We woke up, had breakfast and went over to the Park Inn hotel.

Outside the hotel was a "look alike" of Bella's chevy even though it looked nothing like the real thing. It was too red and not old looking enough.

So we went inside to get our first autographs done. We were only supposed to get our Kellan autographs but because Ashley's queue was short they let us join that. We then got out Christian's Autograph. We had to wait in line for our Justin autograph even though we weren't supposed to get it till the sunday. Justin's photo shoot was running late so he wasn't there so we just had to wait in the queue. I loved that queue because we got 30 minutes of looking at Peter whilst he was signing his autographs.

When we did get our Justin autograph he was annoyed because Christian signed on his suit and he said "why d'you let her sign on me!!" I was like "i just let her sign where she wanted to" so he took revenge by signing on her face and drawing on her eyebrows. Next my friend had one and he was like "not another one" because Christian had also signed on his face. So he also drew on her and he wrote "la push baby" on it as well.

We then had to wait a few minutes to get our Kellan autograph as our group hadn't been called and he had a long line. Eventually we did get our Kellan autographs and he was writting really sweet messages on them.

After that we had lunch in the restaurant and waited for the afternoon activities.

When we were let back into the main hall we got good seats, they were in the middle but quite a way back, but they were still good. We had an hour to wait for the guests to arrive because theu were doing some photo shoots so we watched a video of clips from twilight and interviews with the cast and crew from twilight. It was funny to hear the level of screaming for each actor, Kristen Stewart even got a few Boo's.

Then we had our first guest talk which was with Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene, they were talking about their new movie Warrior - a movie about Lacrosse, which is coming out in August. They talked about their twilight characters and how they are similar to them. The talk felt really short even though it was an hour. They were both very funny.

Next we had the talk with Peter Facinelli, he was amazing. He started off by just answering a question that nobody asked and he was like "nobody actually asked me that question did they?" which was very funny. He then talked about Robert Pattinson. He did an impersination of Robert whilst still being himself, it was very funny to watch - it was as if he was having a conversation with himself. He was then asked how he got the role as Dr Carlisle Cullen, he asked the audience if we wanted the long or short story. Of course we picked long. He said "well the short story is that I went to the audition and got picked", but he then told us the long story.
He had a few more questions and then we were nearly running out of time and the MC was trying to finish the talk but Peter was like "no, no, keep going" so we had another question, after that question the MC tried to finish the talk again but Peter said "one more question, please, make it a yes or no question" so in the end we ran 10 minutes late, but it was a very funny and very very cool talk.

We then had our talk with Justin Chon and Christian Serratos. Christian was annoying because she had her microphone too low so she was really quiet, we could only just hear her. Christian talked about her life before becoming an actress, she used to be a model and also a figure skater. They both talked about how their envolvement with Twilight has changed their lives. By the end of this talk we had been in the hall for 5 hours so we were all a little tired.

We then had the auction were they sold some really cool things.
They sold all the chairs that the guests got, the guests would also sign them. They sold a signed copy of Breaking Dawn, signed by Stephenie Meyer which went for £675. They sold 2 dances with Peter Facinelli at the prom. Everything was very expensive and at that time i only had £1.26 left - I am so broke!! Lots of other things went on auction as well.

We went back to our hotel room to get ready for prom, and to have something to eat. One of my friends decided she was too tired to go to prom so she didn't come. When we arrived at the prom it was so cool. We went over to the BlackJack table with our fake money and got some chips. We played for a while. Then Justin came up behind us and started playing Roulette which was just on the other side of the passage from where we were and loads of people crowded in to watch him play.
When Ashley arrived she wasn't crowded so my friend went over and asked her if she wanted to play blackjack with us and she said yes, so she came over and we played blackjack. Her friend was slightly drunk and she was trying to teach us how to gamble properly. People started to gather round us and try and get between Ashley and I, but i wouldn't let them because i was playing. Other people started taking photos, so i will be in lots of peoples photos. After a while ashley had to go so she gave us all her chips and went. So me and my frieds won because we had the most chips

We had a walk round the prom area, and they had a stand just like the one in the movie, where people were taking their photos. Inside there was just some music playing, there wasn't much going on, so we went back out into the Casino area and saw Kellan by the bar, we decided there were too many people around him, so we didn't bother him. We went over to one of the Roulette tables and had a go but we were rubbish and we lost.
It was late so we decided to go back to our hotel room, as it was to be a great day the next day.

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Comment by Fanpire Facinelli (Fanpy) on March 3, 2009 at 1:01pm
By the way - the fan girl picture was one that i took by accident but it worked really well
Comment by Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} on March 3, 2009 at 1:27pm
OME this sounds insane! I have to agree... the things were a little expensive!
But I see you had fun which is the most important!
Comment by Aimee on March 3, 2009 at 3:20pm
Sounds like you guys had an absolute blast!
Comment by Michelle~ on March 3, 2009 at 4:00pm
sounds wonderful!! where are pics of you????
Comment by Princess Alie~♥~ on March 4, 2009 at 12:15am


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