This chapter contains scenes of a nature which may not be suitable for a younger audience and I would rate it PG 13


Chapter 12


Sulpicia let out a long sigh and sat down heavily on her bed as Kieran opened the door to her dressing room and peered out grinning having heard first Aro then Ariadne depart.  He came and sat down on the bed beside Sulpicia and touched her hand bringing a flood of erotic memories back into her head.

“We can’t keep doing this!” Sulpicia said and edge of fear in her usually self assured voice. “Aro will find out.”

“No he won’t.” Kieran soothed his hands working frantically at the back of her dress in an attempt to remove it quickly. “I’ll make you forget again.” He said smiling as he nipped the flesh down her neck with his teeth making her sigh with pleasure.

“It was wicked what you did to poor Lucretia last night.” She scolded turning towards him and letting her dress fall to the floor so that he could appreciate her perfection.

“I only did as you asked.” He replied gazing admiringly at her nakedness. “Besides she could teach me a thing or two that one!” He laughed “I’ve never known a girl so eager to please. She fair seduced me so she did.” Kieran raised his eyebrows in mock disgust. As he said this, he then reached out his hands to touch Aro’s wife but she grabbed his wrists restraining him teasingly. 

“I don’t know why I entertain you at all.” She mocked, pulling him closer so that their faces were almost touching.

“Because you like a bit of rough, sure you do!” Kieran answered freeing his wrists and pushing her beneath him in one swift movement. “That and you’re bored.” He added before kissing her roughly on the mouth and removing the rest of his own clothing. “Besides, I entertain you.”

“Yes you are certainly entertaining.” She purred digging her nails into his back.


Lucretia was bored.  She was playing cards in the Library with Jane and found her a very dull companion.  As the young woman was unaware of Jane’s actual age she felt as if she had been side-lined with the children.  Although Lucretia herself was only seventeen she was used to more adult entertainment and was particularly fond of male company, something she felt Jane would know nothing about.

“Gin!” said Jane mechanically, placing her cards on the table in front of her and showing her hand.  “You win again.” Said Lucretia, without enthusiasm not even attempting to hide the boredom in her voice.  Once or twice she had tried catching Alec’s eye, but the young man seemed to have no interest in her or anything else as far as Lucretia could tell.  “Isn’t there something else we could do?” She asked Jane, discarding her own cards on the table carelessly. 

“What would you like to do?” Jane countered in an irritated tone.  She was annoyed with Sulpicia for leaving Lucretia in her charge.  The young woman was impatient and had very little interest in anything but men which she made no attempt to conceal.  Jane would have liked to bring an end to her existence but for some reason that she couldn’t fathom, Lady Sulpicia enjoyed Lucretia’s company and the guard had been given strict instructions to protect the Borgia family at all cost.

“Where is Lady Sulpicia?” Lucretia asked “She always thinks of fun things to do.”

“I’m afraid she is indisposed at present, so you will have to put up with Alec and me for now.” Jane smiled through gritted teeth.

Lucretia yawned noisily, but had a wicked plan brewing in her head. One to ditch Jane and Alec at the first opportunity she could.

“Could we take a walk in the grounds, Jane?” She asked her face brightening instantly.

“If you wish.” Jane replied glancing at Alec in exasperation.”  Lucretia got up enthusiastically from the table and taking Jane’s hand in her own, she dragged the young woman towards the doors.  Alec muttered something under his breath and reluctantly followed the two females, keeping a safe distance between him and the Borgia girl.  Alec was having trouble suppressing his natural urge to feed.  He found Lucretia incredibly irritating and was trying to keep his private fantasy of feeding on her to shut her up under control.  An involuntary & uncharacteristic smile spread across his face as he imagined sinking his teeth into her plump flesh and feeling satisfaction from her terror as he drained her life to sustain himself.  Jane caught the look in her brother’s eyes and smiled back at him with sympathy.  Lucretia completely unaware of the supernatural nature of her companions just found the pair to be incredibly dull and more than a little cold.


Once in the grounds Lucretia suggested a game of hide and seek, insisting that Jane and Alec hide whilst she counted to one hundred.  The siblings once again exchanged a look of distain for the baby sitting job they had been given but both tried to give Miss Borgia an outward appearance of enthusiasm for the game.  Lucretia turned her back on the twins and began counting very loudly.


When Lucretia was sure that Jane and Alec had both gone out of what she presumed was earshot.  She stopped counting and glanced around herself furtively to make sure she was alone then quickly made a bee-line for the house in search of Sulpicia.


Jane and Alec watched Lucretia head towards the house from their hiding places.  “We’d better go after her.” Sighed Alec, emerging from behind a tree and walking slowly towards Jane who was near by crouching in a rhododendron bush.

