Eternal Twilight 5 convention close ups!!!

Bill Tangradi who plays Randall, a Nomad from Breaking Dawn

He was a truly amazing guest and a great addition to the line up of existing cast members, I took some short notes from the talks excuse me if some of the information is a little vague but he didn't elaborate on some of the things he said and do not quote this as its in my words, just some facts i picked up on. He got into acting after his parents bought him a ventriloquist's dummy. He likes rock and indy music but has varied taste and can play the drums. He actually flew straight from the set to the UK and is a "con" virgin so was overwhelmed, flattered and a little embarrassed by all the attention and women wanting hugs :) He feels very humble to be part of twilight and loved hanging with the new cast members they even played games whilst in their trailers. He seems a very artistic person and quite laid back. He came to both saturday and sunday evenings parties and on the sunday Alex, Mike and Bill all came with their bath robes on as it was a pajama party and Bill did tweet about it as well! such a cool guy i hope he comes to more conventions.

Yummy Daniel Cudmore

some thing i didnt know about him was he can clap with one hand! (his party trick LOL) and he took ballet classes but only lasted 2 months and this was when he was very young. if you missed my tweet, he was asked about his haircut for breaking dawn and said the "justin beiber" cut was gone LOL im glad at least Felix will look better in BD than eclipse :)

Jodelle Ferland

She was sweet and lovely, was given lots of gifts and chocolates. She told us that she got to read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner before doing Eclipse so she could get into her character, this was before anyone else had read it. We said would she like to see a movie made from it and she said that would be cool and would be interested who they could cast as Diego. She said she hadn't read any fan-fiction after Justin had just admitted to hearing about a story where Eric was gay in a particular story and fancied Edward. a really cool part of the talk was when she was asked what she did when she found out that she got cast as Bree, Justin started to do like a semi interview with her asking her loads of questions and causing lots of giggles, she was already a fan of Twilight and Justin joked that she must have screamed LOL she said she screamed into her pillow! I think we would all do that too if we were told we had got a part in this saga no matter how big or small.

Justin Chon

We made him giggle in our drinks reception as he asked about team silver balls (on our shirts) from MOTU and they didn't beat around the bush about it. he thought is was sooooo funny and even brought it up in his talk, thats when he mentioned the fanfic with eric being gay everyone was in hysterics and he is now an honorary member of our team :) he has been writing ideas for a film and has directed some small music videos for his friends folk music. his fav part of acting is the preparation for the character and one of his fav films is " a perfect world" he was really funny on stage and on the sunday was with mike and they did the "bum dance" from outside the diner in Twilight. I loved meeting him

Alex Meraz

Holla!!!! OMG i had to pick this picture god how i love that pout. he was actually making this noise like a cricket whenever he was waiting for a question and of course everyone laughed. apparently he originally applied for Sam's role but was told he was perfect for Paul.

Mike Welch

have no notes here as i was laughing so much my sides hurt, he was bloody brilliant! a little girl asked if he would dance with him that night and he sweet of him. I didn't realise how animated he was during a talk, and getting this pic was a job and a half but im glad as he really did make the weekend special and even after he was finished dancing on the sunday night got the DJ's microphone and thanked all the fans for being so great at the convention. im now a Mike fan!


I'll do a post with some of my other general pics soon but i'm shattered right now having lived of about 4-6 hours sleep a night! and just wanted to get a few up for you guys to start.



more laters x

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Comment by Alison Genet on February 21, 2011 at 11:57am
This is amazing Becky.  Thanks for sharing with us before you get some sleep.  Sounds like an amazing weekend.
Comment by Becky on February 21, 2011 at 12:08pm
ive put all my pics up on my FB account i took over 400 of alex meraz and had to go through them and ruthlessly throw some out! god the pout....the tongue.....the smirk.....DEAD
Comment by Hayley Pattinson (: on February 21, 2011 at 12:22pm
I was there! Had a great time with all my twilight friends. The cast were great and i cant wait for ET6!
Comment by Becky on February 21, 2011 at 1:46pm
hayley im sure you were hanging with our group at some point did you know anyone in team silver balls????? i recognise you
Comment by Pennybug Cullen on February 21, 2011 at 3:57pm

Thanks for sharing! I am so envious. I wish I could go to a Twi Convention.

I'm glad Alex got cast as Paul instead of Sam. He's definitely perfect for Paul.

Comment by celine on February 23, 2011 at 4:52am
such a wonderful time at ET 5!!!! ^^


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