woods they stopped beside a large deep pool, completely surrounded by trees. It was
fed by a small stream that meandered musically through the undergrowth.

“I’m guessing you’ve been here before.” Ariadne said smiling up at him, the trauma of her rage almost forgotten now.

“Once or twice it’s a place that I usually come alone after hunting and it is somewhere to escape the chaos of Volturi business.” He laughed. Taking her by the
hand he led her over to a large rock and proceeded to remove his clothing,
folding it carefully before climbing onto the rock and diving into the deep
water. He resurfaced in the middle of
the pool and said playfully “Are you
going to join me?” Water dripped down his smiling face his wet hair fanning
around him as he tread water. Ariadne
felt a little self conscious about taking off her clothes in broad
daylight. She ducked behind the rock to
remove her dress and using the surrounding bushes as a covering gingerly made
her way to the pool and quickly plunged into the deep water to hide her
nakedness. Aro swam towards her
laughing. “You really have no need to hide from me.” As he said this he placed
his arms around her waist bringing their bodies close together. The water felt surprisingly warm, but Ariadne
shivered and drew in a sharp intake of breath as his skin connected with hers. Aro was also affected by their intimacy and he
shivered mirroring her reaction. “I know
I shouldn’t say this, but.” Ariadne
quickly placed her hand over his mouth to prevent him from saying what she knew
he was about to say. “Don’t say that
Aro.” She whispered before removing her hand from his face and placing it around
his neck. Although Aro was able to read
her every thought and feeling, he couldn’t comprehend why she had stopped
him. She loved him and wanted his love
in return. A look of confusion entered
his eyes as he looked into hers. He did love her, her delicate rounded features, her
large expressive eyes, her sensitivity and deep passion, even the way her mouth
turned down slightly at the corners when she was being serious like now making
him want to kiss her so that she would smile at him which he instinctively did
whispering “But I do love you, more than I have ever loved anything.” A profound melancholy swept over the young
woman as the remnants of her past life with John were blown away by the
intensity of this new overwhelming shared experience. She belonged to Aro completely now, heart
soul and body if indeed she still possessed a soul. Tightening her grip on him Ariadne pulled Aro
under the water with her, wrapping her limbs around him in her passion. Aro allowed her to take control and complete
their union as the two of them moved gracefully as one in the deep water.

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