“Not just yet.” Jane responded taking her brother’s hand which he had reflexively extended to help her to her feet.  “She won’t come to any harm in the house, besides I’m tired of listening to her high pitched whiny voice.”  Alec laughed at the comical way Jane imitated Lucretia’s voice and the face she made as she did it.  “Well at least you aren’t fighting the urge to kill her.” He said dead pan.  “Perhaps we should hunt then come back when we are both in better control.” Jane suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” Alec agreed. “But we’d better hurry; you don’t want Lady Sulpicia thinking we have been neglecting our duties.”  Smiling at his sister, Alec tugged her arm and they ran together out of the estate.


Lucretia, thinking that she had out smarted Jane and Alec made her way towards Lady Sulpicia’s private rooms.  Placing one hand on the door she paused momentarily to listen.  She could hear a great deal of gasping and moaning of a nature the young woman was intimately familiar with and thought perhaps she had been a little foolish in seeking out the mistress at a time when she and her husband were obviously sharing a private moment.  However Lucretia couldn’t resist a voyeuristic peek through the key h*** to see if the passion between them was as evident as it had been between Aro and Sulpicia’s maid the previous night.  Stifling a giggle with her hand Lucretia knelt down and placed her eye to the small aperture.  What she saw filled her with rage.  The lady was indeed having a very passionate liaison, but not with her husband.  The man now entertaining Sulpicia with great enthusiasm was her mysterious stranger.  Forgetting discretion Lucretia rose to her feet and stormed into the bedroom shouting “Doesn’t anyone in this damned place understand fidelity?” Which coming from her mouth was a little hypocritical.  “First I catch your husband lying with your servant and now I find you in bed with who I thought was my man.”  Having blurted this out, she fell to the floor sobbing her ample chest heaving between wails.

Sulpicia pushed Kieran roughly away from her and sitting up demanded “What did you say about Aro?”

Lucretia was hysterical and couldn’t answer.  Meanwhile Kieran was dressing quickly retrieving his clothing from the floor before exchanging a knowing glance with Sulpicia.  He then placed his hands on the young girl’s bare shoulders and she immediately stopped crying and looked up at him quizzically.  “Are you alright Miss?” Kieran asked smiling kindly.  “I don’t know.” She replied. “Who are you?”

Sulpicia who by now had wrapped herself in a dressing gown answered for him.  “This is Doctor Black.  I have been having severe headaches recently and Kieran, who is a family friend, has been treating me.


“Indeed” Agreed Kieran raising an eyebrow at Sulpicia.  “I should be off now Lady Sulpicia.  Remember, plenty of fluids and rest.” He cautioned stepping into his role as physician with the skill of a professional actor.

“Thank you Doctor, I shall follow your advice and thank you for coming out.” Sulpicia played along as the patient and Kieran exited the room bowing politely to them both as he went.


Sulpicia then turned her attention to the young woman on the floor.  Patting the bed beside her she invited Lucretia to come and sit with her.

“You were saying something about last night and you seemed very distressed.” The older woman said placing a comforting if cold arm around the younger.

“I’m a little confused.” Said Lucretia “I didn’t know you were ill, I wanted to come and see you, Jane and Alec are no fun.”  Sulpicia stroked Lucretia’s long fair hair away from her tear-stained face.  “I’m feeling much better since Doctor Black’s visit.” She said gently, now playing the mother.  “I shouldn’t have said anything; last night is all a bit of a blur.  It was probably just a dream.”  She said beginning to cry again and resting her head against Sulpicia’s chest enjoying the maternal affection that the older woman was offering.

“What did you dream my dear?” Sulpicia asked softly “I’m sure it was nothing for you to be so upset about.”


“But it seemed so real and I’m ashamed for even thinking such a thing about Master Aro.”  Lucretia was very confused, Kieran had removed all of the memories of himself from her mind and the vivid image of Ariadne & Aro lying together naked in the grass had no context for her anymore.  “I must have fallen asleep in the garden, too much wine perhaps.” She muttered.

Sulpicia continued to stroke Lucretia’s hair, gently rocking the girl back and forth in her arms.  “It was a very busy day with lots of excitement for all of us.” She soothed “It’s not surprising that you lost track of yourself and we cannot be responsible for what our dreams consist of.”  Sulpicia was almost enjoying her matronly role but was internally furious at her husband’s deception.  It didn’t seem to matter to her that she had had a string of lovers whom with Kieran’s help she had been able to conceal from him.  Ariadne would pay dearly for her treachery.  How dare she even presume that a man like Aro would even look at so low an individual?  Aro belonged to her; she would not let him treat her this way.  How could he share himself with a common slut?


Lucretia had fallen asleep lulled by the rocking motion of Sulpicia’s body and the emotional exhaustion of her day.  Sulpicia carefully laid the young girl down on her bed and kissed her forehead and gently pulled the coverlet over Lucretia as if she was putting her own child to bed.  Having done this Sulpicia made her way to the door and exited into the corridor where Kieran had been waiting.  “I’d better make myself scarce.” The gypsy said to her.  “I hope you’ll be back to finish what you started Doctor.” She teased lacing her hands behind his neck.  “Oh I think you can be sure of that Milady.” He replied bending down and kissing her full lips whilst simultaneously removing all memory of their carnal tryst.


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